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Christopher Hitchens
“1. Bangladesh.... In 1971 ... Kissinger overrode all advice in order to support the Pakistani generals in both their civilian massacre policy in East Bengal and their armed attack on India from West Pakistan.... This led to a moral and political catastrophe the effects of which are still sorely felt. Kissinger’s undisclosed reason for the ‘tilt’ was the supposed but never materialised ‘brokerage’ offered by the dictator Yahya Khan in the course of secret diplomacy between Nixon and China.... Of the new state of Bangladesh, Kissinger remarked coldly that it was ‘a basket case’ before turning his unsolicited expertise elsewhere.

2. Chile.... Kissinger had direct personal knowledge of the CIA’s plan to kidnap and murder General René Schneider, the head of the Chilean Armed Forces ... who refused to countenance military intervention in politics. In his hatred for the Allende Government, Kissinger even outdid Richard Helms ... who warned him that a coup in such a stable democracy would be hard to procure. The murder of Schneider nonetheless went ahead, at Kissinger’s urging and with American financing, just between Allende’s election and his confirmation.... This was one of the relatively few times that Mr Kissinger (his success in getting people to call him ‘Doctor’ is greater than that of most PhDs) involved himself in the assassination of a single named individual rather than the slaughter of anonymous thousands. His jocular remark on this occasion—‘I don’t see why we have to let a country go Marxist just because its people are irresponsible’—suggests he may have been having the best of times....

3. Cyprus.... Kissinger approved of the preparations by Greek Cypriot fascists for the murder of President Makarios, and sanctioned the coup which tried to extend the rule of the Athens junta (a favoured client of his) to the island. When despite great waste of life this coup failed in its objective, which was also Kissinger’s, of enforced partition, Kissinger promiscuously switched sides to support an even bloodier intervention by Turkey. Thomas Boyatt ... went to Kissinger in advance of the anti-Makarios putsch and warned him that it could lead to a civil war. ‘Spare me the civics lecture,’ replied Kissinger, who as you can readily see had an aphorism for all occasions.

4. Kurdistan. Having endorsed the covert policy of supporting a Kurdish revolt in northern Iraq between 1974 and 1975, with ‘deniable’ assistance also provided by Israel and the Shah of Iran, Kissinger made it plain to his subordinates that the Kurds were not to be allowed to win, but were to be employed for their nuisance value alone. They were not to be told that this was the case, but soon found out when the Shah and Saddam Hussein composed their differences, and American aid to Kurdistan was cut off. Hardened CIA hands went to Kissinger ... for an aid programme for the many thousands of Kurdish refugees who were thus abruptly created.... The apercu of the day was: ‘foreign policy should not he confused with missionary work.’ Saddam Hussein heartily concurred.

5. East Timor. The day after Kissinger left Djakarta in 1975, the Armed Forces of Indonesia employed American weapons to invade and subjugate the independent former Portuguese colony of East Timor. Isaacson gives a figure of 100,000 deaths resulting from the occupation, or one-seventh of the population, and there are good judges who put this estimate on the low side. Kissinger was furious when news of his own collusion was leaked, because as well as breaking international law the Indonesians were also violating an agreement with the United States.... Monroe Leigh ... pointed out this awkward latter fact. Kissinger snapped: ‘The Israelis when they go into Lebanon—when was the last time we protested that?’ A good question, even if it did not and does not lie especially well in his mouth.

It goes on and on and on until one cannot eat enough to vomit enough.”
Christopher Hitchens

Alejandro Jodorowsky
“El topo es un animal que cava galerías bajo la tierra buscando el sol y a veces su camino lo lleva a la superficie: cuando ve el sol, queda ciego.”
Alejandro Jodorowsky

Nicanor Parra
“Laughing like crazy
the child goes back to the city
gives birth to monsters
creates earthquakes
hairy women run naked
old folks who look like fetuses laugh and smoke.”
Nicanor Parra, Emergency Poems

“El primer amor, es amor; el segundo amor, es despecho; el tercero, el cuarto, el quinto y los siguientes, son deporte.”
Martina Cañas, Relatos de una mujer borracha

Isabel Allende
“El exiliado mira hacia el pasado, lamiéndose las heridas; el inmigrante
mira hacia el futuro, dispuesto a aprovechar las oportunidades a su alcance.”
Isabel Allende, My Invented Country: A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile

Heinrich von Kleist
“In Santiago, the capital of the kingdom of Chile, at the moment of the great earthquake of 1647 in which many thousands lost their lives, a young Spaniard called Jeronimo Rugera was standing beside one of the pillars in the prison to which he had been committed on a criminal charge, and he was about to hang himself.”
Heinrich von Kleist, Kleist: Selected Writings

