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Miroslav Antić
“Ne sanjamo svi jednako
i to nikome ne smeta.
A zašto svima smetamo
kad smo drukčije budni?”
Miroslav Antić, Tako zamišljam nebo

“With great power often comes great confusion.”
Dan Allen, Seam in Action

Ayu Utami
“Orang Jawa sekarang sudah menjadi orang Indonesia yang kering!" - Jacques Cherer”
Ayu Utami, Manjali dan Cakrabirawa

Michael Fogus
“The apprentice avoids all use of Java classes. The journeyman embraces Java classes. The master knows which classes to embrace and which to avoid.”
Michael Fogus, The Joy of Clojure

“Just as it is a good practice to make all fields private unless they need greater visibility, it is a good practice to make all fields final unless they need to be mutable.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“It is far easier to design a class to be thread-safe than to retrofit it for thread safety later.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“Locking can guarantee both visibility and atomicity; volatile variables can only guarantee visibility.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“Sometimes abstraction and encapsulation are at odds with performance — although not nearly as often as many developers believe — but it is always a good practice first to make your code right, and then make it fast.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

Toba Beta
“Near below peak of mount Merbabu in Java,
there is a forest known as the devil market.
I had been there once. And when you are there,
you will sense the crowd, voices of nothingness.
Your mind will say it is just accustics effect of the nature,
but your heart will tell you something totally different.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

“Whenever more than one thread accesses a given state variable, and one of them might write to it, they all must coordinate their access to it using synchronization.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“Immutable objects are simple. They can only be in one state, which is carefully controlled by the constructor. One of the most difficult elements of program design is reasoning about the possible states of complex objects. Reasoning about the state of immutable objects, on the other hand, is trivial.

Immutable objects are also safer. Passing a mutable object to untrusted code, or otherwise publishing it where untrusted code could find it, is dangerous — the untrusted code might modify its state, or, worse, retain a reference to it and modify its state later from another thread. On the other hand, immutable objects cannot be subverted in this manner by malicious or buggy code, so they are safe to share and publish freely without the need to make defensive copies.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“Once an object escapes, you have to assume that another class or thread may, maliciously or carelessly, misuse it. This is a compelling reason to use encapsulation: it makes it practical to analyze programs for correctness and harder to violate design constraints accidentally.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“Accessing shared, mutable data requires using synchronization; one way to avoid this requirement is to not share. If data is only accessed from a single thread, no synchronization is needed. This technique, thread confinement, is one of the simplest ways to achieve thread safety. When an object is confined to a thread, such usage is automatically thread-safe even if the confined object itself is not.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“From the perspective of a class C, an alien method is one whose behavior is not fully specified by C. This includes methods in other classes as well as overrideable methods (neither private nor final) in C itself. Passing an object to an alien method must also be considered publishing that object. Since you can’t know what code will actually be invoked, you don’t know that the alien method won’t publish the object or retain a reference to it that might later be used from another thread.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“Debugging tip: For server applications, be sure to always specify the -server JVM command line switch when invoking the JVM, even for development and testing. The server JVM performs more optimization than the client JVM, such as hoisting variables out of a loop that are not modified in the loop; code that might appear to work in the development environment (client JVM) can break in the deployment environment (server JVM).”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“When a field is declared volatile, the compiler and runtime are put on notice that this variable is shared and that operations on it should not be reordered with other memory operations. Volatile variables are not cached in registers or in caches where they are hidden from other processors, so a read of a volatile variable always returns the most recent write by any thread.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“why bother with null and java 8 has optional”
Ahmad Moawad

“The possibility of incorrect results in the presence of unlucky timing is so important in concurrent programming that it has a name: a race condition. A race condition occurs when the correctness of a computation depends on the relative timing or interleaving of multiple threads by the runtime; in other words, when getting the right answer relies on lucky timing.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“Learning the art of programming, like most other disciplines, consists of first learning the rules and then learning when to break them.”
Joshua Bloch, Effective Java Programming Language Guide

“Compound actions on shared state, such as incrementing a hit counter (read-modify-write) or lazy initialization (check-then-act), must be made atomic to avoid race conditions. Holding a lock for the entire duration of a compound action can make that compound action atomic. However, just wrapping the compound action with a synchronized block is not sufficient; if synchronization is used to coordinate access to a variable, it is needed everywhere that variable is accessed. Further, when using locks to coordinate access to a variable, the same lock must be used wherever that variable is accessed.”
Brian Goetz, Java Concurrency in Practice

“Write a program in efficient way as you write for kernel scheduler”
Ahmad Moawad

“My book "Bamboo Walls" is forever because the Djojobojo Prophecy is timeless!”
Yvonne B Murtha

Victoria Tunggono
“Teknologi tertinggi yang ada di dunia ini adalah tubuh manusia. Komputer paling rumit sekaligus paling canggih ada di otak manusia”
Victoria Tunggono, Gerbang Nuswantara

“If you believe there is always a better way, take the next step in exploring your potential with ZaranTech”
Mr Alok Kumar

Victoria Tunggono
“Takut untuk mengalami hal-hal baru adalah wajar. Yang bisa mengatasinya akan diganjar hadiah berupa pengalaman, kebijakan dan kebesaran”
Victoria Tunggono, Gerbang Nuswantara

Sapan Saxena
“Only if the human mind had a Garbage Collector.
But then, do we know what references we still hold on?”
Sapan Saxena

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