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Mae West
“Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”
Mae West

Anaïs Nin
“And in his eyes he had the look of the cat who inspires a desire to caress but loves no one, who never feels he must respond to the impulses he arouses.”
Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus

Fiona Thrust
“It was the wildness of it that got me going: the primal lust, the sheer needs of two people in heat, quickly finding ways to express their sacred hunger to each other in animal passion.”
Fiona Thrust, Naked and Sexual

Fiona Thrust
“To feel aroused is to feel alive. Having great sex is like taking in huge lungfuls of fresh air, essential to your body, essential to your health, and essential to your life.”
Fiona Thrust, Naked and Sexual

Fiona Thrust
“I love being aroused.

I relish that delicious feeling of freedom, the delirium of being naked, and my flesh being born again.

It’s like I’m being made new.”
Fiona Thrust, Naked and Sexual

John Irving
“This was not of the nature of a Christlike lesson for Owen Meany to learn, as he lay in the manger, that someone you hate can give you a hard-on.”
John Irving, A Prayer for Owen Meany

Christine Feehan
“Sex was a practiced art to him. Each move calculated. His brain always worked while he performed, his body seducing his prey with ease, noting each response of his target. But in one moment, everything had changed. She swept him into a tidal wave of pure sensation, and he willingly let go and let her take him with her.”
Christine Feehan, Water Bound

Fiona Thrust
“It was the impatience of the way he tore my panties from my body, that really turned me on: I was all he could think of, as his lust got the better of him.

I glanced back, and saw the underwear torn and discarded, a little strip of thin black material on the floor, and thought, Yes, this is the kind of impatient sex I’m looking for.

The way they looked so small, and cruelly forgotten, was a beautiful symbol of how much we both needed to satisfy our lusts.”
Fiona Thrust, Naked and Sexual

“When sleep puts an end to delirium, it is a good symptom.”
Hippocrates, The Aphorisms of Hippocrates

Milan Kundera
“As she uttered the words of the prayer, she glanced up at him as if he were God Himself. He watched her with growing pleasure. In front of him was kneeling the directress, being humiliated by a subordinate; in front of him a naked revolutionary was being humiliated by prayer; in front of him a praying lady was being humiliated by her nakedness.

This threefold image of degradation intoxicated him and something unexpected suddenly happened: his body revoked its passive resistance. Edward was excited!

As the directress said, 'And lead us not into temptation,' he quickly threw off all his clothes. When she said, 'Amen,' he violently lifted her off the floor and dragged her onto the couch.”
Milan Kundera, Laughable Loves

Piper Vaughn
“He'd passed "ready" about three exits back.”
Piper Vaughn, Wanting

James Halat
“The universe has an itch, and I have been called upon to scratch it.”
James Halat, The Story of Teddy and Eddie

“Consensual intercourse of the minds happens when conversation between two like minded individuals, are brought together by mutually exclusive chemistry in conversation that causes mental arousal & orgasmic stimulation which then produces ideas which provoke conscious thoughts.”
Niedria Dionne Kenny, Love, Lust and Regrets: While the lights were off

Lisa Kleypas
“I did dream about you," she confessed.
Derek smoothed his hand over her chestnut hair and brought her head closer to his. "What was I doing in your dreams?" he asked against her lips.
"Chasing me," she admitted in a mortified whisper.
A delicious grin curved his mouth. "Did I catch you?"
Before she could reply his lips were on hers. His mouth twisted gently, his tongue hunting for an intimate taste of her. Closing her eyes, Sara made no protest as he took her wrists in his hands and twined her arms around his neck. He stretched one of his legs out to rest his foot on the seat. Caught in the lee of his powerful thighs, she had no choice but to let her body rest on the hard length of his. Leisurely he fondled and kissed her, wringing succulent delight from every nerve. As he began to slide his hand into her bodice, the thick wool fabric of her gown resisted his efforts. Foiled in his attempt to reach her breasts, he pushed a lock of hair aside and dragged his mouth over her throat. She stiffened, unable to hold back a whimper of pleasure. The carriage swayed and jolted suddenly, forcing their bodies closer with the impact.
Derek felt himself approaching a flashpoint beyond which there was no return. With a tortured groan he pried Sara's voluptuous body away from his and held her away, while he struggled to emerge from a scarlet fog of desire. "Angel," he said hoarsely, nudging her toward the opposite seat. "You... you'd better go over there."
Bemused, Sara nearly toppled to the floor from his gentle push. "But why?"
Derek lowered his head and tunneled his fingers into his black hair. He started as he felt her hand brush the nape of his neck. "Don't touch me," he said, more roughly than he intended. Raising his head, he stared into Sara's perplexed face with a crooked smile. "Sorry," he muttered. "But if you don't move away, sweet, you're going to be lifting your heels for me right here.”
Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You

