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Rick Riordan
“Jeez, Hazel," Percy said, "tell your horse to watch his language."
Hazel tried not to laugh. "What did he say?"
"With the cussing removed? He said he can get us to the top."
Frank looked incredulous. "I thought the horse couldn't fly!"
This time Arion whinnied so angrily, even Hazel could guess he was cursing.
"Dude," Percy told the horse, "I've gotten suspended for saying less than that...”
Rick Riordan, The Son of Neptune

Markus Zusak
“That’s when I have to ask him. “Can you really talk like that? Being holy and all?”

“What? Because I’m a priest?” He finishes the dregs of his coffee. “Sure. God knows what’s important.”
Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger

Scott Westerfeld
“You fiddle lucker!' she cried.”
Scott Westerfeld, So Yesterday

Brandon Sanderson
“Aspiring Asimovs!”
Brandon Sanderson, Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Simon Pegg
“(on the word "fuck")

'Oh, come on, Mum,' I sighed at her protest. 'It's just an old Anglo-Saxon word for the female organ which has been adopted by an inherently misogynist language as a negative epithet. It's the same as "fuck", it basically means the same as copulate, but the latter is perfectly acceptable. Why? Because copulate has its roots in Latin and Latin reminds us that we are a sophisticated, learned species, not the rutting animals that these prehistoric grunts would have us appear to be, and isn't that really the issue here? We don't want to admit that we are essentially animals? We want to distinguish ourselves from the fauna with grand conceits and elaborate language; become angels worthy of salvation, not dumb creatures consigned to an earthly, terminal end. It's just a word, Mum; a sound meaning a thing; and your disgust is just denial of a greater horror: that our consciousness is not an indication of our specialness but the terrifying key to knowing how truly insignificant we are.'

She told me to got fuck myself.”
Simon Pegg, Nerd Do Well

Finley Peter Dunne
“Swearing was invented as a compromise between running away and fighting.”
Finley Peter Dunne

Jacqueline Patricks
“Why use profanity in real life and writing? Because sometimes 'darn it' just doesn't cut it.”
Jacqueline Patricks

Orlando Winters
“If you want to get rid of the perceived meaning of curse words, you’ll have to get rid of the feelings which bring their use, and that’s not going to happen.”
Orlando Winters, Stop Being a F***ing Idiot

S.A. Tawks
“Cussing like a commoner wasn't something I was tested on. I picked that habit up outside of high school.”
S.A. Tawks, Misadventurous

John Scalzi
“Christ on a Popsicle stick.”
John Scalzi, Old Man's War

Sierra Dean
“Oh holy mother of fuck. This was bad”
Sierra Dean, Something Secret This Way Comes

Chelsea Handler
“I had heard my brothers and sisters use curse words but had never dared use one myself in front of anyone. But I had practiced alone in my room lots of times, trying out different cadences and into nations: 'Fuck, fuck, fuck you, fucknut. Shit, shitstain, fucker! Go fuck a duck, you asswipe!' My favorite was, 'What a fucking cocksucker.' The plan was to say this casually to one of my new friends while one of our teachers walked by. No one in kindergarten ever really got my sense of humor, so I was hell-bent on making my mark in the first grade.”
Chelsea Handler, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands

Veronica Roth
“Damn,' someone behind me says. 'I was hoping we would get to scrape some Stiff pancake off the pavement later.”
Veronica Roth, The Transfer

Stephanie Bond
“Fils de putain”
Stephanie Bond, In Deep Voodoo

Terri Osburn
“Oh, sweet peaches and cream, this hurts.”

“Child, what have you done to your foot?”

Beth glanced down to see blood dripping from the side of her sandal. “Crap.”

“Honey, that’s blood. That calls for a shit or a damn or something stronger than crap.”
Terri Osburn, Meant to Be

Alfred Bester
“Cellar Christians!" Foyle exclaimed. He and Robin peered through the window. Thirty worshipers of assorted faiths were celebrating the New Year with a combined and highly illegal service. The twenty-fourth century had not yet abolished God, but it had abolished organized religion.

"No wonder the house is man-trapped," Foyle said. "Filthy practices like that. Look, they've got a priest and a rabbi, and that thing behind them is a crucifix."

"Did you ever stop to think what swearing is?" Robin asked quietly. "You say 'Jesus' and 'Jesus Christ.' Do you know what that is?"

"Just swearing, that's all. Like 'ouch' or 'damn.'"

"No, it's religion. You don't know it, but there are two thousand years of meaning behind words like that."

"This is no time for dirty talk," Foyle said impatiently. "Save it for later. Come on.”
Alfred Bester, The Stars My Destination

Becky Albertalli
“Of all fuckin' days"
"Okay, please don't say fuckin'."
She shoots me a self-conscious glance. "I thought we liked cussing."
"We love cussing. But we say the fucking g. I don't want to hear that apostrophe, Mom.”
Becky Albertalli, Leah on the Offbeat

Laura Anderson Kurk
“I get that. For you, it’s more than following a bunch of rules—no sex, no booze, no swear words, pray every night and twice on Sunday.”
Laura Anderson Kurk, Perfect Glass

Criss Jami
“The earth freezes for the man who normally lets it slide: he frees curses, only once in a blue moon lets them slip.”
Criss Jami

Michael  Darling
“Son of a poodle.”
Michael Darling, Got Luck

Erika M. Weinert
“Maintain consistency, achieve success...even with expletives.”
Erika M. Weinert

Erika M. Weinert
“I don't get off on flaunting my badassery; I'm a humble woman.”
Erika M. Weinert, Cursing with Style: A Dicktionary of Expletives