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Walter M. Miller Jr.
“We are the centuries... We have your eoliths and your mesoliths and your neoliths. We have your Babylons and your Pompeiis, your Caesars and your chromium-plated (vital-ingredient impregnated) artifacts. We have your bloody hatchets and your Hiroshimas. We march in spite of Hell, we do – Atrophy, Entropy, and Proteus vulgaris, telling bawdy jokes about a farm girl name of Eve and a traveling salesman called Lucifer. We bury your dead and their reputations. We bury you. We are the centuries. Be born then, gasp wind, screech at the surgeon’s slap, seek manhood, taste a little godhood, feel pain, give birth, struggle a little while, succumb: (Dying, leave quietly by the rear exit, please.) Generation, regeneration, again, again, as in a ritual, with blood-stained vestments and nail-torn hands, children of Merlin, chasing a gleam. Children, too, of Eve, forever building Edens – and kicking them apart in berserk fury because somehow it isn’t the same. (AGH! AGH! AGH! – an idiot screams his mindless anguish amid the rubble. But quickly! let it be inundated by the choir, chanting Alleluias at ninety decibels.)”
Walter M. Miller Jr., A Canticle for Leibowitz

Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache
“One day, it will all make sense, it will all be revealed. Until then, we learn to live and accept our shadows, our Déjà vu's, our dreams, our intuition that takes us to places that our minds never conceived, our bodies only perceived and our souls gladly remembered. Conversations and experiences amuse me, for I am experimenting with my feelings in ways that I can only do down here. Language makes up for a very interesting, yet bizarre way of putting thoughts into spoken form for the sound to move on in other peoples' ears, but every language, every sound, every word carries with it a long history, a deep culture and the souls of the many people who have previously used it throughout the centuries. Our hearts give us direction, hope and the passion to keep moving forward.. But what we do when they're frozen, broken, torn apart by an unhealthy way of living is what gives us new strength to push forward or kills us completely. Deep inside, we feed the entities that empower the fight between our internal demons and angels. We feed them with our thoughts, our emotions, our self-talk and the external talk that we lower our shields to at times. Whether good or bad, this brings about a change internally and at times there isn't much we can do to protect ourselves. At times, we need to let things be and go along with it. Of course, we're all worried, stressed, confused and lacking direction at times and we're in the same way at peace, stable and walking in the right direction once we get things sorted. Give it some time, give it some light, give it some love. You're not very far away.”
Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache

Stephanie Garber
“For centuries the Fates were locked away, but now they wish to come out and play.
If they regain their magic the world will never be the same, but you can help stop them by winning the game”
Stephanie Garber, Legendary

Jeff Mach
“I was imprisoned, and no-one freed me.
I cried for help, and no-one freed me.
Eventually, I shook off my chains and I returned.
They said, 'Why do you no longer love us?'
I said, 'I realized that you have always been my chains.”
Jeff Mach, There and Never, Ever Back Again: Diary of a Dark Lord

Dejan Stojanovic
“To jump over centuries
In one step is impossible.
Jump too high or far,
You’ll be way too late.”
Dejan Stojanovic, Circling: 1978-1987

Cassandra Clare
“He could sleep in the ruins of cities lost for centuries.”
Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight

Robert G. Ingersoll
“It has always been a mystery to me how Adam, Eve, and the serpent were taught the same language. Where did they get it? We know now, that it requires a great number of years to form a language; that it is of exceedingly slow growth. We also know that by language, man conveys to his fellows the impressions made upon him by what he sees, hears, smells and touches. We know that the language of the savage consists of a few sounds, capable of expressing only a few ideas or states of the mind, such as love, desire, fear, hatred, aversion and contempt. Many centuries are required to produce a language capable of expressing complex ideas. It does not seem to me that ideas can be manufactured by a deity and put in the brain of man. These ideas must be the result of observation and experience.”
Robert G. Ingersoll, Some Mistakes of Moses

“I dream of a morning when Filipinos can wake up from the centuries-long sleep that took them from their past and denied them their destiny as a people.”
psyche roxas-mendoza

M.F. Moonzajer
“It will take centuries to disconnect people from an addiction like religion; no matter how bad and disastrous it could be, but addiction is the worst of all.”
M.F. Moonzajer

Amit Kalantri
“After I leave the earth my work is anyway going to belong to the world for centuries but till that time I want to work freely.”
Amit Kalantri

Ljupka Cvetanova
“Ancient aphorisms outlived centuries. Modern aphorisms can barеly survive from book to book.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

“The sad thing about history is that there are so many people out there from centuries, generations, even eras ago who are no longer in existence. They're names and stories aren't written down. They're now just mysterious figures of bone and dust deep in the ground that will never be known because no one bothered knowing them.”
Amanda Lovelorn

M.F. Moonzajer
“Only those of us live for centuries that decided not to live in their short lives.”
M.F. Moonzajer

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Minutes turn into hours 
that add up to days 
amounting to weeks 
that become  months 
melting into years
accumulating for decades
to pile up for centuries
and ultimately form minutes again―
just on a grander, divine scale.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

Donna Grant
“Everyone measures time. Some in moments, some in years, and some in centuries. But it is a part of life.”
Donna Grant, Constantine: A History, Part 2