Pierce Smith
“Cody smiled, and his mouth went dry as Max neared the bed. Max was so close to the camera that first his groin, and then his dick, filled Cody’s screen. So tempting, so near, all right in front of his eyes, but he could not taste or touch. Cody could only moan at the sight. Max sat down on his bed so only his torso remained visible. Cody was silent, holding his breath, enjoying the beauty oozing from Max’s body. Then Max lay back and put his headphones on again. He moaned out loud, making Cody shudder in response.”
Pierce Smith, Bait

Eudora Welty
“It is want that does the world's arousing, and if it were not for that, who knows what might not be interrupted?”
Eudora Welty, The Robber Bridegroom

Criss Jami
“Excitement is a crossroad which runs in all directions. No man lacks personality; he just never connected with you at the intersection.”
Criss Jami, Killosophy

Lisa Kleypas
“Her fingers slid into his thick hair, exploring his scalp. The scar was a long one. The blow that had caused it must have nearly split his skull open. As she touched his head, she heard his breath catch. "Does it hurt?" she asked, instantly removing her hand.
He shook his head with a short laugh. "I'm afraid you're causing me another kind of pain."
Perplexed, Lara stared into his eyes, and her gaze dropped to his lap. To her mortification, she saw that her innocent touch had aroused him, causing a heavy, unmistakable ridge to strain against his trousers. Lara flushed and jumped back from him.
The remnants of his grin lingered. "Pardon, sweet. A year of celibacy has erased whatever self-control I may have once possessed.”
Lisa Kleypas, Stranger in My Arms

“But many more daughters of distant fathers are unable to reach orgasm, or achieve it with consistency with any man. Indeed these daughters have the most trouble in bed: for them, affection and arousal are synonymous with rejection.”
Victoria Secunda, Women and Their Fathers: The Sexual and Romantic Impact of the First Man in Your Life

Mwanandeke Kindembo
“Love is simply a bundle of feelings that we express, whether to attract, arouse or communicate our thoughts to someone else.”
Mwanandeke Kindembo, Treatise Upon The Misconceptions of Narcissism

Gene Stratton-Porter
“The Angel's eyes widened curiously and her lips parted. a deep colour swept into her cheeks. She had intended to arouse him. She had more than succeeded. She was too young to know that in the effort to rouse a man, women frequently kindle fires that they neither can quench or control.”
Gene Stratton-Porter, Freckles

Mariyam Hasnain
“You’re in damn so sexy nightgown causing trouble to a man below his belt. Yet you think it’s you who is in trouble.”
Mariyam Hasnain, The Wedding Planner

Lisa Kleypas
“You're too handsome to wear a beard," she informed him. "I might allow it someday if you need to conceal a sagging chin, but for now, it has to go."
"At the moment," West said with his eyes still closed, "nothing I have is sagging."
Phoebe glanced downward reflexively. From her vantage point between his splayed legs, she had a perfect view of his lap, where the ridge of a rather magnificent erection strained the fabric of his trousers. Her mouth went dry, and she wavered between uneasiness and intense curiosity.
"That looks uncomfortable," she said.
"I can bear it."
"I meant for me."
The cheeks beneath her fingertips tautened as West tried- unsuccessfully- to hold back a grin. "If it makes you nervous, don't worry. It will disappear as soon as you pick up that damned razor." He paused before adding huskily, "But... it wouldn't be. Uncomfortable, I mean. If we were going to... I would make sure you were ready. I would never hurt you.”
Lisa Kleypas, Devil's Daughter

