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C. JoyBell C.
“My spirit is healthy, yes. But I tell you, my flesh is healthy too. I am enlightened and free, but I am also lustful and carnal.”
C. JoyBell C.

Eve Ensler
“The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure.”
Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Once you are defiled, you can't get back your purity by any means, instead, you will only look for ways to be defiled over and over again.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“If any woman opens her legs for you, don't feel so lucky to be fed with nonsense, she has been a bitch for a long time, and now its your own turn to get a share from her itching tunnel.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

William Beckford
“It is a great evil to look upon mankind with too clear vision. You seem to be living among wild beasts, and you become a wild beast yourself. ("“The Story of Prince Alasi and the Princess Firouzkah”)”
William Beckford, The Episodes of Vathek

Kassandra Cross
“They say I should stay away from you,” I said. “They said you’re not good for me.”
“I’m not,” he said with a wicked smile, “But doesn’t that make it even more fun?”
Kassandra Cross, Black Magic

Sharan Newman
“Catherine Le Vendeur," he asked sententiously, "have you known this man carnally?"
"No father," Catherine answered. "But, with your kind permission, I would very much like to.”
Sharan Newman, Death Comes As Epiphany
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Anaïs Nin
“When I saw you, Sabina, I chose my body.”
Anaïs Nin, House of Incest

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Sex doesn't satisfy for a lifetime, the more you have it, the more you want it. And the more you have it, the more you die out.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Michael Bassey Johnson
“Many writers make the mistake of making their readers appear like Lazarus, without any iota of care, throwing down books to readers to crunch as if they are dogs.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Cecy Robson
“...the putrid carnal waste dump my skin and hair had become. An irate woman beating me with her placenta would have been more welcome than the copious amount of...snot gluing my fingers together.”
Cecy Robson, Sealed with a Curse

Vinod Pande
“Was it a moment of indecision or was it a moment of redemption. Redemption long overdue and long unacknowledged? They didn’t know. He suddenly went at her mouth and she claimed it as if it was never supposed to be elsewhere.
It was stormy. It was fierce. His manhood shafted through his loose night pajamas challenging her even beyond the thickness of her bath robe, which was cast aside in one unsparing sweep of his hand, revealing the quavering ripeness of her fulsome breasts. After a moment of awe, he went at them with unquenched ferocity.
First he devoured her there itself, against the wall, on the carpet. Within moments their frenzied hands tore away each other’s underpants with unapologetic fury and then in one smooth motion of a dancer’s lucidity, he lifted her and like a great performer of an opera, placed her on the bed. The inviting altar of desire and passion and longing. Now as they claimed each other, there was unhurried fluidity in their motion. Tears of pain and love in their eyes. Ecstasy of carnal compatibility in their fusion. Symphony of sensuality in their strokes and when he finally exploded inside her, she had gone aflame with matching uncontrollability.
It was a heavenly union which in one go had robbed them of their beings, their earth, their universe, their past, their present, their future. In one instant, they had undone what was done and had done what was ‘not done’.”
Vinod Pande

Eusebio Ruvalcaba
“La lujuria es capaz de nacer del dolor. Hay que experimentarlo. Justo en el fragor de los celos más abyectos, el dispendio de la carne se abre paso.”
Eusebio Ruvalcaba, Una mosca devastada y deprimida sobreviviendo en un hilito de sangre

God will never delay His promise.
You have delayed Him.

"..However, when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:8b”
Mac Canoza

Christina Engela
“Wearing a smile while claiming to not judge and condemn people as you equate their nature with no less than a carnal and immoral act rather than as understanding their orientation and identity as an intrinsic part of who they are doesn't lessen the harshness and cruelty of that rejection.”
Christina Engela

“You must stop been so carnal and learn to say no to people, if it concerns the things of God”
Sunday Adelaja

Augustine of Hippo
“Why do you perversely follow your flesh? Turn back, and let your flesh follow you.
Whatever you perceive through her, you perceive in part. You do not know the whole, of which these are the parts; nevertheless, the parts give you pleasure. But if your fleshly sense were capable of comprehending the whole, and had not, being itself a part of the whole, been confined within its right and proper limit - that being a punishment proportionate to your crime - you would wish all that exists in the present to pass away, so that you could derive still more pleasure from the totality of things. The very words we speak you hear by means of the same carnal sense, and you do not wish the syllables to stand still but to pass away swiftly, so that others may come and you may hear the whole. Likewise all the constituent parts that make up one thing (even though they do not all simultaneously constitute it) give more pleasure as a totality than they do individually, if it is possible to perceive them as a totality. But he who made them is better by far than them all, and it is he that is our God, who does not pass away, nor does anything take his place.”
Augustine of Hippo, Confessions

Michael Bassey Johnson
“ we are endowed. ...with rhetorics. ...none will deny.
...of innocence. ...towards scribbling. ...of love lines.
...and of lust. what seems like male. what seems like female. those days.
...I mean nothing. ...but in high school.
....even me.
...I can't deny.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Girdhar Joshi
“Since the days of cave civilization to the modern day microprocessor civilization, the relation between man and woman remained the same. Then it was at a carnal level. And, today it is still at carnal level.”
Girdhar Joshi, Some Mistakes Have No Pardon

Iain H. Murray
“Wherever there is ‘faith’ without regeneration it has to be that the uncured enmity of the natural man to spiritual things remains.”
Iain H. Murray, Evangelical Holiness

Manuel de Pedrolo
“I no hi ha una emoció estètica en l'orgasme?Què pot ser més bell que un cos a l'instant que actualitza totes les seves potencialitats i es fa perfecte?”
Manuel de Pedrolo, Sòlids en suspensió

Bruce Mbanzabugabo
“Simplicity protects people from Carnal Slavery!”
Bruce Mbanzabugabo

Fabrice Hadjadj
“Shall we think that spirituality is the remedy, and that humanity perishes because it’s too attached to matter? These days, spirituality fills the shelves: it’s compared, it’s bought, it’s sold on eBay. It’s as likely to refer you to the ashram at Beaune-la-Rolande as to Selim Abitbol’s School of Psycho-Anthropology. Although you must be careful when choosing your spirit. It looks like we need a consumer’s guide. But one quickly realizes: the very idea that in this regard each person has to choose their own enlightenment from the shelves locks us in a spirituality of consumption. To be blunt, the real problem is this: Satan is very spiritual. His nature is pure spirit. There’s not an ounce of matter in him. No personal tendency toward materialism. So, believe it, spirituality is one of his tricks. It’s one of his tricks in such a way that, evidently, the Spirit of Truth pushes us more toward what’s carnal than toward said spirituality.”
Fabrice Hadjadj, La fe de los demonios