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Pablo Neruda
“Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly.”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Henry David Thoreau
“It is better to have your head in the clouds, and know where you are... than to breathe the clearer atmosphere below them, and think that you are in paradise.”
Henry David Thoreau

“Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.”

Ambrose Bierce
“From the vast, invisible ocean of moonlight overhead fell, here and here, a slender, broken stream that seemed to plash against the intercepting branches and trickle to earth, forming small white pools among the clumps of laurel. But these leaks were few and served only to accentuate the blackness of his environment, which his imagination found it easy to people with all manner of unfamiliar shapes, menacing, uncanny, or merely grotesque.

He to whom the portentous conspiracy of night and solitude and silence in the heart of a great forest is not an unknown experience needs not to be told what another world it all is - how even the most commonplace and familiar objects take on another character. The trees group themselves differently; they draw closer together, as if in fear. The very silence has another quality than the silence of the day. And it is full of half-heard whispers, whispers that startle - ghosts of sounds long dead. There are living sounds, too, such as are never heard under other conditions: notes of strange night birds, the cries of small animals in sudden encounters with stealthy foes, or in their dreams, a rustling in the dead leaves - it may be the leap of a wood rat, it may be the footstep of a panther. What caused the breaking of that twig? What the low, alarmed twittering in that bushful of birds? There are sounds without a name, forms without substance, translations in space of objects which have not been seen to move, movements wherein nothing is observed to change its place. Ah, children of the sunlight and the gaslight, how little you know of the world in which you live! ("A Tough Tussle")”
Ambrose Bierce, Ghost Stories

J.R.    Miller
“Everyone carries an atmosphere about him. It may be healthful and invigorating, or it may be unwholesome and depressing. It may make a little spot of the world a sweeter, better, safer place to live in; or it may make it harder for those to live worthily and beautifully who dwell within its circle.”
J.R. Miller

Thomas Hardy
“When yellow lights struggle with blue shades in hairlike lines.”
Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D'Urbervilles

Julian Hawthorne
“States of the atmosphere pass into us as water through the meshes of a sieve, and storms occur in us before they break upon the world without, creating restless sensations. ("Absolute Evil")”
Julian Hawthorne, American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the Pulps

James Hopwood Jeans
“If we assume that the last breath of, say, Julius Caesar has by now become thoroughly scattered through the atmosphere, then the chances are that each of us inhales one molecule of it with every breath we take.”
James Hopwood Jeans, An Introduction To The Kinetic Theory Of Gases

Ray Bradbury
“He had felt that a moment before his making the turn, someone had been there. The air seemed charged with a special calm as if someone had waited there, quietly, and only a moment before he came, simply turned to a shadow and let him through. Perhaps his nose detected a faint perfume, perhaps the skin on the backs of his hands, on his face, felt the temperature rise at this one spot where a person's standing might raise the immediate atmosphere ten degrees for an instant. There was no understanding it. Each time he made the turn, he saw only the white, unused, buckling sidewalk, with perhaps, on one night, something vanishing swiftly across a lawn before he could focus his eyes or speak.
But now, tonight, he slowed almost to a stop. His inner mind, reaching out to turn the corner for him, had heard the faintest whisper. Breathing? Or was the atmosphere compressed merely by someone standing very quietly there, waiting?
He turned the corner.”
Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

E. Nesbit
“What a night it was! The jagged masses of heavy dark cloud were rolling at intervals from horizon to horizon, and thin white wreaths covered the stars. Through all the rush of the cloud river the moon swam, breasting the waves and disappearing again in the darkness.

I walked up and down, drinking in the beauty of the quiet earth and the changing sky. The night was absolutely silent. Nothing seemed to be abroad. There was no scurrying of rabbits, or twitter of the half-asleep birds. And though the clouds went sailing across the sky, the wind that drove them never came low enough to rustle the dead leaves in the woodland paths. Across the meadows I could see the church tower standing out black and grey against the sky. ("Man Size In Marble")”
E. Nesbit, Ghost Stories

Richard L. Brandt
“His goal (Bezos's)was not just to make browsing for books easy, but an enjoyable experience. “People don’t just buy books because they need books,” he has said. “There are products like that. Pharmaceuticals are that way. Nobody enjoys browsing the Preparation H counter. But people will gladly spend hours in a bookstore, so you have to make the shopping experience fun and engaging.”
Richard L. Brandt, One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.com

Geoff Dyer
“A restaurant on the moon could not have had less atmosphere.”
Geoff Dyer, Yoga for People Who Can't Be Bothered to Do It

Walter de la Mare
“The viewless air seemed to be flocking with hidden listeners. The very clearness and the crystal silence were their ambush. He alone seemed to be the target of cold and hostile scrutiny. There was not a breath to breathe in this crisp, pale sunshine. It was all too rare, too thin. The shadows lay like wings everlastingly folded.”
Walter de la Mare, The Return

