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“The king may rule the kingdom, but it's the queen who moves the board.”
D.M. Timney

Brittany Burgunder
“Everyone kept asking me if I wanted to die,
Well, no. No I didn't want to die.
But no one ever asked me if I wanted to live.”
Brittany Burgunder

Roger Scruton
“The consolation of an imaginary thing is still a real consolation.”
Roger Scruton

Brittany Burgunder
“What are you hiding? Is it something from others, or from yourself. Find your truth. The more you show up, the more you'll be found.”
Brittany Burgunder

Israelmore Ayivor
“You may have the greatest vision, plans or goals as you may term it. You can call it Vison 2020, Vision 2045 or whatever. But remember, not work is done unless a distance is covered!”
Israelmore Ayivor

“Does the person you're throwing those words at have as much strength to catch catch them as you did to throw them? Would you be able to get the pass back just a powerful?”
Audrey Regan

Brittany Burgunder
“Everyone kept asking me if I wanted to die.
Well, no. No I didn't want to die.
But no one ever asked me if I wanted to live.”
Brittany Burgunder

Ralph Waldo Emerson
“In the East, fames are won.
In the west, deeds are done. ”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Eating more consciously now feels like a way of being. I actually think about how my food got to my plate.”
Oprah Winfrey

Margaret McHeyzer
“Bound by custom or unique by choice.”
Margaret McHeyzer, Chef Pierre

“if you think you know all that somebody knows, you shall least know all that somebody knows. If you think you least know all that somebody knows, you shall really know all that somebody knows.”
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Jackie Weger
“I was thinking about the two sides of fate."
"I didn't know fate had two sides."
"But, you believe in fate?"
"I guess."
"what I was thinking is this: suppose I had been born February fifteenth instead of Valentine's? Wouldn't that put me on the other side of fate, a day later in life? Would I have still gottten sick? Suppose Roger had been born first? Would he be sick instead of me? If I knew just where I was standing when the germ found me, could I have moved over an inch and let if fly right on by?"
"I don't know, there're some things to which we never find answers - at least not the answers we want.”
Jackie Weger, No Perfect Fate

“Usein me kuitenkin alamme elää päässämme ja luotamme liikaa ajattelun voimaan - joko alamme pitää ajatuksiamme totuuksina itsestämme ja maailmasta tai yritämme hallita tietoisen ajattelun avulla myös niiden aivoalueiden toimintaa, jotka tarkkaan ottaen eivät edes ymmärrä puhuttua kieltä.”
Liisa Uusitalo-Arola, Uuvuksissa - Kirja sinulle, joka tahdot voimasi takaisin

“Talking wisely and acting wisely are not the same. People may talk wisely but not necessarily act wisely.”
Sushil Rungta

“Comparing toilet paper and comforting words may sound ridiculous but both wipe away filth.”
Sushil Rungta

“Respect is taking care of others feeling.”
Shilpa Sasi

Liv Strömquist
“Cette petite religion possède un caractère unique : les deux membres du couple en incarnent tous les deux l'idéal.
Le droit de propriété sur le corps de son partenaire, protégé par une défense rituelle très forte, se place au centre de cette mini-religion.
Car n'importe quel type d'écart sexuel hors du couple fait naître chez l'autre un intense sentiment de colère.”
Liv Strömquist, Prins Charles känsla

Liz Braswell
“Kingdom? Or queendom?"
"What?" Flounder asked, exasperated.
"The mer are ruled by a queen. Shouldn't it be queendom?”
Liz Braswell, Part of Your World