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“Affirmations are our mental vitamins, providing the supplementary positive thoughts we need to balance the barrage of negative events and thoughts we experience daily.”
Tia Walker, The Inspired Caregiver: Finding Joy While Caring for Those You Love

Amy Tan
“Dementia was like a truth serum.”
Amy Tan, The Bonesetter's Daughter

Norman Doidge
“Not all activities are equal in this regard. Those that involve genuine concentration—studying a musical instrument, playing board games, reading, and dancing—are associated with a lower risk for dementia. Dancing, which requires learning new moves, is both physically and mentally challenging and requires much concentration. Less intense activities, such as bowling, babysitting, and golfing, are not associated with a reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s. (254)”
Norman Doidge

Barry Lyga
“Psychologist: "This, ah, is a new sort of, ah, psychopathology that we're only now beginning to, ah, understand. These, ah, super-serial killers have no, ah, 'type' but, ah, rather consider everyone to be their 'type.'"
Gramma: "Did you hear that? Your daddy's a superhero!”
Barry Lyga, I Hunt Killers - Free Preview (The First 10 Chapters): with Bonus Prequel Short Story "Career Day"

J. Bernlef
“Een mens kan altijd een tijd lang kijken zonder te zien. Kijken kan Robert ook, maar het theebusje en de kaasschaaf herkennen niet. Hij kijkt zonder te zien, bedoel ik. Neem zelf de proef maar eens. Je drinkt altijd koffie van een bepaald merk en omdat dat in de drugstore opeens niet meer voorradig is, neem je een ander merk, een andere bus. Als je de volgende dag koffie wilt maken zoek je overal naar de koffiebus. Het herinneringsbeeld van de oude busis zo sterk dat hij de bus van het nieuwe merk, de aanwezige bus, vlak voor je neus op de keukenplank, onzichtbaar maakt. Om iets te zien moet je eerst iets kunnen herkennen. Zonder herinnering kun je alleen maar kijken. Dan glijdt de wereld spoorloos door je heen.”
J. Bernlef, Hersenschimmen

Lisa Genova
“She almost thought she'd said the words aloud, but she hadn't. They remained trapped in her head, but not because they were barricaded by plaques and tangles. She just couldn't say them aloud”
Lisa Genova, Still Alice

“I had grown up thinking of life as a series of linear decisions that if made properly would land me on some distant safe shore where I would finally enjoy the fruits of my labor. Now that I was getting a glimpse of that shore I was struck by the inanity of such an equation. My mother was never going to get another chance to do anything else. She did not have the capacity for regrets, nor was she even able to enjoy the comfort of nostalgia or fond memories--her mind had leaked away too imperceptibly to allow for the clarity to look back on her life and wish she had done things differently. As I continued to worry over what sort of future I was setting myself up for, she seemed a painful cautionary tale that life was not a savings plan, accrued now for enjoyment later. I was alive now. My responsibility was to live now as fully as possible.”
Glynnis MacNicol, No One Tells You This

Donald J. Trump
“Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.”
Donald J. Trump

Marcus Aurelius
“We must make haste then, not only because we are daily nearer death, but also because the conception of things and the understanding of them cease first.”
Marcus Aurelius, The Thoughts of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Translated by George Long

Catherine Doyle
“Fiona couldn't summon a smile.
His grandfather sighed. 'If you insist on pity, then really you must pity yourself. Your head is still very empty.'
Fionn frowned, indignation jostling the urge to cry fro a precious, fleeting second.
His grandfather chuckled. 'Start filling it up, lad. That is your greatest responsibility. To live a life of breathless wonder, so that when it begins to fade from you, you will feel the shadow of its happiness still inside you and the blissful sense that you laughed the loudest, loved the deepest, and lived fearlessly, even as the specifics of it all melt away.”
Catherine Doyle, The Storm Keeper's Island

“Am I but a time-traveler experiencing a bout of cross-dimensional temporary dementia?”
Aaron Kyle Andresen, How Dad Found Himself in the Padded Room: A Bipolar Father's Gift For The World

Jo Furniss
“All that I forget, I feel.”
Jo Furniss, The Last to Know

J.R. Whitsell
“Once the disease completely removes the person you once knew, all that is left is a hull of someone you once knew. That’s the first death. You know the second death will come. You just don’t know when.

