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Walt Whitman
“Note, to-day, an instructive, curious spectacle and conflict. Science, (twin, in its fields, of Democracy in its)—Science, testing absolutely all thoughts, all works, has already burst well upon the world—a sun, mounting, most illuminating, most glorious—surely never again to set. But against it, deeply entrench'd, holding possession, yet remains, (not only through the churches and schools, but by imaginative literature, and unregenerate poetry,) the fossil theology of the mythic-materialistic, superstitious, untaught and credulous, fable-loving, primitive ages of humanity.”
Walt Whitman, Complete Prose Works

Freeman Dyson
“We must be careful not to discourage our twelve-year-olds by making them waste the best years of their lives preparing for examinations.”
Freeman Dyson, Infinite in All Directions

Lloyd Alexander
“Life's a forge! Yes, and hammer and anvil, too! You'll be roasted, smelted, and pounded, and you'll scarce know what's happening to you. But stand boldly to it! Metal's worthless till it's shaped and tempered! More labor than luck. Face the pounding, don't fear the proving; and you'll stand well against any hammer and anvil.”
Lloyd Alexander, Taran Wanderer

Tamora Pierce
“Daja doesn't exactly need to be tested on whether she's honorable or not."
"Doesn't she? Don't all of you? This is your first taste of the things which may come from your being powerful mages. People will offer you gold, status, even love. I want to know how you will react. If want to know if your teachers will release greedy, thoughtless monsters into the world.”
Tamora Pierce, Daja's Book

“Before the fruits of prosperity can come, the storms of life need to first bring the required rains of testing, which mixes with the seeds of wisdom to produce a mature harvest.”
Lincoln Patz

Tod Wodicka
“Will this be in the examination, Mr Hecker?" was the limit of my students' interest in any given subject. If it was going to be in the test they took notes, if it was not going to be in the test they did not take notes. Their silent, depthless stares were unnerving. I told myself that they were not stupid - for how could the final attainment of thousands of years of human progress be stupid?”
Tod Wodicka, All Shall Be Well; And All Shall Be Well; And All Manner of Things Shall Be Well

Alan Sokal
“Thus, by science I mean, first of all, a worldview giving primacy to reason and observation and a methodology aimed at acquiring accurate knowledge of the natural and social world. This methodology is characterized, above all else, by the critical spirit: namely, the commitment to the incessant testing of assertions through observations and/or experiments — the more stringent the tests, the better — and to revising or discarding those theories that fail the test. One corollary of the critical spirit is fallibilism: namely, the understanding that all our empirical knowledge is tentative, incomplete and open to revision in the light of new evidence or cogent new arguments (though, of course, the most well-established aspects of scientific knowledge are unlikely to be discarded entirely).

. . . I stress that my use of the term 'science' is not limited to the natural sciences, but includes investigations aimed at acquiring accurate knowledge of factual matters relating to any aspect of the world by using rational empirical methods analogous to those employed in the natural sciences. (Please note the limitation to questions of fact. I intentionally exclude from my purview questions of ethics, aesthetics, ultimate purpose, and so forth.) Thus, 'science' (as I use the term) is routinely practiced not only by physicists, chemists and biologists, but also by historians, detectives, plumbers and indeed all human beings in (some aspects of) our daily lives. (Of course, the fact that we all practice science from time to time does not mean that we all practice it equally well, or that we practice it equally well in all areas of our lives.)”
Alan Sokal

Criss Jami
“Religion, like science, is only noteworthy when it emphasizes a matter of what is true rather than whose belief is greater or lesser or which deity works for whom. Sincere religion and tested science are similar in that their assertions can be argued logically and objectively; otherwise, we get false cults and babble.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

“Accountability makes no sense when it undermines the larger goals of education.”
Diane Ravitch, The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education

Craig D. Lounsbrough
“To fall down is to face the weakness of my humanity, test the mettle of my character, and push the limits of my strength. Therefore, falling down will tell me who I am far more clearly than most things I might learn when I’m standing up.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

Toni Sorenson
“Mortality was never designed to torture you. It was designed to test you.”
Toni Sorenson

