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Roman Payne
“The ‘Muse’ is not an artistic mystery, but a mathematical equation. The gift are those ideas you think of as you drift to sleep. The giver is that one you think of when you first awake.”
Roman Payne

Anne Fadiman
“Muses are fickle, and many a writer, peering into the voice, has escaped paralysis by ascribing the creative responsibility to a talisman: a lucky charm, a brand of paper, but most often a writing instrument. Am I writing well? Thank my pen. Am I writing badly? Don't blame me blame my pen. By such displacements does the fearful imagination defend itself.”
Anne Fadiman, Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

Christopher Moore
“I love you, Lucien, but I am a muse, you are an artist, I am not here to make you comfortable.”
Christopher Moore, Sacré Bleu: A Comedy d'Art

Lisa Kessler
“You’re mine,” she whispered.
“As long as you’ll have me.”
Lisa Kessler, Dance of the Heart

Lisa Kessler
“His lips caressed her ear. “Best dance of my entire life.”
Lisa Kessler, Dance of the Heart

Chimnese Davids
“I kept reaching for my muses,
my wandering muses, floating
on clouds filled with their passions.”
(Muses of Wandering Passions, p. 64)”
Chimnese Davids, Muses of Wandering Passions

“For this will cure him that is sick, and rouse him that is in dumps; one that has loved, it will remember of it; one that has not, it will instruct. For there was never any yet that wholly could escape love, and never shall there be any, never so long as beauty shall be, never so long as eyes can see. But help me that God to write the passions of others; and while I write, keep me in my own right wits.”
Longus (Longos), Daphnis and Chloe : The Love Romances of Parthenius and other fragments

Lisa Kessler
“See. Told you I had sexy underwear."
"They're only sexy because you're in them.”
Lisa Kessler, Light of the Spirit

Tamuna Tsertsvadze
“We artists are often counted as awkward by people who know nothing of how it feels to have another spirit live within you - the muse... Even some artists don't understand us, the mused ones, as our muses have faces and clearly appear to us, while all they have is the inspiration and not the muse. But ancient people knew of them... They said muses were goddesses and ruled upon the arts... It is true. When a muse forms into your mind and splits your spirit in two, you are already seized by it, controlled by it, and so you are bound to serve it and create masterpieces... It is not just we who create muses. They create us too. They form us into who we are.”
Tamuna Tsertsvadze, Zodiac Circle

Kevin Ansbro
“My muse is a restless genie, a conniving devil, a wanton mistress and a fairy godmother. At times he’s Othello’s Iago, at others he’s Clarence from 'It’s a Wonderful Life'.”
Kevin Ansbro

Lisa Kessler
“Some of the best victories in history came about when well thought-out plans went to shit.”
Lisa Kessler, Song of the Soul

“Our silences, those haunting moments between you and me. Do you remember them the way I do? I visit those alleys often. Do you too?”
Avijeet Das

Lisa Kessler
“He had the body of a god and a Southern drawl that made her toes curl.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

Lisa Kessler
“Tell me what you want."
Before her brain could engage, she kissed him again and whispered, "You. You're what I want.”
Lisa Kessler, Devoted to Destiny

Phil Foglio
“Violetta: If I had a Belgian chocolate mimmoth for every hour I've had to listen to Tarvek blather on about those stupid muses, I'd weigh a thousand kilos.
Professor Mezzasalma: ... really?
Violetta: Oh yeah. I worked it out once.”
Phil Foglio, Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse

“Some people stay in our heart forever!”
Avijeet Das

“Something magical happens when two soulful people meet. Within seconds, they understand each other and they get drawn to each other!”
Avijeet Das

“Muses don't come by everyday and most of them have an expiration date.”
Jolie Wolf
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Lisa Kessler
“Words aren’t big enough, but they’re all that I have. S'agapó. I love you with all that I am.”
Lisa Kessler, Song of the Soul

Lisa Kessler
“Maybe I better shower with you.” She bit her lower lip. “For safety’s sake.”
Lisa Kessler, Song of the Soul

Lisa Kessler
“I’ve waited my entire life to find you, and I’ll protect you, or die trying.”
Lisa Kessler, Song of the Soul

Eugenia Melian
“That’s the business, Iris. It’s a ruth- less industry. People’s love lasts but one season.”
Eugenia Melian, Wildchilds

“Writers, poets and artists inspire each other. I believe they become muses for each other.”
Avijeet Das

“The muse of memories past inspires smiles on many a sad faces, tears on many a dry cheek, and warmth of love inside so many cold hearts.”
Cody Edward Lee Miller
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Oscar Wilde
“We have mistaken the common livery of the age for the vesture of the Muses, and spend our days in the sordid streets and hideous suburbs of our vile cities when we should be out on the hillside with Apollo. Certainly we are a degraded race, and have sold our birthright for a mess of facts.”
Oscar Wilde, Beautiful and Impossible Things - Selected Essays of Oscar Wilde
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“Muses don't come by everyday and most of them have an expiration date”
Jolie Wolf

“One touch, one kiss and a leap of faith - the heart will forever be claimed”
Jolie Wolf

Eugenia Melian
“That’s the business, Iris. It’s a ruthless industry. People’s love lasts but one season.”
Eugenia Melian, Wildchilds

“A Poet wrote this poem for me in 2017. Whenever I read this, I feel happy that I could touch someone deeply!

"It has not been long since he came to my life
He came like a soft wind
He made me feel like a king
He showed me who i am
He made me believe i can
No not just a simple man
A man who is so deep
Emotions feelings are in a heap
His mighty head high to keep
Though strong and hard
His heart is made of gold
Love kindness are decorated in folds
He holds the capacity of changing others
Making all the sisters and brothers
Feel that they are worthy
His words are so simple yet strong
Commanding yet soft
High pitched yet so serene
He smiles and makes the world smile
He feels the unfelt
He touches the untouched
He sees the unseen
He takes care of all without showing
He shows without pretending
His eyes sparkel with light
He is fearless no fright
He lightens up the room when he enters
And when he speaks is like a melodious symphony
That touch you deep down
He will inspire you
He will teach you
He will lend u a hand
And make u stand
He will be the eye for you to see
Thorough ur own heart
He never hopes bad for others
Neither does he bothers
About the negetivies
He is the positive man
The mighty happy soul
And if i talk about his soul
It the most beautiful soul
How can anyone feel so much?
And he has the capability of being himself
No matter what
He takes good care of others
And makes sure he is fit too
He wants smile in evryones faces
And he will make you smile
You meet him once
And here you go!
You have a changed life
Do you kno who the magic man is ?
He is the passionate writer ”
Poem 9670 for Avijeet Das

“The muses are wicked and wonderful, devious and delightful, not to be trusted and not to be ignored. Thank God we have them.”
Mark W. Travis, The Film Director's Bag of Tricks: How to Get What You Want from Actors and Writers
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