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Kamand Kojouri
“Like a child who saves their favourite food on the plate for last, I try to save all thoughts of you for the end of the day so I can dream with the taste of you on my tongue.”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“I was mistaken
when I said you
live in my heart.
How absurd I was
when you live in my
fingertips so that everything
I touch is you. How foolish
I was when you live in my toes
so that everywhere I go there's you.
How senseless of me to say
you live in my heart
when you breathe in my lungs,
walk on my mind, and
drink in my mouth. I came to
pen another poem for you,
but even every unwritten poem
is you.”
Kamand Kojouri

Margo T. Rose
“We met at a cross-roads in life,
But we were going different directions.
We were part of each other's lives,
But only for a moment.
The first person that you meet in life
Won't necessarily be the one who's forever.
Just look at you and me,
And it's not hard to see that
This is the moment before life goes on.
We are still friends;
We are still really good friends.
Please tell me that you agree.
But I'm not the one for you,
And you just can't see yourself with me.”
Margo T. Rose, The Words

Kamand Kojouri
“Here's another poem,
like all others before and after,
dedicated to you.
There isn't anything left to be said
but I will spend my life
trying to put you into words.
You who is every goodness,
every optimism
and hope.
Your love is a better fate for me
than anything I could wish for.
If you are a part of me,
then you’re the best part.
And if you're separate from me,
then you are my destination.
But I’ve become a weary traveller,
so please,
let us never be apart.”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“There is nothing I can do that won’t bring me back to you.”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“Like a pair of old slippers,
I feel comfort and
warmth as I slip into you.
No, that is too crude.

Like the match to the wick,
I ignite when we touch.
My counterpart and
life's purpose.
Yes, as though I've known you my whole life.

Every scar,
every failure
has become an affirmation
of what should be:
Yes, as though I've loved you my whole life.”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“What is this love
that makes me see beauty,
and makes every beautiful thing
bring you back to me?
What is this love
that makes me declare 'I love you'
even though I uttered it
only a moment ago?
What is this love
that keeps growing even when my chest is sore
and it hurts to love you any more?
Tell me:
How am I to find what this love is
when it was the one to find you, me,
this verse, and this universe?”
Kamand Kojouri

Kamand Kojouri
“I can sense your love,
why leave me in darkness?
Beguile me for your amusement,
stealing my soul without kisses.
You are the sun and I, the moon.
Your beauty is reflected in my eyes.
When we are apart, I am extinguished
in the blackness of these skies.”
Kamand Kojouri

“Togetherness is forever.
Just like you and me.”
Anthony T.Hincks

Suman Pokhrel
“You who are sitting before me
have the power to
change my consciousness
into painting, poem, melody
or anything else!”
Suman Pokhrel

“Some called it love, Some Called it Attraction, Some called it coincidence, But it was Cord of trust, It was State of absence of Everything except you and me.”
santosh kumar pyasa

Kamand Kojouri
“I used to be lost in us. Blurred were the lines that separated us. But now, I see our togetherness in our separateness. I see the you in me and the me in you. We are two independent beings who complement one another like photographs that are beautiful on their own but are enhanced when juxtaposed, creating an altogether new photograph.”
Kamand Kojouri

Ali Land
“You broke my heart.
You broke my.
You broke.
And me.”
Ali Land, Good Me, Bad Me

“Forget culture. Forget religion. Forget nationality. All that superficial stuff. Dig deep. and you will find that you are just you, and I am just me.”
Marty Rubin

“And you and me, we’re . . . ?” He doesn’t finish the question. He doesn’t have to.
“Yeah,” Hallelujah repeats. “You and me.”
Jonah tilts his head so it meets hers on the pillow. They lie there, side by side, with him under the sheets and her on top of them, holding hands and touching foreheads. Jonah’s eyes are closed. Just when she thinks he must have fallen asleep, he murmurs, “Stay.”
Outside the window, clouds are rolling in over the mountains. A storm. But beyond the band of rain clouds, the sky is blue again. Bright, shining blue. The storm won’t last long. And, Hallelujah realizes, sometimes you need the storm to really appreciate the sun and the blue sky.
Jonah is breathing evenly. She can feel each exhale on the side of her neck.
She smiles, and she stays.”
Kathryn Holmes

“Even after seeing you a thousand times
Why is there this ache within my heart?”
Avijeet Das

Petra Hermans
“One border was respected and protected by my silent, responsible soul. It gave all the other borders.”
Petra Hermans

“Dreams are as real as you, and me.
It's just reality that seems unreal at times.”
Anthony T. Hincks

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