Self Deprecating Quotes

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Woody Allen
“I'd never join a club that would allow a person like me to become a member.”
Woody Allen

Ilona Andrews
“The rabbis paled. I’d managed to terrify holy men. Maybe I could beat up a nun for an encore.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds

T.H. White
“It is only people who are lacking, or bad, or inferior, who have to be good at things. You have always been full and perfect, so you had nothing to make up for.”
T.H. White, The Once and Future King

Joe R. Lansdale
“I thought I had the world by the tail. It took me a few years to realize the closest I was to having the world by the tail was being a dingle berry on one of its ass hairs.”
Joe R. Lansdale

Meredith Duran
“It is not proper, you being closeted up here with him --"
"Delphinia, don't be absurd. I am so firmly on the shelf that the maids are tempted to dust me.”
Meredith Duran, The Duke of Shadows

Saša Stanišić
“The French always make our sort happy because, like us, they know how to love, they're just as good at playing the accordion, and they've made a real art of their inability to bake proper bread.”
Saša Stanišić, How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone

“Lizzie is hapless about romance in an ironic, self-deprecating way.”
Kristen Roupenian, You Know You Want This

David Mitchell
“A book can’t be a half fantasy any more than a woman can be half pregnant.”
David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks

Iris Murdoch
“Then the front doorbell (already too long delayed by my rambling narrative) rang.”
Iris Murdoch, The Black Prince

David Mitchell
“What surer sign is there that the creative aquifers are dry than a writer creating a writer-character?”
David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks

Robert  Black
“The man who can easily define his weaknesses, his faults, is able to self-deprecate, that man is secure, feels secure and happy, within his own skin.”
Robert Black