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Werner Heisenberg
“Quantum theory provides us with a striking illustration of the fact that we can fully understand a connection though we can only speak of it in images and parables.”
Werner Heisenberg

Queen Latifah
“I don’t want to be a supermodel; I want to be a role model.”
Queen Latifah

Ngaio Marsh
“Above all things -- read. Read the great stylists who cannot be copied rather than the successful writers who must not be copied.”
Ngaio Marsh, Death on the Air and Other Stories

J. Kenner
“—except for the fact that your scars mean you’ve been hurting, I am one-hundred-percent cool with having them in the painting. Some models, especially the professional ones, it’s like painting air-brushed people. Give me something raw any day.”
J. Kenner, Release Me

“She'd lost two more pounds. A picture of the models she'd cut out of the magazine flashed through Kessa's mind. And the winner is... seventy-three!”
Steven Levenkron, The Best Little Girl in the World

“IF YOU WANT TO CREATE A CHANGE, you must challenge not only the models of Unreality, but the paradigms that underwrite them.”
Stafford Beer

Edward Carpenter
“In the case of Michel Angelo we have an artist who with brush and chisel portrayed literally thousands of human forms; but with this peculiarity, that while scores and scores of his male figures are obviously suffused and inspired by a romantic sentiment, there is hardly one of his female figures that is so,—the latter being mostly representative of woman in her part as mother, or sufferer, or prophetess or poetess, or in old age, or in any aspect of strength or tenderness, except that which associates itself especially with romantic love. Yet the cleanliness and dignity of Michel Angelo's male figures are incontestable, and bear striking witness to that nobility of the sentiment in him, which we have already seen illustrated in his sonnets.”
Edward Carpenter, The Intermediate Sex: A Study Of Some Transitional Types Of Men And Women

“During the shoot in November 2003, I was vaguely aware of the stylist’s sulky demeanor and eye-rolling vibe, but I blocked her out. Some fashion people are snotty drama queens; this is not news. Whatever was going on with her, I was determined to be positive and not get infected by her energy. Later, Fiorella told me that the entire time I was in makeup, the stylist had been clomping up and down the hall, sputtering into her cell phone, “I can’t believe I have to style a FAT GIRL!”

Believe it, bitch. ”
Crystal Renn, Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition, and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves

“[...] a familiar art historical narrative [...] celebrates the triumph of the expressive individual over the collective, of innovation over tradition, and autonomy over interdependence. [...] In fact, a common trope within the modernist tradition of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries involved the attempt to reconstruct or recover the lost ideal of an art that is integrated with, rather than alienated from, the social. By and large, however, the dominant model of avant-garde art during the modern period assumes that shared or collective values and systems of meaning are necessarily repressive and incapable of generating new insight or grounding creative praxis.”
Grant H. Kester, The One and the Many: Contemporary Collaborative Art in a Global Context

“Adorn your beauty with elegant fashion and embellish it with a genuine smile of pride.”
Wayne Chirisa

Jean Lorrain
“And then I recalled those mysterious stories about the waxworkers of the middle ages and the public reprobation attached to their trade. Did they not live in cellars, in the eternal twilight propitious for enchantments and apparitions? Their visionary art (who, more than they, evoked a truer image of life?) was closely related to that of magicians: bewitchments were carried out with wax figures, witch trials are full of them, and one particular legend haunted me above all, that of the modeler from Anspach, who slowly squeezed the soul and the life out of his model in order to animate his painted waxwork and then, having finished his work of art, awaited nightfall to go and bury the corpse in the ditch at the city walls.”
Jean Lorrain

“If we do the RIGHT thing at the WRONG time we will be frustrated. If we do the WRONG thing at the RIGHT time we will fail miserably. When we DO the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time we will become the models for others”
Sesan Kareem

“Beauty is boundless in nature, thus it holds no definitive form.”
Wayne Chirisa

“Nothing is more charming than style and confidence.”
Wayne Chirisa

Herbert A. Simon
“We have adopted the policy of Sorel of propaganda of the deed. The best rhetoric comes from building and testing models and running experiments. Let philosophers weave webs of words; such webs break easily.”
Herbert A. Simon, Models of My Life

Brandon Sanderson
“She was those women, those girls, every one of them. And none of them were her.”
Brandon Sanderson, Oathbringer

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“The darker the skin, the whiter seem yellow teeth.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Brandon Villasenor
“Theres a metaphor beyond the fallen paradise in the circumstance most intellectuals find themselves in the maze they tried every waking second trying to escape. For a poet, deranged and in love with plants and planets, there is no time for thinking so let us scream truth beyond the fall all over again. Internally rising if impossible to have full faith in, the flow could crash us back into disappearance.”
Brandon Villasenor, Prima Materia

Brandon Villasenor
“Or, so I thought it could all make sense if I felt it all the way through, no matter which direction or sense of purpose. What started me on this insane path to begin with? Women, death or luck; perhaps all three
I knew that much, this nuke dream filled with silver wet screens. California was on fire, my heart was racing and I thought it was still about to make sense at any moment until I was a tidal wave of matrix information approaching the beach I stood upon.”
Brandon Villasenor, Prima Materia

“Better than a thousand machine learning models, is one Data Scientist that brings value to the organization.”
Damian Mingle

“Beauty is a flamboyant spectacle, it never goes unnoticed.”
Wayne Chirisa

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Sohni Mahiwal

Steven Magee
“I do not understand why people will spend over $1,000 on a cell phone when the $50 models work well.”
Steven Magee

Harlan Coben
“Norm looked out over the court. The workers involved in the [model] shoot darted about like trapped particles under sudden heat.”
Harlan Coben, One False Move

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Mannequins are the artificial intelligence of the modelling industry.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“Models are, for the most part, caricatures of reality, but if they are good, like good caricatures, they portray, though perhaps in a disturbed manner, some features of the real world.”
Marc Kac
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Adrienne Posey
“Modeling is the culmination of lighting, texture, body movement, and your soul's expression.”
Adrienne Posey

Jean Baudrillard
“Fundamentally, the NORMAL human being always lives in a state of dependency or counter-dependency; he is dependent on his model (whatever it may be: model of action, social or imaginary project), but, at the same time, permanently challenging that model. He is motivated and counter-motivated in the same movement. There is no need for psychology or psychoanalysis or, indeed, any human science for this. These sciences exist only to reconcile the irreconcilable. As a consequence, human beings do always both what they need to for their model to succeed and all that is necessary for it to fail. Here again, there's no need of any weakening or perversion or death drive. It is from their primal duality that human beings derive this antagonistic energy. This is the normal human being and everything that sets about reconciling him with himself and finding a solution to the questions raised above is of the order of superstition and mystifIcation.”
Jean Baudrillard, Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

“One can’t build a skyscraper out of ideas, and one can’t build models without concepts and laws.”
Marcelo Gleiser

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