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Jello Biafra
“Don't hate the media; become the media.”
Jello Biafra, Become the Media

“I felt old. Again. It had been happening a lot lately. I did not live the life of an old lady, but I could hear it beckoning to me, like a mermaid on a rock."

— Michelle Tea, "Paris: A Lie"

from the anthology Pills, Thrills, Chills and Heartache
Clint Catalyst

Tim Fargo
“Never give up your right to be wrong, and be sure to give others that right too.”
Tim Fargo

Richie Norton
“Try it out yourself. Test your idea with an experimental project. See what works and what doesn't. Then move forward or move on.”
Richie Norton, The Power of Starting Something Stupid: How to Crush Fear, Make Dreams Happen, and Live without Regret

“A major assumption that underlies this selection is that it is only within work that is progressive, experimental or avant-garde that staid, old-fashioned images and ideas about gender can be challenged and alternatives imagined. I have never seen a ballet performance that has not disappointed me.”
Ramsay Burt, The Male Dancer: Bodies, Spectacle and Sexuality

Jon Ronson
“This was truly to be a radical milestone: the world’s first-ever marathon nude psychotherapy session for criminal psychopaths. Elliott’s raw, naked, LSD-fueled sessions lasted for epic eleven day stretches. The psychopaths spent every waking moment journeying to their darkest corners in an attempt to get better. There were no distractions—no television, no clothes, no clocks, no calendars, only a perpetual discussion (at least one hundred hours every week) of their feelings. When they got hungry, they sucked food through straws that protruded through the walls. As during Paul Bindrim’s own nude psychotherapy sessions, the patients were encouraged to go to their rawest emotional places by screaming and clawing at the walls and confessing fantasies of forbidden sexual longing for one another...”
Jon Ronson, The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry

Saira Viola
“Everyone knew what the night would bring lots of D and A plenty of T and A”
Saira Viola

Michael Filimowicz
“What happens when I click this-- will Facebook know about it?”
Michael Filimowicz, Tatvan, a short story collection

“[Fantasy] is a constructive aspect of the child's experimental exploration of reality, or his progressive relating of himself to reality, of his trial-and-error attempts to solve his reality problems.”
Lauretta Bender

Renata Adler
“Those for whom there was, first dimly, then more bright, then dimly again, a possibility. Which, though dimly, perhaps still exists, but which they know, have somehow always known, would never come to anything. They were never, how can I put this, going to be a part of life. It is as though, going through a landscape, through the seasons, in the same general direction as everybody else, they never quite made it to the road. Through the years, humanity, like a tide of refugees or pilgrims, shoeless and in rags, or in Mercedes, station wagons, running shoes, were traveling on, joined by others, falling by the way. And we, joined though we may be, briefly, by other strays, or by road travelers on their little detours, nonetheless never quite joined the continuing procession, of life and birth, never quite found or made it to the road. Whose voice is this? Not here. Not mine.”
Renata Adler

Clarice Lispector
“Why publish what is worthless? Perhaps the worthy is also worthless. Besides, what is obviously worthless has always fascinated me. I have a real affection for things which are incomplete or badly finished, for things awkwardly try to take flight only to fall clumsily to the ground.”
Clarice Lispector, The Foreign Legion

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