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Anthony Liccione
“Her complexity is a glorious fire that consumes, while her simplicity goes unapproachable. But if one takes time to understand her, there is something beautiful to find, something simple to be loved. But she goes unloved, for being misunderstood.”
Anthony Liccione

Giordano Bruno
“If the butterfly wings its way to the sweet light that attracts it, it's only becasue it doesn't know that the fire can consume it.”
Giordano Bruno

“you came in slowly like the fog
and consumed me.”
AVA., this is how you know i want you.

Kamand Kojouri
“My mind is being consumed by you.
My body is longing for you.
Just one touch or a kiss,
And I shall be satiated for a thousand years.”
Kamand Kojouri

Daphne Gottlieb
“Hypothesis: To burn and not consume.
Hypothesis: To consume and not extinguish.”
Daphne Gottlieb, Why Things Burn

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Death devours not only those who have been cooked by old age; it also feasts on those who are half-cooked and even those who are raw.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, The Use and Misuse of Children

Kamand Kojouri
“A poetess is not as selfish
as you assume.
After months of agonising
over her marriage of words—the bride—
and spaces—the groom,
she knows that as soon
as she has penned the poem,
it’s yours to consume.
So, without giving it a think,
she blows on the ink
and the letters fly away
like dandelions on a windy day,
landing on hands and lips,
on hearts and hips.
But more often than not,
you can easily spot
them trodden and forgotten,
becoming sodden and rotten.
Yet, she will continue to make
what’s others to take
because selfishness
is not the mark of a poetess.”
Kamand Kojouri

“We are just statistics, born to consume resources.”

“Infatuated painted clouds, enamored of our silky bed-lagoon, reflect with silent tremors your sweetest of the kisses...whispers...then lightly consume its shining sunset skin with loving smiles greeting the lacy starry night ahead...making our senses dance so softly stepping on to the adorn petals of the place no one else knows...”
Oksana Rus

Kamand Kojouri
“Does God know
the number of kisses
before we fall in love?
Yesterday, I was nobody
and I believed myself important.
I feel my worth
in you.
You, with your emerald eyes and ebony hair,
even your heartbeat is beautiful.
You, who is my greatest joy,
all other concerns vanish in your presence.
You swallow time
and consume space,
inspiring all my passion
with a single embrace.
I love your existence.”
Kamand Kojouri

Neal Shusterman
“Makes sense, the earth is quick to consume the flesh of things that ain't natural.”
Neal Shusterman, Red Rider's Hood

Jina S. Bazzar
“When one faces pain on a daily basis, one either learns to live with it or let it consume him.”
Jina S. Bazzar, Heir of Ashes

Rebecca McNutt
“Son, let me tell you a little something about the environment… you can try to fix it up all you want, but it’s a waste of time. Sooner or later we’ll all be doomed… slaughtered by terrorists, baked in the heat of the sun, nuked until our shadows glow… greed is good. We don’t exist to help other people, we exist to grow the hell up, have kids, get old and die, while consuming all we can. Nothing comes after. There’s no wrath, no day of reckoning… we just go. POOF! We have no reason to aspire to change the world, son. We’ll thrive by feeding off of whatever’s available. How else do you think we ended up rich? You don’t get ahead by being nice, Thomas.”
Rebecca McNutt, Bittersweet Symphony

Moffat Machingura
“I "love" reading.
It makes me feel like I am swallowing up Christ, Homer, Confucius, Newton, Franklin, Socrates, Caesar, and the whole world into one gigantic invincible Sir Moffat. Mine is creative reading. I read building empires in mind.

I pray I won't read and read and forget to marry.”
Moffat Machingura

“I don't read books to finish them, I read to consume them.”
TemitOpe Ibrahim

Bruce Crown
“A successful actor is praised for never giving up his dreams to become someone else for a living but to dream to be an unmasked artist is a mortal sin in a consumerist society. Artists don't consume; they create things that can’t be consumed with riches. You consume art by seeing, by listening, by feeling, never by buying.”
Bruce Crown, How Dim the Promised Land

“Never read a book to finish it, read to consume it.”
TemitOpe Ibrahim

“To be consumed with passion is to be gallant to discover”
Sunday Adelaja

Akshay Vasu
“He sat beside the window in the dark, with his eyes closed. Hearing to the sound of the rain. The whisky in his glass burnt his throat, while the smoke of his cigarette filled his lungs and the fire inside his heart consumed his soul slowly.”
Akshay Vasu

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“If the light we have is continually engulfed by the darkness in a way that makes the darkness even darker, maybe we should think about getting our light from Someone else before it gets a whole lot darker.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“Air, Food, Water, Shelter, Love and God

is what we all need to live.

If one more thing is missing, it's being wise.

WISE enough to consume them wisely.”
Bradley B. Dalina

“Air, Food, Water, Shelter, Love and God

is what we all need to live.

If one more thing is missing, it's being wise.

WISE enough to consume them well.”
Bradley B. Dalina

Richie Norton
“Creators always have an advantage because they make the stuff we consume.”
Richie Norton

Akshay Vasu
“He fed himself to the demons he had inside him, every single day. Just to save her, from being consumed by them.”
Akshay Vasu, The Abandoned Paradise: Unraveling the beauty of untouched thoughts and dreams

Israelmore Ayivor
“Every talent God has hidden in you is not for your own consumption; they are for other people’s liberation.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders' Frontpage: Leadership Insights from 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Thoughts