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Dave Eggers
“This was a new skill she'd acquired, the ability to look, to the outside world, utterly serene and even cheerful, while, in her skull, all was chaos.”
Dave Eggers, The Circle

Jon Wiederhorn
“I grew up being told, "If you do marijuana you'll be a slave for the rest of your life," and it only took me ten minutes to realize smoking marijuana was pretty cool. Then it was, "If you take LSD you'll be a slave for the rest of your life. Then it got to be, "If you take cocaine, you'll be slave for life." There was a time when I thought, "Hey, I've been taking Heroin for six months and I feel fine. You know, just on weekends." I actually believed that you didn't have to become addicted. I was wrong. The most important thing out of this is, don't lie to the kids. If marijuana is not going to make you homeless and addicted, don't tell people it is, because they'll found out it doesn't, then when they get to the stuff that really WILL, they ain't gonna believe you." - Dickie Peterson”
Jon Wiederhorn, Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal

Dianna Hardy
“Only those who do not wish to see can be deceived.”
Dianna Hardy, Saving Eve

Kate McGahan
“I can love who I think you are
Or you can allow yourself
To be yourself
So that I can love YOU.”
Kate McGahan

Shannon L. Alder
“Reasoning with senselessness will never build faith. Faith is strengthened when you stop collecting fragmented signs and questionable hunches, in order to build an acceptable reason for your wrong decisions and less than desirable circumstances.”
Shannon L. Alder

Brittany Burgunder
“What are you hiding? Is it something from others, or from yourself. Find your truth. The more you show up, the more you'll be found.”
Brittany Burgunder

Stephen Chbosky
“Because I started to think that I didn't know who Mary Elizabeth was at all. I'm not saying she was lying to me, but she just acted so different before I got to know her, and if she really isn't like what she was at the beginning, I wish she could have just said so.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

“Truth be told, are you ready to defend yourself?”
Aireen Pontillo

“We lie because we are adept at hiding the truth.”
Anthony T.Hincks

Jillian Cantor
“My lying is a second skin by now, so easy to forget it's there, so I don't always remember that lying is actually an art, and those who aren't meticulous about it are easily exposed.”
Jillian Cantor, Margot

Dragos Bratasanu
“What we don’t bring into light, and don’t acknowledge to ourselves, grows in the dark.”
Dragos Bratasanu, The Pursuit of Dreams: Claim Your Power, Follow Your Heart, and Fulfill Your Destiny

Dragos Bratasanu
“Addiction is only a hopeless attempt to deal with the pain of living cutoff from who we really are.”
Dragos Bratasanu, The Pursuit of Dreams: Claim Your Power, Follow Your Heart, and Fulfill Your Destiny

Guillaume Apollinaire
“S'en est allée l'amante
Au village voisin malgré la pluie
Sans son amant s'en est allée l'amante
Pour danser avec un autre que lui
Les femmes mentent mentent”
Guillaume Apollinaire

Jeff VanderMeer
“Always, as I looked back, I could see that there had been an almost willful intent to obscure, to misdirect, disguised as concern that we not be frightened or overwhelmed.”
Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation

“Never hide yourself! When you say something, don’t be in the shadow; let everyone see you!
Be courageous enough not to use any mask nor fake names neither blocking people. Don't forget that hiding among the bushes is the affair of the cowards! Let the Sun shines on your face and everyone see you,”
Lea R. Caguinguin