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A.C. Gaughen
“You are my whole heart, Scarlet. And this is breaking it.'

My heart cracked open and clear dropped out of me. My mouth opened, and I looked round me and stamped my foot. 'Does this look like a good time to tell me that, you damn stupid boy?' I meant to sound mean but my voice wobbled. 'Now?'

He gave a little smile. 'My foul-mouthed warrior.”
A.C. Gaughen, Scarlet

Leigh Bardugo
“I know how strong you are, Nina. My death will not be the thing that defeats you.”
Leigh Bardugo, King of Scars

B.L. Brunnemer
“The dead still come to me every now and then. But the lulls between are getting smaller. They are finding me somehow. I tell them why they can’t move on. I listen to their lives and talk to them if they need it. I still draw their portraits in my sketchbook, with their stories. I put Mary Summer in there too. Someone should remember.”
B.L. Brunnemer, Trying To Live With The Dead

Richelle E. Goodrich
“You are not my sunshine. Sorry. You're more like a gust of arctic wind that bursts in and blows out all the candles when the door cracks open.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes: Quotes, Thoughts, & a Little Poetry for Every Day of the Year

Anne Elisabeth Stengl
“Alistair spoke behind his visor. "You look very pretty."
Mouse looked to Eanrin. "He sounds concerned. What did he say?"
"He said they're never going to believe you're a girl.”
Anne Elisabeth Stengl, Dragonwitch

Rick Yancey
“And John Kearns whispered into my ear: "Do you see it now? *You* are the nest. *You* are the hatchling. *You* are the chrysalis. *You* are the progeny. *You* are the rot that falls from the stars. All of us--you and I and poor, dear Pellinore. Behold the face of the magnificum, child. And despair."

Though I was sickened by the sight, I looked. In the bower of the beast at the top of the world, I beheld the face of the magnificum, and I did not turn away.”
Rick Yancey, The Isle of Blood

Lemony Snicket
“Depressed" is a word that often describes somebody who is feeling sad and gloomy, but in this case it describes a secret button, hidden in a crow statue, that is feeling just fine, thank you.”
Lemony Snicket, The Vile Village

Rick Yancey
“I walked until the water lapped against my chest, and then I kept walking until it kissed the underside of my jaw. I was surprised how cold it was. I closed my eyes and ducked beneath the surface. Thee was the wind and the clouds and the pure pool and the boy beneath its unsettled surface, and the blood, the boy's and monster's, defiling the pool.”
Rick Yancey, The Isle of Blood

Robin Hobb
“I have to let you go,' he said in a cracked whisper. 'While I can. Leave me that, Fitz. That I broke the bond. That I did not take what was not mine.”
Robin Hobb, Fool's Fate

Stieg Larsson
“No matter how hard she tried to concentrate on something else- pass the time and to distract her situation she was in- The fear came trickling out. It however like a cloud of gas around her threatening to penetrate her pores and poison her. She had discovered that the most affective way of keeping the fear of day was to fantasize that something that gave her a feeling of strength. She closed her eyes and conjured up the smell of gasoline.”
Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Played with Fire

Joe Haldeman
“Saul's vitals were not human, but familiar:
he never told me he was from another world:
I never told him I was from his future. ”
Joe Haldeman

Katherine Easer
“A few weeks ago I had a dream. I dreamed I was back at the house, in the red room, reading my microeconomics textbook. Maddy outside playing with Hope, and Agnes was preparing dinner. It was just like old times. I was elated. I knew all along that they weren't really dead. It was all just a terrible mistake. Maddy joined me in the library. Strangely, she didn't smell like anything. Not her usual crème brulee or green apples or candy. That's when I realized she was dead, though I didn't know I was dreaming. She apologized for everything and then proceeded to explain why things had turned out the way they had. Her story made complete sense. It was what I needed to hear. Finally I had an answer. Finally I could let go. And then she vanished
When I woke up, in a pool of sweat, I couldn't remember a thing Maddy had said.”
Katherine Easer, Vicious Little Darlings

Stewart Stafford
“SPOILER ALERT: We all die in the end.”
Stewart Stafford

Rick Yancey
“It is wondrous, Will Henry," breathed the monstrumologist over the maddening hum of the flies. "I feared we might be wrong-that Socotra was not the *locus ex magnificum*. But we have found it, haven't we? And is it not wondrous?"

