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Tennessee Williams
“Every time you come in yelling that God damn "Rise and Shine!" "Rise and Shine!" I say to myself, "How lucky dead people are!”
Tennessee Williams, The Glass Menagerie

Matt Haig
“People you love never die. That is what Omai had said, all those years ago. And he was right. They don't die. Not completely. They live in your mind, the way they always lived inside you. You keep their light alive. If you remember them well enough, they can still guide you, like the shine of long-extinguished stars could guide ships in unfamiliar waters.”
Matt Haig, How to Stop Time

Claudia Gray
“All of my best friends are dead people. Someday I've got to figure out how that happened.”
Claudia Gray, Afterlife

Tess Gerritsen
“You know that movie, where the little boy says 'I see dead people'?

The Sixth Sense.

Well, I see them all the time, and I'm getting tired of it. That's what's ruined my mood. Here it is, almost Christmas, and I didn't even think about putting up a tree, because I'm still seeing the autopsy lab in my head. I'm still smelling it on my hands. I come home on a day like this, after two postmortems, and I can't think about cooking dinner. I can't even look at a piece of meat without thinking of muscle fibers. All I can deal with is a cocktail. And then I pour the drink and smell the alcohol, and suddenly there I am, back in the lab. Alcohol, formalin, they both have that same sharp smell.”
Tess Gerritsen, The Sinner

Jen DeLuca
“The dead are held in such high esteem that we only remember the good things, and we not only forgive their faults but we forget them.”
Jen DeLuca, Well Met

Haruki Murakami
“Na minha opinião, a única coisa que podemos fazer pelos mortos é guardá-los na nossa memória.”
Haruki Murakami

Raheel Farooq
“It's not that people don't know when they'll die. It's that they don't seem to know they'll die.”
Raheel Farooq

Mary Roach
“It is difficult to put words to the smell of decomposing human. It is dense and cloying, sweet but not flower-sweet. Halfway between rotting fruit and rotting meat.”
Mary Roach, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Stewart Stafford
“I read a report that said 88% of adults trust their doctors - well, 100% of dead people don't!”
Stewart Stafford

Oğuz Atay
“Bir yaşantıyı sonuna kadar sürekli izlemenin,bitirmenin bir çeşit ölmek olduğunu hissediyor.Yarım yaşantılar sürdürerek,bütün ölümlerden kaçıyor..”
Oğuz Atay, Günlük

“We walk on the bones of dead people, animals and plants long forgotten.”
Anthony T.Hincks

Alastair Reynolds
“The trouble with the dead, Triumvir Ilia Volyova thought, was that they had no real idea when to shut up.”
Alastair Reynolds

Ray Bradbury
“She knew a thing she should have known all along: that dead people are like wax memory-you take them in your mind, you shape and squeeze them, push a bump here, stretch one out there, pull the body tall, shape and reshape, handle, sculp and finish a man-memory until he's all out of kilter.”
Ray Bradbury, I Sing the Body Electric! & Other Stories

Rebecca McNutt
“I’m sorry I hid in the root cellar. If I’m going to be a necromancer, I shouldn’t be afraid of dead people.”
Rebecca McNutt, Necromancy Cottage

Ernst Jünger
“What is the meaning of the immense silence that surrounds the dead?”
Ernst Jünger, A German Officer in Occupied Paris: The War Journals, 1941-1945

Mary Roach
“compressed into boxes, packed in sawdust,... trussed up in sacks, roped up like hams...”
Mary Roach, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

Ann Marie Aguilar
“I don’t glorify the dead. If I didn’t care if they were still alive, why do I even bother when they are dead. If I love a person when they are still alive, they will remain in my mind and in my heart when they die.”
Ann Marie Aguilar

“Dead people have a right to be heard and seen.”
Anthony T. Hincks.

Mary Roach
“cadavers' intestines hanging like a parade streamers off the sides of tables, skulls bobbing in boiling pots, organs strewn on the floor being eaten by dogs.....”
Mary Roach, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

“The privilege of the living is to misquote the dead.”
Paul Ritchey

Kamel Daoud
“C'est important de donner un nom à un mort, autant qu'à un nouveau-né.”
Kamel Daoud

Graham Masterton
“The dead are more bloody desperate than we can even guess.”
Graham Masterton, Flights of Fear

'SON of GOD' P.S.Jagadeesh Kumar
“We are not born once, every time you forgive someone’s mistake, you are reborn and we are not dead once, every time you kill someone’s feeling, you are dead”
Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“Remember, you are as dispensable as the most indispensable king of kings, the mighty lord of silly worldly men.”
Fakeer Ishavardas

Dorothy Simpson
“Why it should feel worse to speak ill of the dead than the living I can't imagine.”
Dorothy Simpson, Puppet For A Corpse

Kate Elliott
“Thank God I don't have to pass judgement! Lord Geoffrey's accusations are troubling, and hard to disprove. But Count Alain is no fool. King Henry respected Lavastine, and as Alain said, it is harder to pass judgement on the actions of a dead man than on the worthiness of a living one."
"Do you think so? The dead man can't defend himself."
"But a good reputation is its own defense. It's harder to pass judgement exactly because he can't defend himself, because the whole of his life is laid out before you. Who are we, then, to decide we would have acted differently, and that our actions would have turned out for the better?”
Kate Elliott, The Burning Stone

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