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Cat (Captain)
Katie (Co-Captain)
Marie Riley
Daniela Rosas
Roseena Peralta
Tricia Schneider

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Important Links & Stuff
Tower Teams Rules
Owl Mail (aka official announcements)

Official Team Spreadsheet - only Katie & I have access, but you can check out where books are being used

Diamonds team sheet - our unofficial team tracker sheet, which everyone can add too & comment on

Book reporting thread

Mad-Tineye - colour checking tool for any tasks requiring cover colours

Team Info
Cat (EU) - shelf: tthp
Katie (US) - shelf: tower-teams-vi
Sarah (EU) - shelf: tower-teams-vi
Melindam (EU) - shelf: tower-teams-vi
Elena (US) - shelf: 2018-tower-teams
Marie (EU) - shelf: towering-inferno
Emelie (EU) - shelf: tw6
Amy (US) - shelf: towerteam6
Karla (US) - shelf: tower-team-vi
Roseena (US) - shelf: tower-team-vi
Daniela (EU) - shelf: towerteamsvi-daniela
Tricia (US) - shelf:

Other Hufflepuff teams
Pomona Sprout
Newt Scamander
Nymphadora Tonks

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Games & Stuff

First up, book reporting format.... for my sanity, can we report books with the month spelt out ie 4 May not 4/5 or 5/4 or ... I dunno. I just know that the valuable seconds I spend on trying to work out what date is meant is valuable seconds I'd rather spend on something else. I've no idea why - you'd think that I'd get that the 5 is going to mean May, but honestly, every time I will spend what feels like hours trying to work it out!
So, the information we need is...

Date finished
Number of pages (for audio we'll use the default edition page count)
Spell-out options
Book of the Month (if it is one!) - link to questions asked &/ answers
Buddy Read (if it is) - link to thread discussion
[other info as needed for any sub-game going on]

Speaking of BOM: each month the group votes on group reads for reading & chatting about. We can volunteer to set a day's questions and we get points for that and points for engaging in the conversation within a month of the start of the book. BOMs can be seen on the front page of NBRC, or here

Children of Blood and Bone - already started
Cat: DQs & answers
Lilac Girls - starts 16 May
DQs: Marie

Leah on the Offbeat - starts 2 June
Red Sister - starts 16 June

Rosemary and Rue - starts 2 July
I Hunt Killers - starts 12 July
The Tattooist of Auschwitz - starts 22 July


Buddy Reads
What are Buddy Reads? Check out this intro
We get points if we join in one with members of other teams. The gamesman in me wants to say, let's prioritise BRs with other Hufflepuff teams, but the Huffle way will be to join whichever BR works for you!

A list of planned BRs is here, but if we want to read something else we can ask for it to be set up too :)

Participating in a buddy read with a member from a different team, or with a member of NBRC who isn't on a Tower Team = 30 points
Participating in a Harry Potter buddy read with a member from a different team, or with a member of NBRC who isn't on a Tower Team = 40 points


- need to be a before & after pairing
Charm Suggestions
Summoning: you can have and empty hand + a hand holding something / barefoot + foot and shoe
Banishing: For example, the two pairs above, but in the inverse order :) Or easy, for romance readers, cue lots of books with clothed person ..... "begone, shirt!" ..... nekkid person!
Fire-making: you can also go for an object and same object burning or with flames around
Water-making: can be as easy as one empty glass and one water glass. Or a house and a house by a lake.

Astronomy / DADA / Transfiguration
- nothing to stop the same item / thing being used multiple times, though the Profs'll be sad at our lack of imagination. but, if we want to kill 7 werewolves with 7 silver books we can!

Spell-outs, using the regular books we are reading - everyone can play this with no extra work!

- we can work on multiple spells at once
- each book can only be used once

IMPORTANT NOTE: These will be open for the entire challenge and can be done in no particular order. It will grant extra points for completion BUT it will also give negative points for lack of.

Spell-It-Out Rules
(view spoiler)

Spelling LUMOS. Each letter is worth 5 points. Completion gives 10 points. Incomplete word, -1 point per missing letter.

Example 1: Incomplete Word:
L - Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer
M - Magic bites, Ilona Andrews
S - Stardust, Neil Gaiman

3 letters spelled: 3X5 = 15 points
2 letters missing: 2X (-1) = -2 points
Spell Total: 13 Points

Example 2: Complete Word:
L - Laini Taylor, Strange the Dreamer
U - Unwind, Neal Shusterman
M - Magic bites, Ilona Andrews
O - Oliver, Lauren - Delirium
S - Stardust, Neil Gaiman
5 letters spelled: 5X5 = 25 points
Completion bonus = 10 points
Spell Total: 35 Points

Hufflepuff teams will field the players to compete.