Elle Chase
“Sexual Arousal and Foreplay: If we’re to believe that what we see in movies, our sexual rendezvous would consist of 10 seconds of kissing, 5 seconds of groping, and another 5 seconds closing the deal. A straightforward sex scene doesn’t commonly show the female arousal process, and a lot of the time, this process is key in order to have a really satisfying sexual experience.
Fooling around a lot before part A goes into slot B gets the female body prepped for sex in very important way.”
Elle Chase, Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life

Stephanie Laurens
“Patience's breath caught. Her lids fell. Wordlessly, she lifted her face, offering her lips.
He took them, took her- as their lips fused, Patience felt his hands slide lower, deliberately tracing the ripe hemispheres of her bottom. He filled his hands, then kneaded- heat spread, prickling over her skin, leaving it fevered. Cupping her firm flesh, he molded her to him, easing her deeper into the V of his braced thighs.
She felt the evidence of his desire, felt the hard, heavy, throbbing reality pressed against her soft belly. He held her there, senses fully awake, fully aware, for one achingly intense instant, then his tongue slowly surged, thrusting deep into the softness of her mouth.
Patience would have gasped, but she couldn't. The evocative caress, his unhurried possession of her mouth, sent heat rolling through her. It pooled, hot and heavy, in her loins. As the kiss drew her in, drew her deeper, a heady languor spread, weighting her limbs, slowing her senses.
But not muting them.
She was achingly aware. Aware of the hardness that surrounded her, of the steely flex of hard muscle about her. Of her tightly furled nipples pressed hard to the wall of his chest; of the softness of her thighs held intimately against him. Of the relentless, driving passion he ruthlessly held back.
That last was a temptation, but one so potently, preeminently dangerous not even she dared prod it.
Not yet. There were other things she'd yet to learn.”
Stephanie Laurens, A Rake's Vow

Connie Mason
“Oh, Rob, ye're alive!" Elspeth put both arms around his neck and hugged him close. "I was afeard ye were gone, but ye're alive!"
"Aye, lass," he said with a sinful grin. "Completely alive."
She was suddenly aware of the hardness of his groin against her belly and pulled back away from him.”
Connie Mason, Sins of the Highlander

Lisa Kleypas
“Did I hurt you?" she managed to ask, recalling how she had inadvertently pushed on his wounded shoulder. "Does it ache this morning?"
Leo hesitated before replying, "No, it eventually eased after you left. But the devil knows it wouldn't take much to start up again."
Catherine was overcome with remorse. "I'm so sorry. Should we put a poultice on it?"
"A poultice?" he repeated blankly. "On my... oh. We're talking about my shoulder?"
She blinked in confusion. "Of course we're talking about your shoulder. What else would we be discussing?"
"Cat..." Leo looked away from her. To her surprise, there was a tremor of laughter in his voice. "When a man is aroused and left unsatisfied, he usually aches for a while afterward."
He gave her a speaking glance.
"You mean..." A wild blush raced over her as she finally understood. "Well, I don't care if you ache there, I was only concerned about your wound!"
"It's much better," Leo assured her, his eyes bright with amusement. "As for the other ache-"
"This has nothing to do with me," she said hastily.
"I beg to differ.”
Lisa Kleypas, Married By Morning

Lisa Kleypas
“If I am so transparent, then what am I thinking now?"
Ross studied her for a moment, and a slow smile curved his lips. "You're wondering how soon I'm going to make love to you again." Before she could reply, he pulled her farther atop his body, settling her legs on either side of his hips. To her astonishment, his sex stirred into vibrant life, springing hard against her vulnerable flesh. "And this is your answer," he murmured, pulling her head down to his.”
Lisa Kleypas, Lady Sophia's Lover

Richard Matheson
“Miró hacia la biblioteca. Aquella sabiduría no calmaría nunca su fuego; siglos y siglos de palabras no podían satisfacer aquel deseo imperativo e irracional.”
Richard Matheson, I Am Legend

Bat Maxwell
“Her powder pink panties, which mate the discarded brazier, had the soaked path of Lizy’s excitement and lustful flow...”
Bat Maxwell, The Color of Honey

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