I agreed with him. It was wondrous.”
Rick Yancey, The Isle of Blood

Cinda Williams Chima
“Han struggled to remember Master Leontus's lectures on healing, the recitations he'd drowsed through. I'll never have need of that, Han had thought. I'm being trained to kill people, not heal them. He'd thought everyone he'd ever want to heal was already dead.

He'd been wrong.”
Cinda Williams Chima, The Gray Wolf Throne

Stephen King
“No hago más que percibirle... sentirle... en todos los rincones.”
Stephen King, Cujo

Laura Gallego García
“- Espera-la llamó, reteniéndola del brazo-. No lo entiendes. Es más que todo eso.
- Sí, ya lo sé-dijo ella, aburrida-, Kirtash quiere el báculo y debemos impedir a toda costa que...
- No-cortó Shail; la miró, muy serio-. Kirtash no solo quiere el báculo, también te quiere a ti. Y por nada del mundo voy a dejar que se te lleve. ¿Comprendes?
Victoria lo miró, sin creer lo que acababa de escuchar. Shail la atrajo hacia sí y la abrazó con fuerza.
- ¿Recuerdas lo que te dije cuando te traje a Limbhad la primera ve?
- Sí-respondió ella en voz baja-. Dijiste que cuidarías de mí.
- Siempre-prometió Shail-. Por eso no quiero ponerte en peligro. ¿Me entiendes? Se me puso la piel de gallina cuando Kirtash dijo que quería cambiarte por Alsan, y tú le dijiste que sí. No quiero volver a pasar por eso otra vez. No me lo perdonaría.”
Laura Gallego García

Jordan L. Hawk
“My entire view of the world has changed," he muttered as he went to the sink and began to scrub at the plates. "Sorcery, entities from the Outside, fish-men in my family tree, I can accept. Mr. Farr and Mr. Durfree as lovers crosses the line.”
Jordan L. Hawk

Victoria Aveyard
“— Para você — Gisa diz, estendendo a mão boa, de onde pende um retalho de seda preta. O tecido é frio e escorregadio. — De antes. Flores vermelhas e douradas enfeitam o pano, bordadas com uma habilidade de mestre.
— Eu lembro — murmuro, correndo o dedo sobre a perfeição impossível. Ela bordou isto há muito tempo, uma noite antes de o agente quebrar sua mão. Está inacabado, assim como o antigo destino dela. Assim como Shade. Trêmula, amarro o tecido no punho.
— Obrigada, Gisa. — Enfio a mão no bolso e digo: — Também tenho uma coisa para você, minha garota.
Uma bijuteria barata. O brinco solitário combina com o mar de inverno ao nosso redor. Ela perde o fôlego ao segurá-lo. As lágrimas logo vêm, mas não posso vê-las”
Victoria Aveyard, Glass Sword

Natasha Ngan
“Wren, in her sleeping robe, standing close to a tall wolf demon, her head craned back to face him. The wolf: Moon caste, marbled ash-gray fur flowing silkily over angular features, a diamond-shaped patch of white on his long, muzzlelike jaw. He’s dressed in soldier’s clothes. One pawed hand is lifted to cup Wren’s face, like the beginning of a kiss.”
Natasha Ngan, Girls of Paper and Fire

William Faulkner
“The man himself lay in the bed.