JR Whitsell - That Moment In Time--Two: What If We Helped?”
J.R. Whitsell, That Moment In Time

Moira Welsh
“The more stories about healthy aging that people read, about a life phase of rich emotional growth, the more they will expect the same for their loved ones and, one day, themselves.”
Moira Welsh

Marguerite Yourcenar
“[H]umilié par la vie, qui l'un après l'autre avait soufflé ses rêves, [Don Ruggero] mettait la démence entre sa défaite et lui.”
Marguerite Yourcenar, A Coin in Nine Hands

Nien Cheng
“One of the symptoms of senile dementia is suspicion and the other is paranoia.”
Nien Cheng, Life and Death in Shanghai

Nicholas Conley
“Yeah, they kinda swim around all pointlessly, doncha think?” Edna winced, squinting. Over and over again, in the same li’l old place. It’s madness. Glad I’m not a fish.”
Nicholas Conley, Pale Highway

Nicholas Conley
“He placed a cigarette in his mouth and sat down at his regular spot over in the white gazebo, where all the smokers were supposed to do their dirty business. He patted his pockets, searching for a lighter. Nothing. He’d forgotten to bring it.

But it wasn’t his fault. He was expected to forget everything because he was the lucky recipient of life’s final going-away present, that red velvet, chocolate-covered cake of wonderfulness that the doctors liked to call Alzheimer’s. With Alzheimer’s, suddenly nothing was his fault anymore. No fault. No blame. No choice. No freedom.”
Nicholas Conley, Pale Highway

E.B. Dawson
“I would never let it happen," Druce said. "And if you really are trapped inside your own mind, fabricating some sort of reality, then you have to trust me all the more. Because I am the one who will fight hardest for you when you cannot fight for yourself.”
E.B. Dawson, Until the End

“We are rebelling against the problems of modern medicine and I am pleased to be a leader in this revolution. We rebel against the many diseases of the body and mind caused by our diet; we can prevent or reverse these diseases if we understand that our foods and beverages are major causes of the diseases that leave us so debilitated.”
William E Walsh

Paddick Van Zyl
“Observe a pomegranate - a tough shell protects the most delicious, delicate layered and beautiful jewel-like seeds that glow in the sunlight. But when the pomegranate falls to the ground, it will never be the same again, much like Alzheimer's and Dementia.”
Paddick Van Zyl

Naomi Wark
“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu”
Naomi Wark

Macie P. Smith
“Age On Purpose. Be intentional in your journey. You define aging. Don't allow aging to define you. It renders helplessness.”
Macie P. Smith, A Dementia Caregiver's Guide to Care

Jean Baudrillard
“If their own duplicity deserts human beings, then the roles are reversed: it is the machine that goes gaga, that falters and becomes perverse, diabolic, ventriloquous. The duplicity merrily goes over to the other side. If subjective irony disappears - and it disappears in the play of the digital- then irony becomes objective. Or it becomes silence.”
Jean Baudrillard, Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

Sonia Discher
“Minimize the fear of caring for someone with dementia, and preserve the caregiver’s sanity with personal, functional tips to understand and cope with the disease.”
Sonia Discher, Dealing with Early Onset Alzheimer's: Love, Laughter & Tears

“Of all the things to lose, to lose one's mind? Let them take a leg or a lung; let them take anything before they take that. Before you become "poor Rosemary" or "poor Frank," catching the last glimpses of the sun and seeing them for what they were. Before there were no more trips, no more games, no more Murder Clubs. Before there was no more you.”
Richard Osman, The Thursday Murder Club

John King
“Technically, it can't be dementia if you never had a mind to begin with.”
John Alejandro King a.k.a. The Covert Comic

“El alzhéimer no se va. Siempre se queda contigo, agazapado como un ladrón que te roba los recuerdos, la vida, cuando menos te lo esperas. Que te convierte en un fantasma o, lo que es peor, que convierte a tus seres queridos en seres irreconocibles para tus mismos ojos. Que te enfrenta a un reflejo desconocido ante el espejo. No, el alzhéimer no desaparece: te hace desaparecer.”
Josh T. Baker, La vida secreta de Sarah Brooks

Bob Seay
“The elderly gentleman sitting across the table from me didn't run away from home, as Sam calls it, because he has dementia. He left because he's looking for a reason to live. Just like me.”
Bob Seay, Dad

Jennifer L. Holm
“I didn't think I would end up here."
"Me neither.”
Jennifer L. Holm, Sunny Side Up

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