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H.L. Mencken
“A philosopher is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there. A theologian is the man who finds it.”
H.L. Mencken

Kentaro Yabuki
“I make it a policy not to second-guess my instincts. Life's more fun that way.
~Train Heartnet”
Kentaro Yabuki, Black Cat, Volume 01

Kentaro Yabuki
“The best thing we can do for the dead is to do their share of living with a smile. ~Train Heartnet”
Kentaro Yabuki, Black Cat, Volume 03

Kentaro Yabuki
“Oh I get it...You're looking for the quickest way to the hospital, huh?
~Train Heartnet”
Kentaro Yabuki, Black Cat, Volume 01

Kentaro Yabuki
“Good to see a youngster who appreciates the importance of being......Well Armed. But...That's not how we play TAG......Where I come from.
~Train Heartnet”
Kentaro Yabuki, Black Cat, Volume 01

Evangeline Walton
“Are these black cats like the hare?"

"No. They're smaller; they only want me to play with them. Fly away with them to a place on the other side of the moon. There's a garden there, all silvery-gold, and the cats and hares dance and jump round and round. They can jump so much farther than they can on earth; it's like flying, and they love it so. Sometimes I've felt as if I'd like to dance and jump through the air too, they looked so happy, and I've thought maybe if I did I wouldn't be afraid any more, but when I look they're all dancing round a Figure that sits still in the middle of the garden. A big black Figure with a hood on. And It hasn't got any face. Its face is so awful that It keeps it covered. And then I get so terribly afraid. And everything stops."

"And you see all that in the picture?"

"I don't know." She hesitated again. "I think it's partly dreams. After I've thought they were at the windows - the cats and the big hare. They sit there and watch, you see, after I've gone to sleep. But they don't come often. I don't usually know what's there."

She came closer and whispered, her blue eyes earnest and weird, "I don't think it's an animal hare. I think it's Aunt Sarai's hare, that maybe it came from hell. It isn't swearing to say that word just as the name of a place, is it? That's why people used to be so scared of witches' black cats, isn't it, because they thought they weren't earth-cats, they were from the devil? Mother says there isn't any hell or any witches. But Aunt Sarai was a witch; that's why she can come back. I think they've all been witches here; the house is mad because mother wouldn't be; that's why it wants me now."

Carew said, "It was all dreams, Betty. There is no hell. There is no garden on the other side of the moon. It's a dead world, full of volcanic craters, with no air for anything to grow in or breathe. A hare frightened you and, being nervous, you've had nightmares about it - pictures that fear paints on your mind just as an artist would on canvas, with paints and brushes.

"Every dream is now a movie we make for ourselves in our sleep...”
Evangeline Walton, Witch House

Kentaro Yabuki
“Is it so good to be sad...? If it is... then I don't care to be good.”
Kentaro Yabuki, Black Cat, Volume 06

Ljupka Cvetanova
“I saw an injured black cat. God knows, who has crossed her path.”
Ljupka Cvetanova, The New Land

Kentaro Yabuki
“Sven!! Having you near her is natural to Eve... Hell, it's essential! When someone so important just disappears... you don't just feel hurt... you feel like dying.”
Kentaro Yabuki, Black Cat, Volume 06

Neil Gaiman
“And then there is the black cat. Who has no other name than the Black Cat and who turned up almost a month ago. We did not realize he was going to be living here at first: he looked too well fed to be a stray, too old and jaunty to have been abandoned. He looked like a small panther, and he moved like a patch of night.

One day, in the summer, he was lurking about our ramshackle porch: eight or nine years old, at a guess, male, greenish-yellow of eye, very friendly, quite unperturbable. I assumed he belonged to a neighboring farmer or household.

I went away for a few weeks, to finish writing a book, and when I came home he was still on our porch, living in an old cat ben one of the children had found for him. He was, however, almost unrecognizable. Patches of fur had gone, and there were deep scratches on his gray skin. The tip of one ear was chewed away. There was a gash beneath one eye, s lice gone from one lip. He looked tired and thin.”
Neil Gaiman, M Is for Magic

Kentaro Yabuki
“There's nothing good... behind those tears.”
Kentaro Yabuki, Black Cat, Volume 06

Basma Salem
“If you were crossing the road and saw a black cat passing, you may possibly get hit by a car, or a mail boy or the sky could rain in summer, possibly snow. Those were theories, none of them were true. It was like karma; it only happens to you if you believed in them. Myths, Cecilia called them. The guy looked frozen. This is silly, she thought. He could not be that affected by the cat. Cecilia had been working here for a year and she wasn’t struck by lightning, she was alive, of course, nobody chose the cat so this is why she was the oldest pet in the store.”
Basma Salem, The Art Of Black

Leland Lewis
“For this mystical black cat
there is no woman like Wiccan woman.
She is eternally thankful
you have found one another...
a wonderful wondrous assignment
for your visionary familiar.”
Leland Lewis, Angelic Tales of the Universe. Tale 17. Journey to Ancient India

Karl Wiggins
“I’m the guy who finds the fucking cat”
Karl Wiggins, 100 Common Sense Policies to make BRITAIN GREAT again