Tri-Wizard Tournament
to be announced
starts ??????

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Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod
Progress Update
Periodic update of our progress in different elements of the challenge!

Spells - COMPLETE!!

Classes - COMPLETE!!

Match 1 completed: Marie & Katie played. point scores tbc; goals = 10 (Ravenclaw 8), snitch = Hufflepuff
Match 2 completed: Katie, Cat & Melinda played. Gryffs won :(
Match 3 completed: Katie, Cat, Sarah & Melinda played.

Tri-Wizard Tourney
in progress

Maze fun can be found in the Burrow

Team Tasks

Character Spell-Out
Letters required!
E	15
L 14
R 14
I 12
S 10
U 10
A 9
N 8
O 8
D 6
Y 6
T 5
P 4
V 4
M 3
C 2
F 2
G 2
B 1
H 1
K 1

Completed the 3 primary characters
Completed the 15 major characters
Completed 8 of 28 characters

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Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod

message 10: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod

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Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod

What's the page limit? 100pages / 3hours audio.

What about children's books? They're OK, provided they are VERIFIED 25k words ( / is a good place to check)

I read the audio, what page count do I use? The default ed, or most popular if the default ed is large print. Note: shelve the book you read.

What are the spell-out rules? Read books to spell out the word(s) using
◈ the first letter in the book's title
◈ the first letter in the series
◈ the first letter in the author's first or last name
◈ the first letter of a character's first, last, or nick-name

As always, if the first letter of a title / series starts with an indefinite or definite article ('A', 'An', 'The', etc.), you may use the first letter of the second word in the title to spell out your chosen word.

How do we score points? A number of ways:
1- by reading books! The page count informs the points we get
100 - 160 pages = 5 points
161 - 350 pages = 20 points
351 - 500 pages = 40 points
501 - 650 pages = 60 points
651 - 800 pages = 80 points
801 - 900 pages = 100 points
901++ pages = 130 points

2- by taking part in book discussions - BOM or BRs (see post 7 for more)

And then one of the following
a- by taking part in spell-outs (see post 7 for more)

b- by taking part in Classes (detailed info to be released soon)

c- by taking part in Quidditch (here be dragons, waiting on more info)

d- by taking part in the Tri-Wizard Tournament (proper Hagrid maze here. We'll be getting info later...)

Do characters in non-fiction books count? Typically no.
For example, if it is a historical account of WWII and the story is about Winston Churchill, he is not considered a 'character'.
Exceptions would be something like a memoir, where someone is recounting events and situations; then it is possible there would be characters.

What does it mean "Participating in a BOM / BR" ?
Provided you add to the discussion at some stage through the book. It doesn't need to be answering a set of questions if that doesn't appeal to you. You may just pop over and give some thoughts at different stages. It is just one set of points per book. However you do need to interact with others in the BOM / BR thread for it to be considered “participation”.
A decent rule of thumb would be 3/4 posts.
REMEMBER that for BOM/BR participation points to count there MUST be participation in the thread. That means interacting with others, not just dropping in with a comment or two.

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Katie | 1634 comments *

message 13: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1634 comments *

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Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod
Welcome welcome everyone! I'll sort out some stuff to go up top later (at home, rather than my current sneak at work!), but first up, a fun get-to-know-each-other game!

I've thought long and hard* and come up with some incisive* questions, designed to reveal all sorts about us*. Answer them (or some of them), and add a couple of your own for everyone to answer too!

Who are you?
Where are you?
What do you read?

Are you really a Hufflepuff?!
Badgers - awesome or magnificent?
Can you conjure a patronus? what is it? (check with Pottermore for the official test)
Which Quidditch position do you want to play?

*not really

message 15: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod
Who & where am I?
I'm Cat, living & working in London, visiting my niblings (two nephews & a niece across my brother and one of my sisters) as I can, and forcing as many books into their sticky mitts! And whilst I don't like to brag,* I'm doing pretty well there. helped, of course, by the fact that their parents all believe in the power of reading. My brother in law has just read over 2000 pages of How to Train a Dragon books to his son - that's dedication!

What do I read?
Anything & everything! I'm never without a book - and a kindle is a god send for that! No more worrying about how many pages left and how to fit an emergency book into my bag - there's always loads there! I love my kindle so much she has a name - Celia - don't judge!
The last couple of years has seen me embrace audio as a way to ensure that every conceivable moment when I could read a book, I am! Cleaning is less of a chore with a book in ears!

