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Grace Willows
“You are enough to drive a saint to madness or a king to his knees.”
Grace Willows, To Kiss a King

Dan Brown
“I've got to stop being such a snob about leather-bound books, he reminded himself. E-books do have their moments.”
Dan Brown, Inferno

“When you stand inside somebody's library, you get a powerful sense of who they are, and not just who they are now but who they've been. . . . It's a wonderful thing to have in a house. It's something I worry is endangered by the rise of the e-book. When you turn off an e-book, there's no map. All that's left behind is a chunk of gray plastic. ~ Lev Grossman”
Leah Price, Unpacking My Library: Writers and Their Books

Mohsin Hamid
“In a world of intrusive technology, we must engage in a kind of struggle if we wish to sustain moments of solitude. E-reading opens the door to distraction. It invites connectivity and clicking and purchasing. The closed network of a printed book, on the other hand, seems to offer greater serenity. It harks back to a pre-jacked-in age. Cloth, paper, ink: For these read helmet, cuirass, shield. They afford a degree of protection and make possible a less intermediated, less fractured experience. They guard our aloneness. That is why I love them, and why I read printed books still.”
Mohsin Hamid, Discontent and Its Civilizations: Dispatches from Lahore, New York, and London
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Tina Leonard
“Sugar,” Jake said, “I’ve wanted you since the first time you sassed me.”

“I wanted to punch you in the nose.”

He laughed and kissed her forehead. “My advertising skills left something to be desired.”

“You rooked three unsuspecting women.”

“I know.” He kissed her lips, taking his time. “I’m offering you a chance for payback.”

“And that payback is sex?” He smelled awesome, like a hot, sexy man who’d been in a kitchen trying to please her. Or maybe please himself. With Jake, you never knew.

He pulled her tighter against him, kissing her slowly, thoroughly. “I’d do my damnedest to make you a happy woman the second time I sold you something.”

Sugar looked into Jake’s eyes. He was too hot, too sexy, almost taking her breath away. “I think your gravy’s burning.”

“Nice try. I turned it off.” He tugged her hips against him, kissing her as if he’d never tasted anything as good as her mouth. Sugar moaned and let Jake hike her up on his waist. “If I’m moving too fast, say so. I’ll back off and feed you the best shrimp and steak dinner you’ve ever had. Just good friends breaking bread together.”

Sugar gasped as Jake sank his teeth gently into her lower lip. Heat and warmth filled her, stealing her desire to tell him no about anything. “I’m not really that hungry.”

His smile turned dangerous. “I am.”
Tina Leonard, Hotter Than Texas

Grace Willows
“You are enough to drive a saint to madness or a king to his knees

Excerpt from To Kiss a King by Grace Willows
Coming this summer to Amazon Kindle and paperback.”
Grace Willows, To Kiss a King

Terence Horn
“Nur weil
mein Leben
heißt das
nicht, dass es
nicht funktioniert.”
Terence Horn, Lucia - Mein liebster Wahnsinn

“I make so many plans but fail at follow-through. Gemini mind once a mat for you to wipe your feet. I’d beg for it. I’d plead 'Here! I’m here waiting for you to be the one. Take my heart, my life, my air: rip them to shreds and hand them back.No need to worry. I have enough superglue and tears to keep me busy for months...”
Donato DiCristino, Compound Delusions: The Rise and Fall of our Design

Carl William Brown
“Io non ricerco la felicità, mi accontento di osservare, analizzare, criticare ed attaccare la stupidità.”
Carl William Brown, Aforismi contro il potere e la stupidità

Nicole Eglinger
“What I’m not going to bite it…are you mad?” he said breathlessly.
“JUST BITE IT DAM IT!” I said forcefully.
“ALRIGHT…GEES…just no lady ever asked me to bite it before…and besides mum says it’s not nice!” he said nervously.”
Nicole Eglinger, Changing Lives

“Panic's Of Tremble1, is on Kindle form.”
Janelle R. Moore, Panic's Of Tremble1
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“Desire Of Obsession12 is also on Kindle”
Janelle R. Moore, Desire Of Obsession12
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Giovanna Roma
“Sarei potuto restare a letto con lei altri cinque minuti o aspettare che si svegliasse, ma avrei peggiorato il ritorno alla realtà.”
Giovanna Roma, Il colore del caos