Alejandro Zambra
“Ayer unas personas me preguntaron cuál era, para mí, el gran problema de la literatura chilena. Ya es bastante absurdo que en una conversación de pasillo pueda darse una pregunta como esa. Las conversaciones de pasillo, por lo demás, siempre fracasan, o al menos así se me presentan la mayoría de las veces: como simples promesas de dispersión. Pero respondí, con seguridad, que el problema de la literatura chilena era la costumbre de escribir cigarrillo en lugar de cigarro. En Chile nadie dice cigarrillo, decimos cigarro, argumenté, como golpeando una mesa imaginaria, pero los escritores chilenos escriben cigarrillo, y al final agregué esta frase absolutamente demagógica: Yo soy de los que escriben cigarro.”
Alejandro Zambra, My Documents

Luis Sepúlveda
“La libertà è uno stato di grazia e si è liberi solo mentre si lotta per conquistarla.”
Luis Sepúlveda, A sombra do que fomos

Sara Sheridan
“There was something indomitable about Maria – like Britannia. He’d heard that she kept her head during a Chilean earthquake the year before when men of greater age and experience had panicked. Afterwards she was discovered calmly taking notes, recording the way the land hand risen, for publication, she said.”
Sara Sheridan, On Starlit Seas

Theodore Jerome Cohen
“It’s an old story, amigo mío. Be careful of those closest to you because they can do the most damage.”
Theodore Jerome Cohen, Frozen in Time: Murder at the Bottom of the World

Gabriel García Márquez
“The experience taught him [Salvador Allende] too late that a system cannot be changed from the government but from the power.”
Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, Chile, el golpe y los gringos

André Gunder Frank
“Arnold Harberger, Milton Friedman & Co. Inc., your modest proposal of partial equilibrium for the general good is not without its own internal contradictions. Moreover, you cannot take complete credit for this program of equilibriation. Although you and your colleagues and disciples at the Department of Economics of the University of Chicago may have dedicated two decades to the design of the program and the technical training of its executors, it took the approach of another major economic and political crisis of capitalism, analogous to that of the 1930's, to mobilize the political support and the military force to instal a government prepared to put your program of equilibration and your equilibrating experts to work in Chile - and you, Milton Friedman, are still waiting to put your part of the same program, complete with Brazilian style indexing, into practice at home for the glory and benefit of the bourgeoisie in the USA, whom you so faithfully serve as paid executors and executioners.”
André Gunder Frank, Economic Genocide In Chile: Monetarist Theory Versus Humanity: Two Open Letters To Arnold Harberger And Milton Friedman

Jorge Baradit
“Estoy seguro que Chile es una serpiente enterrada como una semilla también, que si cavamos lo suficiente daremos con su piel seca, respirando. A veces sueño con ella. A veces está enterrada en mi propio cuerpo y tiene la forma de mi columna vertebral. Entonces la veo saltar desde la Patagonia, abrir la boca junto al lago Chungará, cerca de Arica, y morderme el cráneo con tanto placer que mancho la cama.”
Jorge Baradit, Lluscuma

Roberto Bolaño
“Los boxeadores chilenos son todos unos maricones, los habitantes de este país de mierda son todos unos maricones, todos sin excepción, dispuestos a dejarse engañar, dispuestos a dejarse comprar, dispuestos a bajarse los pantalones cuando uno sólo les ha pedido que se quiten el reloj.”
Roberto Bolaño

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
“El grupo de chilenos dijo adiós a Isidro con francos ofrecimientos. Su tierra no era Buenos Aires; había menos dinero, menos lujo, pero la vida era tal vez más alegre.”
Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Los Argonautas
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Alejandro Zambra
“Comprendí que una manera eficaz de pertenecer era quedarse callado.”
Alejandro Zambra

Thomas Jerome Baker
“Why this book? In today’s globalized world, it seems we forget things that happened only a decade ago. Thus, we repeat the mistakes of the past, unnecessarily.”
Thomas Jerome Baker, The Chilean National English Test: The Years 2001 - 2014

Carlos Pezoa Véliz
“Todo calla, todo calla...
Sólo desde el mar, del dique
llega un resplandor de hornalla
y redobla la metralla
del martillo junto al dique”
Carlos Pezoa Véliz, Alma chilena

Andrés Sabella
“Dentro del bosque de un viejo cuento,
se casa el Viento
con la Campana.”
Andrés Sabella, Canciones para que el mar juegue con nosotros

Pedro Prado
“Cuando el primer sol de la mañana alzándose detrás de los cerros, nos condecoró de oro la frente, nos sentimos grandes y hermosos avanzando bajo su tutela y en su misma dirección oeste... tensado al máximo el arco del pecho, ágiles los pasos en la arena, era como si el cansancio y la fatiga nos volvieran sublimemente inmortales. [...] Marchamos. Desafiando la aridez planetaria de la pampa... marchamos para reclamar la porción justa de pan que nos correspondía por cada gota de sudor y de sangre derramada en nuestro trabajo.”
Pedro Prado, Santa María 1907: La marcha ha comenzado