Markus Zusak
“The soft-spoken words fell off the side of the bed, emptying to the floor like powder.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

Thomas Hardy
“The atmosphere beneath is languorous, and is so tinged with azure that what artists call the middle distance partakes also of that hue, while the horizon beyond is of the deepest ultramarine.”
Thomas Hardy, Tess of the D'Urbervilles

“I thought I was getting away from politics for a while. But I now realise that the vuvuzela is to these World Cup blogs what Julius Malema is to my politics columns: a noisy, but sadly unavoidable irritant. With both Malema and the vuvuzela, their importance is far overstated. Malema: South Africa's Robert Mugabe? I think not. The vuvuzela: an archetypal symbol of 'African culture?' For African civilisation's sake, I seriously hope not.

Both are getting far too much airtime than they deserve. Both have thrust themselves on to the world stage through a combination of hot air and raucous bluster. Both amuse and enervate in roughly equal measure. And both are equally harmless in and of themselves — though in Malema's case, it is the political tendency that he represents, and the right-wing interests that lie behind his diatribes that is dangerous. With the vuvu I doubt if there are such nefarious interests behind the scenes; it may upset the delicate ears of the middle classes, both here and at the BBC, but I suspect that South Africa's democracy will not be imperilled by a mass-produced plastic horn.”
Richard Calland

“For the record, the vuvuzela is not my enemy — and I even have, for reasons of self-defence installed a mini-vuvu with surprisingly powerful performance levels around my neck — though I miss hearing the crescendo of noise from the crowd that should accompany a promising attack on goal or a goal itself. Instead, of course, there is the monotone drone — a constant that belies the ebbs and flows of a game.”
Richard Calland

P.C. Wren
“The place was silent and - aware.”
P.C. Wren

John Burdett
“Lumpini Park at night: love at its cheapest, but the incidence of HIV is said to be over 60 per cent. In the darkness: furtive movement on benches and on the grass, muted moans and whispers, rustlings of large animals in heat, the intensity of the atomic fusion of sec and death (highly addictive, they say).”
John Burdett, Bangkok Tattoo

Aishabella Sheikh
“The moon rose above the canopy and a dreamy mist swirled around our knees as we danced, fingers entwined and hearts in sync with the universe; just a prince and his princess, a boy and a girl, learning to love in a beautiful world.”
Aishabella Sheikh, Entwined

“There are three salient themes that run through any experience of hygge - interiority, contrast and atmosphere. They support and extend each other and shape our understanding of the concept.”
Louisa Thomsen Brits, The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well

Deborah Lawrenson
“The sunlight could not quite dispel the difference in atmosphere now that she had seen the interior of the garden. It was as if a dark underside had been revealed that changed the cast of the whole property. But the whimsy of it, the way the eye was drawn down through every vista, the inventiveness, the fairy-tale quality, the melancholy of the lost gardens- it all excited her.”
Deborah Lawrenson, The Sea Garden

R.J.  Lawrence
“Outside, the air filled with cricket noise, as the sun reddened in its descent.”
R.J. Lawrence, The Fortunate Only

Steven Magee
“I think of radio frequency (RF) radiation antennas in that same way that I think of water evaporators. Large volumes of water vapor can be deposited into the atmosphere by evaporators, as can large amounts of RF radiation energy by antennas. As such, the water evaporator is analogous to the RF radiation antenna.”
Steven Magee

“To hygge is to create a harmonious atmosphere, a feeling of warmth, a mood of contentment.
Hygge is freely used to describe rooms, buildings, homes, parties, people and activities.”
Louisa Thomsen Brits, The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well

“They were opposites in one way
They were similar in another
But they felt real with each other
They felt alive with each other

They understood their silences
even when one would forget
the other and be busy with work and
struggles of life

And when they finally spoke to
each other, their conversation sparked a
fire in the atmosphere!”
Avijeet Das

Steven Magee
“The atmosphere of Earth acts as a lens to sunlight and adding atmospheric pollution to it modifies the characteristics of it.”
Steven Magee

Krystal Sutherland
“Something about the crisp, cool air, the twinkling carnival lights, and the scent of deep-fried food provided the perfect atmosphere for reckless teenage abandon.”
Krystal Sutherland, Our Chemical Hearts

“...the salient feature of hygge is the atmosphere of warm and relaxed enjoyment of the moment which it allows. While it is nurtured by thoughtfulness and mutual involvement, hygge is informal and unrestrained. -Judith Friedman Hansen”
Louisa Thomsen Brits, The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Living Well

“Compassion, empathy and consideration for others creates an environment of positivity where everything blooms, blossoms, thrives and prospers. Always try and create such an atmosphere.”
Latika Teotia

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