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Lisi Harrison
“Are you a female dog?"
"What?" Massie asked. "Why?"
"Because you are acting like a real bitch!
Lisi Harrison, The Clique

Lisi Harrison
“Claire, did I invite you to my barbeque?" Massie asked, her neck tilting to the right and her arms tightly crossed.
"Huh? No. I mean, I don't know," Claire said.
"Then why are you all up in my grill?" Massie said through her teeth.”
Lisi Harrison, The Clique

Nalini Singh
“The bastard kissed her. She was so mad, she bit him hard enough to draw blood. Raphael pulled back, lip already beginning to swell. “We are no longer even, Elena. You’re now in debt.”

“You can deduct it from my slow and painful death.”
Nalini Singh, Angels' Blood

Ilona Andrews
“The mage pulled my knife out of his side and looked at it. “Nice knife.” The voice was deep but female.
I threw my second knife. The blade bit into the mage’s chest. Shit. Missed the neck. “Here, have another one.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds

Lloyd Alexander
“-"He loved her...It was noble of him. It was beautiful."

-"It was stupid.”
Lloyd Alexander, Westmark

Lloyd Alexander
“Forgive me....I called you an idiot. I spoke too hastily. You are not. Had I given it more thought, I would have called you a scoundrel.”
Lloyd Alexander, Westmark

Lisi Harrison
“Kuh-laire, Is cam a fattening Girl Scout Cookie layered with peanut butter and a chocolate coating?
Then dont make him a tagalong!”
Lisi Harrison, Boys "R" Us

Victoria Scott
“I throw my head back and laugh long and hard. Then I lean in and whisper in her ear, "You don't know who you're fucking with, princess. Ain't no one do bad like I do.”
Victoria Scott, The Collector

Lisi Harrison
“Is my name dorothy?
Then why do u think munchkins could help me?”
Lisi Harrison, It's Not Easy Being Mean

Lisi Harrison
“You must be poor.
cuz ur not making any cents!”
Lisi Harrison

Lisi Harrison
“Uh, I thought DVDs werne't allowed at my sleepovers.
They're not.
Then why am i watching the Lady and the Tramp?”
Lisi Harrison, Invasion of the Boy Snatchers

Rachel Caine
“You better check your playlist. Because you are on the wrong track.”
Rachel Caine (Author)

Terry Pratchett
“(About a cookbook...)
- What about this one? Maids of Honor?
- Weeelll, they starts OUT as Maids of Honor...but they ends up Tarts.”
Terry Pratchett, Maskerade

Jeff Mariotte
“You can give me detention. Oh, wait, that's aren't the boss of me. So I guess you can just bite me. -Dean”
Jeff Mariotte , Witch's Canyon

“You believe in love, just as a child believes in Santa Claus or a fairy tale.”
“What is love then, if not a fairy tale meant for adults?”
Abhaidev, That Thing About You

Hillary Rodham Clinton
“My husband is not the secretary of state, I am.”
Hillary Clinton

Dashiell Hammett
“What do you want me to do, learn to stutter?”
Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon

Gail Carriger
“Ball?” said one of the Pistons with interest. “We like balls.”
Dimity gave them her best, most haughty look. “Yes, but are you certain they like you?”
Gail Carriger, Etiquette & Espionage

Stewart Stafford
“In the ashes of bitter tragedy, lie the seeds of astonishing rebirth.”
Stewart Stafford

Paula Wall
“Old woman, you don't thump the Bible at me- you beat it like a drum."
"That's because along with being hardheaded, you are apparently hard of hearing."
Charlotte pushed off her rocker so hard it slammed against the wall. Nothing irritated her more than having religion shoved down her throat. And no one carried a bigger shovel than Lettie.
"Baptists are like fleas!" Charlotte flared. "Impossible to get rid of and irritating as hell!"
"On Judgement Day," Lettie said smugly, "I have no doubt the burn will take your mind off the itch.”
Paula Wall, The Rock Orchard