Hank Bracker
“In December of 2007 human bones including skulls, which have been radiocarbon dated back to between 1304 and 1424, were found in a museum in Concepción, Chile. These skulls were originally discovered on Isla Mocha, which is located 25 miles off the south-central coast of Chile. Since some of them have definite telltale signs of being Polynesian, the strong suggestion is that there was a pre-Columbian interaction between the local Mapuche people and the Polynesian seafarers. This contact is further supported by forensic evidence found near the Chilean site of “El Arenal,” which is a sandy dune approximately 3 miles inland from the coast.
Pottery found in Ecuador, predating the arrival of Columbus in America, have markings similar to pottery found on the southernmost island of Kyushu, Japan. Radiocarbon dating has determined the date of organics in the clay that survived the firing, or from food or liquids stored in the pottery, to be 4500 years old with a possible variance of 200 to 500 years, thus predating Columbus by a wide margin. There is no reason to doubt these findings, which indicate that Asians and Polynesians sailed to all parts of the Pacific Ocean, including the vast continents of North and South America that border it on its far eastern side.
It was always assumed that Spaniards introduced Chickens to the new continent; however the chicken bones found at the site also dated back to this era, proving that it was the Polynesians that first brought this edible bird with them!
The proof is conclusive…. America was discovered prior to Columbus!”
Captain Hank Bracker, "Seawater One...."

“La historia de Chile es una historia desconocida, un relato maldito, con más sombras que luces, que nunca nos han contado o que nuestro inconsciente nos hace evitar”
Omar Campos, Raptados

Isabel Allende
“Esto sirve para tranquilizarnos la conciencia, hija. Pero no ayuda a los pobres. No necesitan caridad, sino justicia.”
Isabel Allende, The House of the Spirits

Isabel Allende
“Jaime sugirió a su hermana que donara, cambiara o vendiera los productos perecibles, pero Blanca se negó a compartir sus tesoros. Alba comprendió entonces que su madre, que hasta entonces parecía ser la única persona equilibrada de la familia, también tenía sus locuras.”
Isabel Allende

“Toda configuración del yo es metodología
Toda metodología es discurso
Todo discurso es ideología”
Mara Rita, Trópico mío

Vicente Huidobro
“El poeta representa el drama angustioso que se realiza entre el mundo y el cerebro humano, entre el mundo y su representación. El que no haya sentido el drama que se juega entre la cosa y la palabra, no podrá comprenderme.”
Vicente Huidobro, Manifiestos

Roberto Bolaño
“...en Chile todos los actos poéticos terminaban en desastres.”
Roberto Bolaño, Distant Star

Pablo Neruda
“এই এপিটাফ এক আলোয় গড়া জানোয়ারের
এবং আজ হারিয়ে যাওয়া অরণ্যের গভীরে
সে শত্রুর আওয়াজ শুনতে পায় আর পালায়
অন্য কারোর কাছ থেকে
সেই অশেষ কথোপকথন থেকে
যে বৃন্দগান সবসময়ে আমাদের সঙ্গে থাকে তা থেকে
এবং জীবনের অর্থময়তা থেকে
কেননা এই একবার, কেননা কেবল একবার, কেননা
একটি শব্দমাত্রা অথবা একটি নৈঃশব্দের বিরামকাল
অথবা একটি ঢেউয়ের অবরোধহীন ধ্বনি
সত্যের মুখোমুখি আমাকে ছেড়ে চলে যায়
এবং তখন আর ব্যাখ্যা করার জন্য কিছু বাকি নেই,
বলার মতো আর কিছু নেই : এইই সবকিছু ।
অরণ্যের দরোজাগুলো বন্ধ হয়ে গিয়েছিল ।
পাতাদের উন্মুক্ত করে সূর্য পাক খেয়ে চলে
চাঁদ ওঠে কোনো শাদা রঙের ফলের মতন
আর মানুষ তার নিয়তির কাছে মাথা নত করে।”
Pablo Neruda, Antología poética

Jared Diamond
“When you look at a map you’ll be struck by the fact that Chile is the longest and thinnest country in the world. While averaging only slightly more than 100 miles wide from west to east, it’s nearly 3,000 miles long from north to south: almost as long as the U.S. is wide. Geographically, Chile is isolated from other countries by the high chain of the Andes in the east separating it from Argentina, and by the world’s most barren desert in the north separating it from Bolivia and Peru.”
Jared Diamond, Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis

Jared Diamond
“Allende had good ideas, but he executed them poorly. Although he correctly recognized Chile’s problems, he adopted wrong solutions to those problems.”
Jared Diamond, Upheaval: Turning Points for Nations in Crisis

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