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If you hold this
Dazzling emerald
Up to the sky,
It will shine a billion
Beautiful miracles
Painted from the tears
Of the Most High.
Plucked from the lush gardens
Of a yellowish-green paradise,
Look inside this hypnotic gem
And a kaleidoscope of
Sights and colors
Will tease and seduce
Your eyes and mind.

Tell me, sir.
Have you ever heard
A peacock sing?
Hold your ear
To this mystical stone
And you will hear
Sacred hymns flowing
To the vibrations
Of the perfumed
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Kerstin Gier
“Did you know that Gideon and I were trained in Krav Maga?" Charlotte took another step closer to me, and I automatically took one back.
"No, but did /you/ know that at this moment you look like that crazy rodent in Ice Age?”
Kerstin Gier, Emerald Green

Ami Blackwelder
“Her caramel skin and curly beach sand hair spreads in wavy chops like the choppy storm waves on the ocean. Her fluffy rose colored lips glisten with eyes emerald green and almond shaped set deep into her face and yet when she looks at you with those same deep set eyes, it feels like they jump out, speaking to you.”
Ami Blackwelder

“...and you will hold me with your wondering eyes in the serenity of purest mind at the dreams edge of my quiet golden shores accompanied by the melodies of emerald blue rippling waves where I will always remain voicing harmony in the over the rainbow soothing memories of your heart...”
Oksana Rus

“Just one caress became a symphony of passion, insatiable longing, an unquenchable desire to possess.... Gasps... The sparkling touch, embrace make hard to breathe... A mere short burst of brilliance, explosive need...forbidden sweet... Beneath the warmth of a dancing rainbow summer sunset, slowly tuning into the magic night with the stars flooding the sapphire skies...the sacred emerald island wildlife listens to our song, played with loving fingertips, reflected in diving deep into each other's ocean eyes...”
Oksana Rus

L. Frank Baum
“The Glass Cat is one of the most curious creatures in all Oz. It was made by a famous magician named Dr. Pipt before Ozma had forbidden her subjects to work magic. Dr. Pipt had made the Glass Cat to catch mice, but the Cat refused to catch mice and was considered more curious than useful.
This astonishing cat was made all of glass and was so clear and transparent that you could see through it as easily as through a window. In the top of its head, however, was a mass of delicate pink balls which looked like jewels but were intended for brains. It had a heart made of a blood-red ruby. The eyes were two large emeralds. But, aside from these colors, all the rest of the animal was of clear glass, and it had a spun-glass tail that was really beautiful.”
L. Frank Baum, The Magic of Oz

Geoffrey Knight
“What turns an honest, good-looking guy like you into a theif?"
Scott couldn't help but smirk.
"I blame chocolate.”
Geoffrey Knight, Scott Sapphire and the Emerald Orchid

Jean Lorrain
“And it seemed that my flesh crawled with the gentleness of those glaucous things evoked by the verse. It was as if fingertips, like cut emeralds or fresh olives, were stroking the palm of my hand.”
Jean Lorrain, Monsieur De Phocas

Kamand Kojouri
“Does God know
the number of kisses
before we fall in love?
Yesterday, I was nobody
and I believed myself important.
I feel my worth
in you.
You, with your emerald eyes and ebony hair,
even your heartbeat is beautiful.
You, who is my greatest joy,
all other concerns vanish in your presence.
You swallow time
and consume space,
inspiring all my passion
with a single embrace.
I love your existence.”
Kamand Kojouri

Jean Lorrain
“This Sarah Perez had the most beautiful eyes in the world, those green eyes spangled with gold that you love so much: the eyes of Antinous. In Rome, such eyes would have made her a concubine of Adrian; in Madrid they helped her become the princess of Eboli ensconced in the bed of the king. But Philip II was extremely jealous of those wonderful emerald eyes and their delicate transparency, and the princess - who was bored with the funereal palace and the even more funereal society of the king - had the fancy and the misfortune to cast her admirable gaze upon the Marquis de Posa while she was leaving church one day. It was on the threshold of the chapel, and the princess believed herself to be alone with her camarera mayor, but the vigilance of the clergy was equal to the challenge. She was betrayed, and that very evening, in the intimacy of their bedroom, in the course of some violent argument or tempestuous tussle, Philip threw his mistress to the floor. Blind with rage he leapt upon her, tore out her eye and devoured it in a single gulp.

'Thus was the princess covered in blood - a good title for a conte cruel, that, which Villiers de l'Isle Adam has somehow omitted to write! The princess was henceforth one-eyed: the royal pet had a gaping hole in her face. Philip II, who had the Jewess in his blood, could not cleave so closely to a princess who had only one eye. He made amends to her with some new titles and estates in the provinces and - regretful of the beautiful green eye that he had spoiled - he caused to be inserted into the empty and bloody orbit a superb emerald enshrined in silver, upon which surgeons then inscribed the semblance of a gaze. Oculists have made progress since then; the Princess of Eboli, already hurt by the ruination of her eye, died some little time afterwards, of the effects of the operation. The ways of love and surgery were equally barbarous in the time of Philip II!

'Philip, the inconsolable lover, gave the order to remove the emerald from the face of the dead princess before she was laid in the tomb, and had it mounted in a ring. He wore it about his finger, and would never take it off, even when he went to sleep - and when he died in his turn, he had the ring bearing the green tear clasped in his right hand.”
Jean Lorrain, Monsieur De Phocas

Antoine-François Fourcroy
“It is to geometry that we owe in some sort the source of this discovery [of beryllium]; it is that [science] that furnished the first idea of it, and we may say that without it the knowledge of this new earth would not have been acquired for a long time, since according to the analysis of the emerald by M. Klaproth and that of the beryl by M. Bindheim one would not have thought it possible to recommence this work without the strong analogies or even almost perfect identity that Citizen Haüy found for the geometrical properties between these two stony fossils.”
Antoine-François De Fourcroy

Isbelle Razors
“The loyal and most emerald
The tempted
By the moon's aging white
Never fell from grace
Never felt this grey”
Isbelle Razors, Reflective Dogma

Mehmet Murat ildan
“A walk you made by disappearing amongst the green grasses is always richer than a walk you make amongst the green emeralds!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Melika Dannese Hick
“His character is like an emerald—multifaceted and enhanced by inclusions.”
Melika Dannese Lux, Corcitura

Hazel Cartwright
“Hello, ma’am. How are you today?” he asked one day with a grin on his face the size of Kansas. I turned around looked at him and asked him what will it be, sir?

“For starters,” he replied, “how about your name and phone number?”

Hmm, you know if you strap a ton to your ankles and dive head first into the Atlantic, I‘ll think about it when you come back up,” I replied and smiled.

My chances are that slim, eh?” he said, leaning up against the counter.

Well, actually a little slimmer than that if you want me to be honest. So are you going to help pay my bills or are you wasting my precious oxygen?

-Emerald Eyes Of The Sea”
Hazel Cartwright, Emerald Eyes of The Sea

Laura Chouette
“Melancholy skies
and empty fields of gold
grey clouds
and emeralds days
our love in pieces
captured only by poems (of mine).”
Laura Chouette