Donna Lynn Hope
“There was once a spirited feral mustang broken in by her stern rider. It was a harmonious relationship for the most part but, like any relationship, she tested the boundaries he placed on her and threw him...Would the rider, having suffered his own wound, retaliate, discipline or forgive?”
Donna Lynn Hope

DaShanne Stokes
“If you truly have faith in your convictions, then your convictions should be able to stand criticism and testing.”
DaShanne Stokes

Mark Batterson
“God will never tempt you. It's not in His nature. In fact, He promises to provide an escape route for every tempting situation. But I can promise you this: God will test your faith. And those tests won't get easier. They will get progressively harder as the stakes get higher. And those tests will undoubtedly revolve around what is most important to you...

God will test you to make sure your identity and your security are found in the cross of Jesus Christ. And God will go after anything you trust in more than Him until you put it on the altar.”
Mark Batterson, All In: You Are One Decision Away From a Totally Different Life

“... researchers argue that it's of utmost importance to unravel the nature of black holes, lest we someday begin to worship them. Sounds ridiculous, but whole segments of humankind have often revered the unknowable, venerating that which cannot be tested experimentally. Come to think of it, many still do in twenty-first-century society.”
Eric Chaisson, Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos

Josh Hatcher
“Stop blaming racism, politics, bullies, your crappy parents, your ex-wife, your lack of friends or anything else for your problems. Sometimes, I think our “problems” are really just opportunities to test our metal. We look at them as holes that we fall into, when really, they are the CHANCE to prove to ourselves and those around us just what kind of men we are!”
Josh Hatcher, Manlihood: The 12 Pillars of Masculinity

“In IT, there is nothing like ‘all of a sudden’.”
Sachin Kodagali

Khaled Hosseini
“And, just like that, he had thrown at me his own little test. If I was going to toy with him and challenge his loyalty, then he would toy with me, test my integrity.”
Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner: Playscript

Amanda Ripley
“PISA was developed by a kind of think tank for the developed world, called the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the scientist at the center of the experiment was Andreas Schleicher.”
Amanda Ripley, The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way

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“Tuition is to studies and training is to job, but the gradation never stops (on Appraisal)”
Sachin Kodagali, Santosh Avvannavar

Amanda Ripley
“This strange new test called PISA, which stood for the Program for International Student Assessment. Instead of a typical test question, which might ask which combination of coins you needed to buy something, PISA asked you to design your own coins, right there in the test booklet.”
Amanda Ripley, The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way

“When considering the topic of spirituality or religion, I would encourage you to look at Christianity first. It is a testable religion. That is, it is based on evidence. The evidence is philosophical and historical. It can be examined and then we can all make our decision.”
Jon Morrison, Clear Minds & Dirty Feet: A Reason to Hope, a Message to Share

Maurice Maeterlinck
“As gold and silver are weighed in pure water, so does the soul test its weight in silence, and the words that we let fall have no meaning apart from the silence that wraps them round.”
Maurice Maeterlinck, The Treasure of the humble

“...I would much rather my kids leave my class with the strength of character and courage to fight racism when they find it, than have memorized some facts about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I’m not saying you can’t have both, I’m just pointing out that only one of those things will be measured on the test — and it isn’t the most important one.”
Dave Burgess, Teach Like a Pirate: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator

“Software is like a science. We show correctness by failing to prove incorrectness, despite our best efforts.”
Robert C Martin

Paddick Van Zyl
“The testing of Abraham’s faith was not for God to see if Abraham would obey since God knows everything from A to Z. It was for Abraham to find out if his faith in God will stand the test. How far was he willing to obey God? How strong was his faith in God really? God knows us. He knows what is in our hearts, we cannot fool Him”
Paddick Van Zyl

“Assumptions aren’t facts; they’re opportunities for research and testing.”
Laurie Buchanan, PhD

Eraldo Banovac
“Teachers should know that the quality of the answers depends significantly on the quality of the questions.”
Eraldo Banovac

Wayne Gerard Trotman
“When someone asks a question, don't assume they don't know the answer. Clever people will always test you.”
Wayne Gerard Trotman

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