I am not a Hufflepuff :( Pottermore & my own heart says I'm Ravenclaw. But I value Huffles as the best sort of people, so am proud to be representing the house!

I did the patronus thingy, and weirdly got Manx Cat. I say weirdly because my mum lives on the Isle of Man (she moved there about 10yrs ago). So I'm happy with that because (1) cat person and (2) Manxies are cool!

message 16: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1634 comments Hello, hello!!! I'm Katie and am currently in Pittsburgh, PA, home of rabid sports fans and loads of fries on everything. I've got 2 little kids so I'm not always here regularly throughout the day, but I always stop in at least once a day (and usually much more). I stick to romance mostly, but recently branched out and read The Martian (which was AWESOME, btw...).

I am also a Ravenclaw (according to Pottermore), but am really happy to be on this team with you guys! My Patronus is a Wild Boar, but I think that's mostly because I failed to answer the first choice in time. However, I don't mind it so much because those things are scary.

I have no idea what position I want to play in Quidditch because I haven't looked at them at all yet. Hope to remedy that soon. :P

message 17: by Emelie (new)

Emelie | 415 comments I'm Emelie from Stockholm, Sweden. I don't have much to say about me, I don't think. I can't really introduce me to what I work with since I've been on sick/health leave for 2 years soon so that don't defy me as much anymore (no need to worry though! It's nothing deadly, just me battling with fatigue). I'm an avid reader though I've slowed down due to same health problems but I've also started to really embrace audiobooks! I always have at least one book going on my Nook and an audiobook before bed or some such. I also love to write, learn all kind of stuff, walk in nature, photograph, cook and bake, be with my family (parents and younger brother), and watch films and series.

What I read? What don't I read Honestly, I give everything a chance. I don't care what genre it's in, though I know that I have the most troubles with enjoying cheesy romance. But if the blurb sounds a bit interesting, I give it a go. I'm not one of those that have to finish I book I've started, so I don't see why not give books a try, I can just abandon it and move to another one if it didn't suit me. I like sci-fi and fantasy the most though, and realistic fiction. I love non-fictions book too, about most anything as long as it seems interesting, once again.

Are you really a Hufflepuff?!

Yes, I am!

Badgers - awesome or magnificent?


Can you conjure a patronus? what is it? (check with Pottermore for the official test)

My patronus supposedly is a field mouse.

Which Quidditch position do you want to play?

I have to read about that again, I don't think I quite got what it all meant for this game. I'll get back on that.

message 18: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod
Hi Emelie!

I'm in awe at your ability to put boos down if they aren't working for you! It's a skill I'd love to have, and I'm getting better at it - I put one book down for three weeks before going back to it. That's a start, right?

re Quidditch - yeah, I'm a bit confused too. I'm expecting it'll get clearer later, but honestly, at the moment I'm thinking that I'll take a pass on it...

message 19: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1710 comments Hello everyone! It's so nice to have a mix of old friends and new. :)

Cat, do you want our TT shelves? Mine is tower-teams-vi.

I'm Sarah, from the UK. I read most things, but I stay away from horror and romance for the most part. I suppose the genres that I read most frequently are historical fiction and mystery, but I also love fantasy and sci-fi, non-fiction, and anything that is well-written.

I'm not so good at the putting books down permanently thing - I do usually have to finish. Unless I fundamentally disagree with it, just being dull is not usually enough to put me off a book.

I am really a Hufflepuff! With a smidge of Ravenclaw, I like to think. ;)

Badgers are both awesome and magnificent.

My patronus is a dolphin (I blame the fact that I was thinking of my littlest niece and nephew at the time, hence the playfulness).

Quidditch? I'm not sure I'm fast enough to be a chaser or seeker or flexible enough for any other position. What if the other team reads hard-core romance? Nu huh. Not covering that.

I may have to think of a name for my kindle now.

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Marie (UK) (mazza1) | 4967 comments Who are you?
I am Marie Elizabeth Bernadette Riley to bring out my full moniker but i have answered to all sorts of other names in my times - MAZZA, Mavis and one chap at work used to have a less flattering nickname for me - but we will gloss over that one. I am a retired nurse and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren - visiting them is important but with one family in Belgium not as frequent as we would like.

Where are you? I live in Yorkshire in the UK but i am an immigrant having moved there from Lancashire to do my nurse training and never returned.

