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Tina Carreiro
“When you give yourself to me, completely, I will bite you. Until then, my love, I will only nibble on you.”~Cole”
Tina Carreiro, Power of the Moon

Molly Harper
“I am not the kind of girl who trusts a man to tell her everything she needs to know in his own due time, so I did some research on my sire. You can take the girl out of the library, but you can't take the neurotic, compulsively curious librarian out of the girl.”
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Sylvia Day
“Love will find a way against time itself.”
Sylvia Day, Catching Caroline

J.R. Ward
“You've got nothing to worry about. The righteous do not always right, but their souls remain pure. -Lassiter the Angel”
J.R. Ward, Lover Enshrined

Molly Harper
“The brain may die, but my compulsion for useless trivia lives on.”
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Molly Harper
“It took me awhile to learn the rules. OK, it took the librarian in me weeks of careful obsessive research to learn the rules. There was a label maker involved. I'd rather not go into it.”
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Molly Harper
“Wal-mart started selling "Vampire Home Defense Kits", including holy water, crosses, stakes, mallets, and a book of quick blessings to bar vampires from your door. The fact that these kits were generally useless didn't bother me nearly as much as the idea of holy water being sold at wal-mart.”
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Molly Harper
“Trivia monologue. You are so the man for me.”
Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs

Abigail Gibbs
“One day you might just find something worth living an eternity for”
Abigail Gibbs, Dinner with a Vampire

Eve Langlais
“Ella knew she should be horrified. Zane had killed someone for just touching her. But, and she might burn in hell for thinking this, she thought it was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her. In a perverted way, she also found it romantic. She finally had someone who wanted to protect her. My very own vampire in dark armor.
Eve Langlais, Crazy

Mary Abshire
“I knew I was a little different from most demons but nothing says freak of nature like a one-eyed gypsy saying I had a rainbow glow. It just didn't sound complimentary.”
Mary Abshire, Claiming the Evil Dead

Bella Forrest
“I realized that the whole time I was holding this beautiful stranger in my arms, feeding on her, it felt like I was betraying Sofia.”
Bella Forrest, A Shade of Vampire

Kellie Thacker
“Is it possible to love someone so completely, so intensely, they could never die? To give them more than just your heart or your soul? What if you could give then the miracle of immortality?”
Kellie Thacker, Grace

Angela Snyder
“His head pounded with such intensity, he feared it would explode. It was hard for him to control himself around her. It was in his nature to crave her blood, and the craving was like a toothache that wouldn't stop throbbing.”
Angela Snyder, Vampire Next Door

Hannah Blatchford
“His hair was shorter than I remembered, tawny in this half-light, the tousled edges casually framing the clean, commanding lines of his face. His mouth, normally so stern was relaxed now and as I stared a slight sweet smile touched his lips, its curve softening the straight strong lines of his nose and brow. Finally, inevitably, I met his eyes and felt a connection that seared straight through me, down through my soles and away. Those eyes, darker than mine, the darkest blue, dark and as impenetrable as glaciers. Tonight he was real, so very real that my heart thumped, my blood sang, my legs shook.”
Hannah Blatchford, Friend or Fae

Lilly Gayle
“There are no endings for any of us, happy or
otherwise, until we die. A fairy tale only ends
happily because that’s the point where the
storyteller stops telling the story.”
Lilly Gayle, Out of the Darkness

Tish Thawer
“I nipped little kisses along his jawline. God, I just couldn't keep my hands or lips off of him. "God, you are the most delicious thing I have ever tasted."

He laughed. "That's something the vampire should be saying to you, not the other way around.”
Tish Thawer, Scent of a White Rose

Vanessa Fewings
“Silence wrapped around us as time itself held its breath, quietly coaxing us to that secret place of sighs and whispers where we might just lose ourselves completely and truly find each other."

- William Rolfe

A Vampire's Dominion”
Vanessa Fewings, A Vampire's Dominion

Faleena Hopkins
“We do not kill good people, for the world is better with them in it.”
Faleena Hopkins, Joshua

Anne Rainey
“Suddenly, Cain flipped her over and caged her in, his muscled strength creating a protective embrace. “My diamond,” he growled. “You are home.”
She lifted her hand and cupped his cheek, then murmured, “Yes. I am.”
“I was dead without you. I would have ended up a shell like Rafael.”
She kissed him, hating the pain in his voice. “No, never like him. He was evil, Cain, his soul black. Yours isn’t. Just a little gray.”
He smirked. “Gray?”
She shrugged. “Well you aren’t lily white, that’s for certain.”
Anne Rainey, A Diamond at Midnight

Mardi Ballou
“Inch by inch it's all a cinch, by the yard it's hard. Go for it -- no matter how slow or long the process seems at first.”
Mardi Ballou

Eilan Moon
“«Merda…» Furono queste le sole parole che riuscirono a raggiungere le labbra di Dima e gli fuoriuscirono dalla bocca.
La pelle di Irina era più bianca del solito, quasi trasparente, e i capelli erano luminosi e setosi come una nuvola di zucchero filato. Nonostante lei fosse avvolta di stracci e di sporcizia, per Dima quella che aveva di fronte non era una donna, ma una dea scesa tra i mortali per illuminare la sera e sostituire la luna nel firmamento notturno.
Irina si fermò e rimase immobile senza pronunciare alcuna parola. In attesa. Era cosciente di mostrare molto più di quello che qualcuno avrebbe dovuto vedere, ma della complessità di quel momento la preoccupava solo che l’uomo che amava la guardasse con occhi differenti. Lo sguardo di disprezzo per chi è diverso.
(brano inedito tratto da Teufel, il Diavolo in uscita a fine Marzo)”
Eilan Moon, Teufel, il Diavolo

Tiffany Allee
“I’m a creature of the night.” Slitted eyes peered at her suspiciously. “Good God, you’re not a morning person, are you?”
Tiffany Allee, Don't Blackmail the Vampire

“Of course when she finally found someone that listened to her, understood her, and was motivated by her to do better with himself, he had to be a vampire that was sent to kill her and then her father.”
Inger Iversen, Running in the Dark

Kyra Gates
“I smell her all over you, get out and pretend I died just as you did when you lied down with her." Aaliyah/Totured Soul”
Kyra Gates, Tortured Soul: Walkers Book II

Tish Thawer
“Rose, come here." Christian grabbed my hand and guided me back down on the couch next to him.”
Tish Thawer, Scent of a White Rose

Tish Thawer
“Yes, I'm hungry. Horny, too! The thought of feeding from you is a most delectable idea and it's playing havoc with my brain as well as other parts of my body."

He sat up and scooted closer to me...”
Tish Thawer, Scent of a White Rose

Kiersten Fay
“She relaxed a bit—well, as much as one could relax while being half-naked and bleeding in front of a vampire. She was the picture of a tasty meal to one such as he.”
Kiersten Fay, A Wicked Hunger

Krystell Lake
“Rules and regulations are for humans.”
Krystell Lake, Afterbirth

Sylvie Grohne
“Tell your father I never wanted to be a rose, only ever a night-scented gilliflower, and his moon was my sun.”
Sylvie Grohne, The Night Within Us

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