8 Book Characters You Wish Could Run for President

Posted by Hayley on November 5, 2016

Election season is almost over in America. Whether you're helping to choose our 45th president or not (hello, reader friends from other countries!), we invite you to take a brief step away from the world of actual politics and enter the world of fictional politics.

We asked on Facebook and Twitter: If you could nominate a fictional book character as president, who would you pick? Your top answers are below. Who would get your vote?

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The Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien

Potential running mates: Galadriel, Frodo Baggins, Treebeard, Dumbledore (magical crossover edition)

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To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Potential running mates: Anyone who reminds voters that he is not the Atticus from Go Set a Watchman

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A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin

Potential running mates: Tyrion Lannister, Asha/Yara Greyjoy, Drogon the dragon

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The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

Potential running mates: Susan Delgado, Alain Johns, Cuthbert Allgood

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Discworld series by Terry Pratchett

Potential running mates: Leonard of Quirm, Moist von Lipwig, Sam Vimes (against Sam Vimes's wishes)

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Matilda by Roald Dahl

Potential running mates: Miss Honey or Encyclopedia Brown (smarty-pants crossover edition)

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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Potential running mates: Veet Voojagig, Tricia/Trillian, Ford Perfect, Marvin the paranoid android

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Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Potential running mates: Luna Lovegood, Professor McGonagall, Harry Potter, Kingsley Shacklebolt

Which book character would win your vote? Let's talk fictional politics in the comments!
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message 1: by Muamer (new)

Muamer I'd vote Gandalf! He'd make Middle-earth great again!!

message 2: by Book (new)

Book Lover I vote hermione granger!

message 3: by Hiraeth (new)

Hiraeth Out of these, Gandalf would probably make the best president/prime minister!

Raymond W Crowley My choice did not make the list. I would love to be able to vote for Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Sr. Of the above group Atticus Finch would be my choice.

message 5: by Inez (new)

Inez (gin_reads) Matilda!

AnayatheUnicorn Muamer wrote: "I'd vote Gandalf! He'd make Middle-earth great again!!"

Yes and have some pretty cool fireworks on the 4th of july

Laura (Book Scrounger) Aslan. He doesn't even need a running mate.

AnayatheUnicorn I can't decide, Hermione would probably be at the top of the list but Atticus Finch, Matilda, and Gandalf are pretty cool too

message 9: by Estrella (new)

Estrella Without doubt, I will vote for Atticus Finch, Atticus for president!

message 10: by Nitzan (new)

Nitzan Schwarz Hermione, of course.

message 11: by Martina (new)

Martina Difficult choice, but I'd say Gandalf

message 12: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Hermione with Luna. That oughta be a good presidential pair, if not strange sometimes...

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda all the time...

message 14: by Roberta (new)

Roberta Hermione!

message 15: by Sam (new)

Sam I would vote for Vetinari with Sam Vimes as his running mate (against his wishes as noted)! Of course he would win because "One Man, One Vote"!

message 16: by Riya (new)

Riya I would actually vote for Tyrion and Asha..They would make a more balanced team imo..
Or Nikolai Lantsov from The Grisha Trilogy with Rhys from ACoTar as his running mate!

message 17: by یاسمن (new)

یاسمن GANDALF ^_^

message 18: by Kiasha (new)

Kiasha Can we have an actual vote for fictional president on Goodreads please??? That would be so fun.

message 19: by Angel (new)

Angel Atticus Finch all the way.

message 20: by Daniela (new)

Daniela Gandalf. As much as I love Dany, I am just too afraid of Drogon :)

message 21: by Robin (new)

Robin Atticus Finch

message 22: by Electric (new)

Electric Bubbles Man! So many good choices! I love Gandalf and Dumbledore, but also Atticus Finch. I think though that my vote would have to go with Granger and Shacklebolt.

message 23: by Christi (new)

Christi Roland. Hands down.

message 24: by Hallie (new)

Hallie I vote for Hermione Granger!

message 25: by Dani (new)

Dani Hermione for real!

message 26: by Armin (new)

Armin Atticus Finch

message 27: by Emma Jade (new)

Emma Jade Larsson Hermione all the way

message 28: by Rui (new)

Rui Mateus Oh please. Some don't even have to run for president, the job is just given to them: Siuan Sanche, Egwene al'Vere, Cadsuane Melaidhrin.

But, in this list, I'd vote for Gandalf

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

Hermione, probably. Gandalf's pretty cool, but he might be at risk of getting all "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" to foreign immigrants.

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

Riya Nair wrote: "I would actually vote for Tyrion and Asha..They would make a more balanced team imo..
Or Nikolai Lantsov from The Grisha Trilogy with Rhys from ACoTar as his running mate!"

Oh yisssss, that would be fabtabulous

message 31: by Arwen56 (new)

Arwen56 Atticus Finch

message 32: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Hermione Granger definitely :)

message 33: by Spruce (new)

Spruce Laura wrote: "Aslan. He doesn't even need a running mate."


message 34: by Marya (new)

Marya Hermione & Mathilda!!

message 35: by Daimarelys (new)

Daimarelys Gandalf , for sure.

message 36: by [deleted user] (new)

I'd vote for Gandalf. Haha

message 37: by Morgan (new)

Morgan Where is Cthulhu?

message 38: by Mayank (last edited Nov 05, 2016 10:17AM) (new)

Mayank Vyas Though not on the list but i guess Kvothe from The KingKiller Chronicles

message 39: by Daily Daydreamer (new)

Daily Daydreamer HERMIONE GRANGER!!!!!

message 40: by Gene (new)

Gene Borowski Holmes & Watson in 2020

message 41: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Now these are the candidates we all deserve! Atticus and Matilda are great but I'll have to go with the Granger-Shacklebolt team.

message 42: by Jason (new)

Jason I nominate Patrick Bateman from American Psycho

message 43: by WendyB (new)

WendyB Special Agent Aloysius X.L. Pendergast from the Preston/Child series would be an interesting choice.

message 44: by [deleted user] (new)

Wait... Kakashi Hatake from Naruto (its a manga, but still...

message 45: by Effie (new)

Effie Roland Deschain <3

message 46: by Christie (new)

Christie Powell Too bad only one of them is a US citizen, but if we're making allowances for fictionality I suppose we can make more for nationality and age.

message 47: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Amanda wrote: "Hermione with Luna. That oughta be a good presidential pair, if not strange sometimes..."

I agree!

message 48: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Gandalf.

message 49: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Paul Atreides for president, y'all!

message 50: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Halt the ranger

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