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Dave Eggers
“This was a new skill she'd acquired, the ability to look, to the outside world, utterly serene and even cheerful, while, in her skull, all was chaos.”
Dave Eggers, The Circle

“Like a lot of people with mental illness, I spend a lot of time fronting. It’s really important to me to not appear crazy, to fit in, to seem normal, to do the things “normal people” do, to blend in.
As a defense mechanism, fronting makes a lot of sense, and you hone that mechanism after years of being crazy. Fronting is what allows you to hold down a job and maintain relationships with people, it’s the thing that sometimes keeps you from falling apart. It’s the thing that allows you to have a burst of tears in the shower or behind the front seat of your car and then coolly collect yourself and stroll into a social engagement…

We are rewarded for hiding ourselves. We become the poster children for “productive” mentally ill people, because we are so organized and together. The fact that we can function, at great cost to ourselves, is used to beat up the people who cannot function.

Because unlike the people who cannot front, or who fronted too hard and fell off the cliff, we are able to “keep it together,” whatever it takes.”
S.E. Smith

Nenia Campbell
“All friends have secrets. We're like three-dimensional shapes on paper; we all have hidden sides. And there's some secrets we don't even reveal to ourselves.”
Nenia Campbell, Bound to Accept

Sanhita Baruah
“The moment when you realize no one understands, no one ever did, no one ever will.
You were alone, you always will be.
But may be, just may be, someone will look up to you someday. And when they do, remember to hide those tearful eyes, to smile and to say - "look, life's so good.”
Sanhita Baruah

C.S. Lewis
“I hid all the things I was feeling-- and indeed I did not know what they were, except that all the peace of that autumnal journey was gone”
C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces

Roland Barthes
“I want to be both pathetic and admirable, I want to be at the same time a child and an adult. Thereby I gamble, I take a risk: for it is always possible that the other will simply ask no question whatever about these unaccustomed glasses; that the other will see, in the fact, no sign.”
Roland Barthes, A Lover's Discourse: Fragments

Sophie Kinsella
“She's been used to hiding her feelings for so long, no wonder her manner can be a little awkward.”
Sophie Kinsella, Shopaholic Ties the Knot

Roseanna M. White
“Let innocence be your mask.
Let your beauty hide your heart.
Let your enemies count you a friend.
Let no one see your true self.”
Roseanna M. White, Ring of Secrets

Anne Clendening
“I don't want to hide. I don't want to be alone. I don't want to wander off into the desert in shame and die and become vulture food. Or end up keeling over just because I'm too self-conscious to leave the house. Cause of Death: Unnecessary Loneliness.”
Anne Clendening, Bent: How Yoga Saved My Ass

Kate McGahan
“I can love who I think you are
Or you can allow yourself
To be yourself
So that I can love YOU.”
Kate McGahan

Kate McGahan
“I cannot understand what you do not say.”
Kate McGahan

T.B. Markinson
“I was finally tired of hiding behind bravado. My family had hurt me so many times that I had started to lie about my feelings to everyone. To Sarah. To Maddie. To Ethan. And to myself. I was like an iceberg, with ninety percent of my real feelings submerged so no one would know how vulnerable I truly felt. I lied so much, and so often, that even I didn’t know my true feelings anymore.”
T.B. Markinson, A Woman Lost

E.L. James
“Пътувахме обвити в мрак, с маски, зад които криехме чувствата си. Нямаше нужда да е тъмно да се скрием един от друг.”
E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey

Gregory Maguire
“Her head had turned quickly away...Not to hide her tears but to soften the fact of their absence.”
Gregory Maguire, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Brittany Burgunder
“What are you hiding? Is it something from others, or from yourself. Find your truth. The more you show up, the more you'll be found.”
Brittany Burgunder

“Why do some hide what is part of them when only what they seem to be is worse?”
Jasmin Morin

R.J. Blizzard
“Everything does not happen for a reason. Believing this does not ease the pain for anyone. It hides it.”
R.J. Blizzard

John Corey Whaley
“What he feared most was that all this hiding had made it impossible for him to ever be found again.”
John Corey Whaley, Highly Illogical Behavior

“The times spent together,
The memories made
The truths and laughter
The unspoken feelings and desire
I want you
But for how long?
You're the trouble I appreciate
It's all right if l see the stars in your arms
But for how long?

I don't want to cross the line
What if I'm the only one thinking of crossing
I don't know if you feel the same
But each time, we draw closer
The lines begin to blur
It's an exposed attraction
Untold distraction
Stolen attention

I choose to stay away
For a while , I do so
You seek me out
Then my fences are broken
I want to be honest
Tell you how much
You make me feel
But for how long
I'm the friend who makes you laugh
I'm the crazy friend
That says all the crazy things
I hate it when you push and pull
But I stay anyway

Within my heart,
I know what I feel
Nothing more of
A restricted affection”
Abishag Kohl

Cyrille  Mendes
“Le pâle sourire d’Ysaëlle fut sa seule réponse, l’accord muet taisant les élans protecteurs de son cœur. Nul à Bron ne souhaitait voir le bon peuple d’Ethyr abandonné aux cruautés du sort. Les temps à venir seraient difficiles ; la guerre, fatalité mêlée de domination et de deuils, c’était dans l’esprit du peuple d’Ethyr le manque, la terreur, les maladies, la douleur et l’agonie. Déjà, sa pensée doutait que la quête d’Axys, même couronnée de succès, puisse changer le sort qui avait frappé le royaume par la venue du Khazrug. Déjà, elle sentait poindre le regret et la peur, souhaitant que Célian restât auprès d’elle, sa seule famille. Néanmoins, Ysaëlle ne fit part de son trouble à personne, ne voulant pas décourager le groupe sur le départ par un simple pressentiment.”
Cyrille Mendes, Les Épieurs d'Ombre

Isabelle Joshua
“Um, well, I’ve been working out with Alex. Today just happened to be right after our workout,” Craig admits finally.
“Really,” I say dripping with sarcasm. “And you failed to mention this earlier? You ran off so abruptly for your tryst. I should’ve suspected something illicit was occurring.”
Alex erupts in laughter looking at Craig. “You didn’t tell her.”
Isabelle Joshua, The Swallow

Alain de Botton
“Though we sometimes suspect that people are hiding things from us, it is not until we are in love that we feel an urgency to press our inquiries, and in seeking answers, we are apt to discover the extent to which people disguise and conceal their real selves.”
Alain de Botton