Sad Ending Quotes

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B.L. Brunnemer
“The dead still come to me every now and then. But the lulls between are getting smaller. They are finding me somehow. I tell them why they can’t move on. I listen to their lives and talk to them if they need it. I still draw their portraits in my sketchbook, with their stories. I put Mary Summer in there too. Someone should remember.”
B.L. Brunnemer, Trying To Live With The Dead

Khadija Rupa
“There is a sad end I used to live
even before I knew
this is how I was meant to begin.”
Khadija Rupa, Unexpressed Feelings

Gregory Maguire
“And of the Witch? In the life of a Witch, there is no after, in the ever after of a Witch, there is no happily; In the story of a Witch, there is no afterword.”
Gregory Maguire, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Charlotte Stein
“Mostly because Lydia said after a long silence, "Holy shit. We are living in a Nicholas Sparks novel."
"Exactly," she said from between her knees. "And I'm so not okay with that.”
Charlotte Stein, Never Sweeter