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Georgette Heyer
“I was under the impression that I warned you that in London country ways will not do, Frederica!”
“You did!” she retorted. “And although I can’t say that I paid much heed to your advice it so happens that I am accompanied today by my aunt!”
“Who adds invisibility to her other accomplishments!”
Georgette Heyer, Frederica

Amanda Hocking
“This is so weird. They're your brother and aunt."
"No, I understand. They're your family too." Rhys said. "They loved you and raised you. That's what family is, right?”
Amanda Hocking, Switched

Kristin Cashore
“Spelling bees? Spelling bees do not scare me. I competed in the National Spelling Bee twice, thank you very much. My dad competed in the National Spelling Bee. My aunt competed in the National Spelling Bee. My uncle WON the National Spelling Bee. If I can't spell it, I know someone who can. SO JUST BRING IT ON, YOU BASTARDS!!
Kristin Cashore

Anne Rice
“No, but one can feel desperate at any age, don’t you think? The young are eternally desperate,” he said frankly. “And books, they offer hope — that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and falling into that universe one is saved.”
Anne Rice, Blackwood Farm

“Aunts are to be a pattern and example to all aunts; to be a delight to boys (and girls) and a comfort to their parents; and to show that at least one daughter in every generation ought to remain unmarried, and raise the profession of auntship to a fine art.”
Dave Isay, Listening Is an Act of Love: A Celebration of American Life from the StoryCorps Project
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Sara Sheridan
“An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.”
Sara Sheridan

Criss Jami
“To the loyal and to the blood-lovers, in the good families and in the fiery dynasties, life is family and family is life. It is the same people who give advice and their vices to live well who turn out to be the ones who give resource and reason to live long.”
Criss Jami, Healology

Hari Kumar K.
“You will come across people who always affirm by everything you say, but at the hour of need, they simply disappear! Stay away from such people or simply don't fall for their promises.”
K Hari Kumar

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“The only reason that some people aren’t ashamed of their parents and/or siblings is because they know that we know that they did not choose them.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Marcel Proust
“In short, my aunt demanded that whoever came to see her must at one and the same time approve of her way of life, commiserate with her in her sufferings, and assure her of ultimate recovery.”
Marcel Proust, Swann's Way

Adam Rex
“...a row of tables manned by seated, serious women. Each woman looked like she could be someone's least-favourite aunt.”
Adam Rex, Fat Vampire: A Never Coming of Age Story

Jennifer Sturman
“Good,' she said. Then she exhaled a long breath and leaned back in her seat. 'I can't believe I just talked to you like that. Ugh. I sounded like someone's mother.' She said "mother" like she was talking about cockroaches or snakes.
'It was pretty impressive,' I said. 'I never would have guessed you were an amateur.”
Jennifer Sturman, And Then Everything Unraveled

Anita Desai
“Quick, nervy and jumpy -yet to the children she was as constant as a staff, a tree that can be counted on not to pull up its root and shift in the night. She was the tree that grew in the centre of their lives and in whose shade they lived.”
Anita Desai, Clear Light of Day

Stephen Chbosky
“My Aunt Helen was my favorite person in the whole world. She was my mom’s sister. She got straight A’s when she was a teenager and she used to give me books to read. My father said that the books were a little too old for me, but I liked them so he just shrugged and let me read.”
Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

“From that point on, I would refer to him as "your uncle" and he would mostly refer to me as "your aunt" and it would take a longtime for our children to even understand that we were siblings first.”
Jenny Zhang, Sour Heart

Agatha Christie
“Every man should have aunts. They illustrate the triumph of guess work over logic.”
Agatha Christie

Patrick Dennis
“She made another sweeping gesture that somehow went wrong because she knocked over the coffee pot and I immediately wrote down six new words which Auntie Mame said to scratch out and forget.”
Patrick Dennis

Amit Chaudhuri
“On the big bed, Mamima and Sandeep’s mother began to dream, sprawled in vivid crab-like postures. His aunt lay on her stomach, her arms bent as if she were swimming to the edge of a lake; his mother lay on her back, her feet (one of which had a scar on it) arranged in the joyous pose of a dancer.”
Amit Chaudhuri, A Strange And Sublime Address

“As a child, my aunt Olive had a friend
Who was invisible to others.
Topsy lived at the back of the garden.
That this was just her imagination
Olive always strenuously denied.
And when she developed dementia many years later
Topsy again faithfully kept her company.
(From: Kinderpraat)”
A.J. Beirens