Steven Magee
“Butter tea has been known for centuries to improve health in people exposed to high altitudes.”
Steven Magee, Hypoxia, Mental Illness & Chronic Fatigue

Beth Revis
“The President called it the “Epitome of the American dream.” Daddy called it the “unholy alliance of business and government.” But all it really was, was America giving up. Bailing out in order to join the Financial Resource Exchange. A multinational alliance focused on one thing: profit. Fund global medical care to monopolize vaccines. Back unified currency to collect planet-wide interest. And provide the resources needed for a select group of scientists and military personnel to embark on the first trip across the universe in a quest to find more natural resources—more profit. The answer to my parents’ dreams. And my worst nightmare. And I know something about nightmares, seeing as how I’ve been sleeping longer than I’ve been alive. I hope. What if this is just a part of a long dream dreamt in the short time between when Ed locked the cryo door and Hassan pushed the button to freeze me? What if? It’s a strange sort of sleep, this. Never really waking up, but becoming aware of consciousness inside a too-still body. The dreams weave in and out of memories. The only thing keeping the nightmares from engulfing me is the hope that there couldn’t possibly be a hundred more years before I wake up. Not a hundred years. Not three hundred. Not three hundred and one. Please, God, no. Sometimes it feels like a thousand years have passed; sometimes it feels as if I’ve only been sleeping a few moments. I feel most like I’m in that weird state of half-asleep, half-awake I get when I’ve tried to sleep past noon, when I know I should get up, but my mind starts wandering and I’m sure I can never get back to sleep. Even if I do slip back into a dream for a few moments, I’m mostly just awake with my eyes shut. Yeah. Cryo sleep is like that. Sometimes I think there’s something wrong. I shouldn’t be so aware. But then I realize I’m only aware for a moment, and then, as I’m realizing it, I slip into another dream. Mostly, I dream of Earth. I think that’s because I didn’t want to leave it. A field of flowers; smells of dirt and rain. A breeze ... But not really a breeze, a memory of a breeze, a memory made into a dream that tries to drown out my frozen mind. Earth. I hold on to my thoughts of Earth. I don’t like the dreamtime. The dreamtime is too much like dying. They are dreams, but I’m too out of control, I lose myself in them, and I’ve already lost too much to let them take over. I push the dream-memory down. That happened centuries ago, and it’s too late for regrets now. Because all my parents ever wanted was to be a part of the first manned interstellar exploratory mission, and all I ever wanted was to be with them. And I guess it doesn’t matter that I had a life on Earth, and that I loved Earth, and that by now, my friends have all lived and gotten old and died, and I’ve just been lying here in frozen sleep.”
Beth Revis, Across the Universe

“The room was filled with paintings, created by masters in centuries past, lining the three sides of the room, but, in the centre was the marquee attraction, the one work they hoped would draw the crowds.”
Connor Sansby, Shoal: A Thanet Writers Anthology

José Eduardo Agualusa
“Eternity is not the inexhaustible sum of all the centuries, quite the contrary —it must surely be this absence of time. Absolute calm (which can be more than a little dull!).”
José Eduardo Agualusa, Nação Crioula

Gift Gugu Mona
“In a split-second, God can do what men failed to do in centuries.”
Gift Gugu Mona, Daily Quotes about God: 365 Days of Heavenly Inspiration

Steven Magee
“Two centuries of electromagnetic radiation development has been an absolute biological disaster that is being covered up as ‘Advancement’.”
Steven Magee

Mehmet Murat ildan
“Yes, our century is called the 21st century, but some countries are in the 16th century, some leaders in the 9th century, some people in the 4th century! It is an impossible mission to bring the whole world and all people to the same century! People or countries will always live in a different century! While some has left the religion issues behind, some others will still be the slaves of religion! While some is heading for Mars, some others will start building cars!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“Every direction an illusion, and every hour, minute, second.


Making sense of this [partly] shared experience.

Pretending we know everything.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Religion is the perception of that power which constructs the greatness of the centuries out of the paltriness of the hours.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gift Gugu Mona
“In a split second, God can do what men failed to do for centuries.”
Gift Gugu Mona, Daily Quotes about God: 365 Days of Heavenly Inspiration

Sarah J. Maas
“But even if stability reigned for a hundred years, I doubted I'd ever awaken one morning and not put on the knife.

A hundred years.

I had that- I had centuries ahead of me. Centuries with Tamlin, centuries in this beautiful, quiet place. Perhaps I'd sort myself out sometime along the way. Perhaps not.”
Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

Wasif Ali Wasif
“The lamp of your memory keeps burning. Time is passing by, and it will continue to pass. One day, your time will come; do not be sad. Just keep observing; whatever appears before you is also a part of life’s journey. There is a significant event happening with you, and you are not realizing it. Be content and observe; good times are worth waiting for. The success of small objectives is achieved in a short time. Great successes come after a long time. You are a doctor; you understand that vegetables cook quickly, but diamonds and jewels are formed after centuries.”
Wasif Ali Wasif, Anonymous Writer: Gumnaam Adeeb: Letters to Wasif Ali Wasif