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Cristin Harber
“God must think her a badass because he’d handed her this moment, and he didn’t dole out shit she couldn’t handle. That was a fact taught long ago by that miserable bitch called life.”
Cristin Harber, Savage Secrets

S.R. Crawford
“You don’t even know me, or what I am capable of, boy.”
S.R. Crawford, No Secrets: Remastered

E.K. Johnston
“Have you seen burning bone, my wife? It starts like a roasted goat, but then the meat strips away to feed the fire, and the bone is left naked and alone. It twists and shatters, marrow leaking into the flames, until only the dust is left."

"That is what happens to everything, my lord," I said to him. "If only the fire can be made hot enough."

"Would you like to see it?" he asked.”
E.K. Johnston, A Thousand Nights

Kristen Ashley
“You drop my name again, I’ll hunt you down and cut off everything that protrudes from your body. You get me?”
Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick Revolution

Monroe Ariel
“You are the Worst Kind of Animal. A Butcher by Day and a Pussy Cat by Night.”
Monroe Ariel, Her OutSpoken Lips: A Collection of Poems Through the Eyes of a Woman Pushed to the Edge Part II

Anne Bishop
“W-what are you?"

Selena looked down at her rival. "What you should have been and never were. The Queen of the Witches.”
Anne Bishop, The House of Gaian

Cristin Harber
“Whatever you guys call it. Man up. Get your panties out of a wad. Put on your big boy shorts. Grow a set.”
Cristin Harber, Winters Heat

Cristin Harber
“But still she stood, ready to get back at it. Badass and admirable.”
Cristin Harber, Delta: Redemption

Cristin Harber
“What are you? The pregnant MacGyver?” “Best compliment I’ve had in a while.”
Cristin Harber, Live Wire

Cristin Harber
“God, woman.” He closed his fist, not bothering to count off the dozens of other things she shouldn’t do. “You give me heartburn.”
“No. Those are orgasms I give you, baby.”
Cristin Harber, Live Wire

K.J. Parker
“I gather you play chess, he’d said, and she’d given him a look, later he’d ralised it was fair warning; yes, she played chess. The had a mignificent coral and ivory set, worth a thousand acres of good arable land. He’d made soft opening, the way you do when you’re playing a girl, and suddenly he found himself staring defeat in the facs - he’d never los a game except three times, to Senza.”
K.J. Parker

Katherine McIntyre
“Alanna Carrington, head witch of the Philadelphia Coven, hurtled his way, and with her, trouble was a guarantee.”
Katherine McIntyre, Rising for Autumn

Ed Brubaker
“I've never been much for tears, anyway.”
Ed Brubaker, Velvet, Vol. 3: The Man Who Stole the World

K.J. Parker
“No disrespect to the fire god, naturally; blame it instead on His administration, presumably made up of officers of roughly the same level of ability as their terrestial counterparts. That would explain why the mild storm she'd ordered for Oida hit her instead.”
K.J. Parker, The Two of Swords: Part Three

K.J. Parker
“Ah well. He’d beaten her twice sind then: once on their honeymoon, though he still suspected her of throwing the game, and once on the day she lost the baby. And two out of eight hundred and six wasn’t too bad, against such an opponent.”
K.J. Parker, The Two of Swords: Part Five

“If you want to conquer a boy, don't show him how weak you are, instead show him the badass that you are.”
Maria José