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T.H. White
“Perhaps he does not want to be friends with you until he knows what you are like. With owls, it is never easy-come-easy-go.”
T.H. White, The Sword in the Stone

“Wesley went everywhere with me from then on. I even wrapped him in baby blankets and held him in my arms while grocery shopping, to keep him warm during the first cold winter. Occasionally someone would ask to see "the baby," and when I opened the blanket, would leap back shrieking, "What is that?! A dinosaur?" Apparently, the world is full of educated adults with mortgages and stock portfolios who think people are walking around grocery stores with dinosaurs in their arms.”
Stacey O'Brien, Wesley the Owl: The Remarkable Love Story of an Owl and His Girl

T.H. White
“Oh, what a lovely owl!" Cried the Wart.

But when he went up to it and held out his hand, the owl grew half as tall again, stood up as stiff as a poker, closed its eyes so that there was only the smallest slit to peep through - as you are in the habit of doing when told to shut your eyes at hide-and-seek - and said in a doubtful voice

"There is no owl."

Then it shut its eyes entirely and looked the other way.

"It is only a boy," said Merlyn.

"There is no boy," said the owl hopefully, without turning round.”
T.H. White, The Once and Future King

David Almond
“It was great to see the owls," I said.
She smiled.
"Yes. They're wild things, of course. Killers, savages. They're wonderful.”
David Almond, Skellig

Munia Khan
“The moon seems unaware
of night's dark hitting
on the damp warm rain
misguiding owl's spitting
A thunder light of love
raising hearts beating
while weather learns more
from rain lovers meeting”
Munia Khan

“Tomorrow is a dream away.”
Scott Synder, DC Comics: The New 52

Munia Khan
“Do not trap yourself into an owl's hooting sound
where sad nights linger through the blackness of a hound”
Munia Khan

“Those who drink whiskey with the owls at night, cannot soar with the eagles the next day.”
Brian D. Ratty, Tillamook Passage: Far Side of the Pacific

“People say the darkness is where secrets are best hidden. Night time brings clarity and focus to owls, even if the aperture of this vision comes with a stigma.”
Kimberly Morgan, On Angels and Rabbit Holes

Matt Sewell
“To be honest, owls aren’t the brightest of birds, amazing as they are; parrots and crows are much smarter. It’s all in the eyes: those magnificent piercing optics are what make all owls look like they are deep in concentrated scrutiny and steeped in long-lost knowledge.”
Matt Sewell, Owls: Our Most Enchanting Bird
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Felix Salten
“Everything you say,' Geno said rather irritably, 'contradicts itself.'
'Of course it does,' the screech owl rejoined obscurely. 'Otherwise, how would anyone ever keep to the middle of the road?”
Felix Salten, Bambi's Children

Jesse Ball
“En sevdiği oyuncağıydı. Neydi? Kırmızıya boyanmış, ufak, tahta bir kuş. Kırmızıydı, gerçekten öyleydi; tam da gün ışığında, gölgede, mumlarla, şöminenin başında ona bakan bir oğlan çocuğunu hayallere daldıracak, parlak, tatlı bir kırmızı. Ama muhabbetkuşu ya da öyle değersiz bir tür olduğunu sanmayın. Hayır, onun kuşu bir baykuştu.”
Jesse Ball, Samedi the Deafness

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