Linda Francis Lee
“You're serious."
"As serious as an accountant at an IRS audit."
His face closed off, reminding her of the ruthlessness she had first noticed about him on the front steps. "You have no business opening a restaurant."
"Says who?"
"Says the guy who watched you try to extricate yourself from a burger suit with a knife."
Her mouth fell open. "Burger suits and restaurants are two different kettles of fish."
"Kettles of fish? Now there's great business terminology."
"Yep, Texas style."
"You're in New York, sweetheart."
"I am not your sweetheart, thank my lucky stars."
"Another of your quaint Texas sayings? What was the last one I heard you use? 'Bless your heart'?"
She sliced him a tooth-grinding smile. "While you might not like them, you can bet your backside that a cafe that serves the kind of fare we create in Texas would have people lined up around the corner. Or, as we say in Texas, till the cows come home.”
Linda Francis Lee, The Glass Kitchen

Siobhan Curham
“These seats taken?" Chloe gestured at at the empty chairs. Amber nodded.
"What, by all your imaginary friends?"
"Yes, actually," Amber snapped. "And they are way better company than you.”
Siobhan Curham, Tell it to the Moon

Bernard Osei Annang
“The tougher the setback, the better the comeback.”
Bernard Osei Annang, Life, The theory of Everything: Succeeding in the 21st century and beyond

Beth Harbison
“Mom, she's a yoga teacher. She doesn't do..." He lowered his voice just fractionally. "Real jobs."
Aja heard it loud and clear, and looked at him incredulously. "I don't do real jobs?"
"Don't be ridiculous," Lucinda said to Michael. Aja's chest tightened with gratitude before she added, "This isn't a real job, it's a task that someone needs to do, and Aria seems to fit the bill." She leveled that cool blue gaze on Aja. "Don't you?"
"I don't think so," Aja said, suddenly taken over by a cool resentment. She looked from Lucinda to Michael. "I can't believe you two are arguing back and forth about how incompetent and... and... desperate I apparently seem to you. Not that I should have to defend myself to you, but my little job helps a lot of people. Would you have any more respect for me if I was called a physical therapist instead of a yoga instructor? Because that's basically what I am." Her anger rose disproportionate to the offense, and she tried to keep her voice controlled. "The hospital thinks so, anyway, as they have kept me employed there for five years. They consider it to be a real job when they pay me."
For a moment, Lucinda and Michael both seemed stunned into silence.”
Beth Harbison, The Cookbook Club: A Novel of Food and Friendship

Paula Wall
“Every Wednesday Angela Belle came to town. And every Wednesday Dr. Montgomery "accidentally" ran into her. That Doc sat by the diner window for thirty minutes picking at a piece of pie until she rounded the corner did not go unnoticed.
"Never seen a man so whupped," the Sheriff said, rolling a toothpick from one side of his mouth to the other.
"Got him by the short hairs," Willie concurred.
Naturally, every man in town thought Doc was getting some. Naturally, every woman in town knew better.
"A dog don't dance for a bone he's already chewed," Dot said, sliding Ben Harrington's plate lunch in front of him.
"Depends on the bone," the Sheriff said, as they watched Doc run across the street to catch up with Angela.
"Depends on the dog," Dot countered, giving Willie a look that made his face burn.”
Paula Wall, The Rock Orchard

Angela N. Blount
“Something wrong?"
"No," Vince said quickly, forming a faint smile before seeming to reconsider. "Well, my gum lost its flavor. But I think I'll recover.”
Angela N. Blount, Once Upon a Road Trip

Amit Kalantri
“Today's struggle is tomorrow's strength, today's setback is tomorrow's comeback.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Kristen Ashley
“While I was driving it inside her last night, my queen gasped that she loved my cock right before I planted my seed in her womb. Seed that might make a warrior. Seed that's already more warrior than you.”
Kristen Ashley, The Golden Dynasty

“The older you grow, you will understand every falls and gets up are the reason that encourages you to keep going.”

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