For a long while we just stood there, looking down at the profound and fleshless grin. The body had apparently once lain in the attitude of an embrace, but now the long sleep that outlasts love, that conquers even the grimace of love, had cuckolded him.”
William Faulkner , A Rose for Emily

Deyth Banger
“We are spoilers and we are around spoilers!”
Deyth Banger

Katie Cross
“Then what’s changed?”
You are the only witch in all of Antebellum who has earned Deasyvla’s trust and fully merged with a dragon.
She shrugged. “So?”
You, Sanna of Anguis, are now the High Dragonmaster.”
Katie Cross, Flame

“There's no secret entrance into Blackcliff, Laia. Even if there was, I wouldn't be stupid enough to try to attack a school of Masks." "Then how--" "How?" he muses. "A good question. How do you get rid of a girl who blunders into your hideout at the most inopportune moment, claiming to be the long-lost daughter of the Lioness? How do you appear in essential faction in the Resistance when they stupidly insist you help her save her brother? How do you make it look like you're helping her when in fact you don't have the time or the men to do so?" My mouth goes dry. "I'll tell you how," Mazen says. "You give the girl a mission she won't come back from. You send her to Blackcliff, home of her parents' killer. You give her impossible tasks, like spying on the most dangerous woman in the Empire, like learning about the Trials before they even occur.”
Sabaa Tahir Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes

Mark Helprin
“The timing of her welds, the blinking of the arc, the light touch that held two parts together and was then withdrawn, the patience and the quickness, the generation of blinding flares and small pencil-shots of smoke: these acts, qualities, and their progress, like the repetitions in the hymns that the women sang on the line, made a kind of quiet thunder that rolled through all things, and that, in Paulette's deepest wishes, shot across the Pacific in performance of a miracle she dared not even name - though that miracle was not to be hers.”
Mark Helprin, The Pacific and Other Stories

Kate Morton
“She was going to plant a Japanese maple tree on top. She had already procured it, a lovely sapling with pale bark and the most elegant limbs, long and even, fine but strong. It had been one of Edward's favorite trees; the leaves were red in spring, turning by autumn to a most beautiful bright copper color, just like Lily Millington's hair. No, not Lily Millington, she corrected herself, for that had never been her real name.
"Albertine," Lucy whispered, thinking back to that mild Hampstead afternoon when she had seen the shock of red in the glass house at the bottom of the garden and Mother had instructed her to take two cups of tea "in the finest china." "Your name was Albertine Bell."
Birdie, to those who loved her.”
Kate Morton, The Clockmaker's Daughter

Mariana Zapata
“I came to the Pipers for you.”
Mariana Zapata, Kulti

Alix E. Harrow
“Your sister sends her love, Hansel.”
Alix E. Harrow

Marlen Haushofer
“Spoiler - Souvent quand je marche seule maintenant, dans la forêt, il m'arrive de parler à Lynx comme avant. Je le fais sans m'en rendre compte jusqu'à ce que quelque chose me fasse sursauter, et m'oblige à me taire. Je tourne la tête et e crois apercevoir le reflet brun-roux d'un pelage. Mais le chemin reste désert, des buissons dénudés et des roches humides. Je ne suis pas surprise d'entendre à tout moment craquer derrière moi des branches sous ses pattes légrères. En quel autre lieu pourrait errer sa petite âme de chien si ce n'est sur mes traces ? C'et un fantôme aimable et je n'en ai pas peur. Lynx mon brave et beau chien, mon chien, il est probable que c'est seulement dans ma pauvre tête qu'existe le bruit de tes pas, le reflet de ton pelage. Tant que je vivrai, tu suivras ma trace, affamé et consumé de désir comme moi-même, affamée et consumé de désir, je suis d'invisibles traces. Ni toi ni moi ne mettrons jamais notre gibier à l'arrêt.”
Marlen Haushofer, The Wall

“Nice to see Gertrude also used to get a lot of threats. So far, it doesn’t seem that any of them went desperately well, except for Elias, of course, but he didn’t threaten, did he, just...did it.”
Jonathan Sims, The Magnus Archives: Season 4

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