What do you read? Anything, everything not fond of romance or young adult but i have been known to take one for the team and read Death Wore Brown Shorts in a former challenge. I try not to buy many books (i took retirement before being eligible for state pension so have decided to save money for bigger things). I love kindle and KU is very useful - that i do pay for. I am on net galley and have even been auto approved by one publisher. I use the library A LOT including the e books and i always have an audio and another book on the go

Are you really a Hufflepuff?! well thats what the quiz said and lots of the qualities ring true but believe me I am competitive in reading challenges - this won't be a problem this time as we are going to be an Awesome team.

Badgers - awesome

Can you conjure a patronus? what is it? (check with Pottermore for the official test) apparently mine is a shrew - perhaps you will have to tame me

Which Quidditch position do you want to play? - I think Chaser although i could manage any I don't think i would be a great Seeker

ETA my shelf is

message 21: by Marie (UK) (new)

Marie (UK) (mazza1) | 4967 comments Cat wrote: "Hi Emelie!

I'm in awe at your ability to put boos down if they aren't working for you! It's a skill I'd love to have, and I'm getting better at it - I put one book down for three weeks before goin..."

I am perfectly incapable of putting a book down once i started with rare exceptions i will always finish what i have started

message 22: by Elena (new)

Elena  | 1403 comments Hello, team!! So excited to play with everyone! I'm Elena and I live in Baltimore, Maryland (US) with my husband and our dogs and cats. I love reading obviously and will try most genres, my faves are sci fi/speculative, fantasy and mystery but I will read just about anything for a challenge!

Are you really a Hufflepuff?! - Pottermore says yes! :) And I'm okay with it! I think a younger me would've been disappointed by having been sorted into HP but current me seems like a good fit for the house. It is my opinion that Hufflepuffians know what really matters :)))

I just did the patronus test and mine is a White Mare which is way cooler than I expected!

I too will have to reread Quidditch rules, I'm not a very fast reader and speed seems important for it but maybe there's something I can do.

message 23: by Emelie (new)

Emelie | 415 comments I figure that - why should I force myself to read something and wasting precious reading time when there's so many books out there that I'd enjoy and even love? I rather spend my time reading that and having a good time than struggling through a book just because.

Likewise, I don't finish watching films or series I don't like. And I always find it interesting that most people have no trouble to stop watching a film they don't like but still can't apply that to books.

message 24: by Emelie (last edited May 08, 2018 12:18PM) (new)

Emelie | 415 comments Re Qudditch:

I could probably be a Keeper or a Beater if positions need to be filled across our house. If there's enough volunteers I'm totally okay sitting out. I'm not the fastest reader anymore, though, and I still don't feel I understand to a 100%, hah.

message 25: by Melindam (new)

Melindam | 3260 comments Hello Team Cedric! Friends old and new! :)

I am Melinda from Hungary. I live with my husband and 4-year-old son in a small town 40 kms from our capital. I work in Budapest and I commute every day on the train, which is fine by me as this is usually the time I can read undisturbed. I work as a PA/grant management assistant and supportive is my middle name, so that makes me HuffPuff actually.

I am a booknerd and actually grew up in/around a library with me mum being a Librarian.
I love being among books, they make me feel safe, but thank god/amazon for kindle. And Cat, I also have to think about a name for mine. :))
I discovered audiobooks a few years ago and love them as well.
I read a lot of things, my favourite genres are classics, fantasy, golden-age detective stories, chick-litband occasionally I read sci-fi & historic fiction.
I am a Hufflepuff through and through and totally happy with it now, though a few years ago I thought them uncool.
Cat/Katie, you cool Ravenclaws, thanks fo sticking to us. Badgers are awesone

message 26: by Melindam (new)

Melindam | 3260 comments sorry, my tablet just switched off mid-sentence.
Sarah, my patronus is also dolphin. I was surprised, but very pleased about it.
Reading the rules, which are still a bit unclear, I admit I am not very keen on the quidditch, but if needed, I could be keeper or maybe beater.

message 27: by Melindam (new)

Melindam | 3260 comments As I already told Cat in the pre-challenge chat that our team seems to be the smallest, but I am sure we will be awesome. And Cat's reply about diamonds not being cut big, could be our team motto. ;)
Normally I read 3 books a week if they are over 300 pages, but I can manage more if they are shorter.
I think for this challenge I will stick to "longer" books to try and earn more points to the team.

message 28: by ✿~Danielle~✿ (new)

✿~Danielle~✿ (dmh1) | 4631 comments Dropping in from Newt Scamander to say hello.

message 29: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod
Hi Danielle! good to see you :)

message 30: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1634 comments Hi Danielle!

message 31: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1634 comments Oh yeah, shelves. Here's mine: tower teams vi

message 32: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod
I think I've got most of the shelves, just Emelie's that I'll need, please :)

I've put some info up in a couple of posts up top, including links to our housemates teams: it might be nice to drop in & say hi to them. Though I'm off to bed now!

message 33: by Marie (UK) (new)

Marie (UK) (mazza1) | 4967 comments ✼Danielle✼ wrote: "Dropping in from Newt Scamander to say hello."

hi Danielle

message 34: by Marie (UK) (new)

Marie (UK) (mazza1) | 4967 comments I have volunteered for DQs on Lilac girls

message 35: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod
Excellent Marie! fingers crossed!

message 36: by Emelie (new)

Emelie | 415 comments Here's my shelf: TW6

Does that link even work? The url is super long and not at all like yours links.

message 37: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1634 comments It works Emelie! :)

message 38: by Christina (new)

Christina (chrissy__) | 1861 comments Dropping in from Team Lockhart since there's nothing happening there yet!

Cat and Katie, let's make a deal: you represent me in Hufflepuff, and I'll do you proud in Ravenclaw :)
I am definitely a hufflepuff, but I also have a lot of ravenclaw qualities, so it makes sense I was put there for this challenge...
So, you in? 🤗

message 39: by Christina (new)

Christina (chrissy__) | 1861 comments Also, Hi Marie 👋🏻
So cool how many members of our uno team joined tower teams vi as well!

It's always nice to see familiar faces /avatars :)

message 40: by Katie (new)

Katie | 1634 comments Sounds good, Christina! Thanks for stopping by! :)

message 41: by Camilla (new)

Camilla | 1885 comments Dropping in from Team Flitwick just to wave to Cat, Melindam and Marie!

message 42: by Melindam (new)

Melindam | 3260 comments Hey, Camilla! So nice meeting you here. :)))))

message 43: by Elen (new)

Elen | 1110 comments Hei, Team Cedric Diggory!

Dropping in from Team Hermione Granger to welcome you all and say hello to my fellow friend *waves at Melinda and Sarah* :)

message 44: by Melindam (new)

Melindam | 3260 comments *Waving* ;)))

message 45: by Melindam (new)

Melindam | 3260 comments Christina! I am sorry you don't belong to our team, but We will do your HuffPuff heart proud!! :)

message 46: by Marie (UK) (new)

Marie (UK) (mazza1) | 4967 comments Camilla wrote: "Dropping in from Team Flitwick just to wave to Cat, Melindam and Marie!

Hi Camilla great to see you

message 47: by Marie (UK) (new)

Marie (UK) (mazza1) | 4967 comments Christina wrote: "Also, Hi Marie 👋🏻
So cool how many members of our uno team joined tower teams vi as well!

It's always nice to see familiar faces /avatars :)"

Hi Christina its great to meet up with previous team mates again

message 48: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1710 comments Hi Danielle, Elen, and Camilla! Great to see you.

message 49: by Cat (new)

Cat (cat_uk) | 7524 comments Mod
I love how friendly you guys have been - out & about, mixing it up - awesome!

The expansion on that friendliness - and gets us points - is Buddy Reads! We get extra points if we participate in a Buddy Read with a member in another team.
There are loads of options for this: there are some planned BRs already due to start on or after 13 May - no book started before this can count for page counts! But, if you don't fancy any of the ones planned, then find some friends (including a non-Cedric friend), pick a book, request a BR thread and go for it!

BRs planned include some big doorstoppers - reading with others might be perfect to finally read that intimidating chunkster!
Also, there are going to be Harry Potter BRs too, for those who've not read them, or not read them in the last 6 months.

This is a totally optional part of the game, so if it doesn't float your boat that's absolutely fine!

BRs lined up:
Restore Me - starts 14 May
Antigoddess - starts 15 May
Sarum - start TBC
A Wizard of Earthsea - start TBC
The Count of Monte Cristo - start TBC
Behind Her Eyes - starts 18 May
The Power - starts July 15

message 50: by Melindam (last edited May 09, 2018 04:38AM) (new)

Melindam | 3260 comments Cat, I will go for Monte Cristo. I meant to re-read it and the page count will also earn us some points. :)

Already checked in to the thread. There are aready volunteers from Luna Lovegood & Severus Snape so it should be OK.

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