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Selena Kitt
“She tasted sweet, like oranges, liquid sunshine in my mouth as we kissed, our tongues playing together.”
Selena Kitt, A Baumgartner Reunion

Selena Kitt
“We lay that way for a while, breathing together, watching the shadows flicker over the walls and each other's faces. She played with a wet strand of my hair, wrapping it around her finger. It should have been awkward, but somehow it wasn't. I felt something moving between us, like light or heat, growing with every breath.”
Selena Kitt, Babysitting the Baumgartners

Anne Rainey
“She brought her elbow
backward and connected with Rand’s ribs. He swore and released her.
She whirled on him. “That’s for being so arrogant!”
Rand advanced on her, and the grin on his face wasn’t at all reassuring. She took one step
back, then turned to sprint into the bathroom, when a pair of hands caught her and slung her over
a hard muscled shoulder.
“Put me down right now!” She screamed as she pummeled his back. “You are the most
annoying, selfish, barbaric, horny man I know, Rand Miller!”
He set her back on her feet inside the bathroom, then cupped her chin in his palm. “You
are the most gorgeous, intelligent, feisty woman I know, Lucy Flemming.”
Lucy narrowed her eyes. What was he up to now? “Flattery won’t help you out of this
“It’s not flattery. It’s the truth,” he murmured as he leaned close to her ear. “And, baby?”
“Yes?” she answered, her voice nearly inaudible as his nearness began to override her
“I’d better be the only horny man you know.”
Anne Rainey, Reckless Exposure

Anne Rainey
“Did you really think you could quit?" He moved closer, his steps slow, purposeful. "Just fax me a damned piece of paper and I‘d be forced to let you walk away from me?"
"You don‘t have a choice." Lydia swallowed the lump in her throat and moved around the chair. Putting furniture between them seemed like a smart idea. "I quit, end of story."
"The hell it is," he growled as he stopped and crossed his arms over his chest. "I‘ve given you space, Lydia, but it‘s time we talk."
"There‘s nothing to say."
He pointedly glanced at the chair and quirked a brow. "Afraid, little Lydia?"
Afraid of her own ability to keep her hands off him, yeah. "You don‘t scare me, Dane. You‘d never hurt me."
"Then quit acting so skittish and come here.”
Anne Rainey, Body Rush

Mardi Ballou
“Inch by inch it's all a cinch, by the yard it's hard. Go for it -- no matter how slow or long the process seems at first.”
Mardi Ballou

Breanna Hayse
“Honey, letting us isn’t the issue. You either cooperate and get it done, or don’t-and still get it done.”
Breanna Hayse, The Game Plan

Mari Carr
“Colt, you’re a cop. I’m fairly certain you realize what you are proposing is illegal. As in bigamy.”
He laughed. “You don’t legally marry us both. Just one of us. Then the three of us make our own private vows.”
“Fine,” she leaned back and gave him a smug look as if expecting her next question to jar some sense into them. “Who am I going to legally marry?”
He grinned at her transparency. Obviously, she thought this was going to be a sticking point. “We’ll arm wrestle to decide that.”
Mari Carr, Tequila Truth

Carrie Ann Ryan
“I don't want you two hurt because of me."...
"At least try, sweetling. Please." At her slight nod, he did what came natural and lowered his head. She gasped into his mouth, and he pressed his lips to hers. The electric shock between them only pushed him to kiss her deeper....
"I think I can try if you're going to keep kissing me like that," she finally said, and he grinned.”
Carrie Ann Ryan, An Immortal's Song

B.A. Tortuga
“He caught Ben's come in the napkin, the smell making his mouth water harder than any chile sauce could.”
BA Tortuga, Collars and Cuffs

“What?” The corner of his mouth turned up, his white teeth gleaming in the light.
“Just thinking how hot you are.”
He scoffed and playfully rolled his eyes. “Thanks—but aren’t all firefighters hot? I mean, we do basically live in fire.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“A smile curved the corners of his mouth under the dust-and soot-covered visor. “You’re crying?
I answered his question with my tear-stricken gaze.
“I’m not going anywhere.” He reached his hand out and I grasped it tightly.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Now,” he murmured huskily into my ear, licking the skin below my lobe. I shivered. “It’s your turn.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Hmm, do you mind if I put out your fire then?” I brushed his earlobe with my upper lip.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Sometimes, I just want to be comforted—I don’t want to be or appear to be stronger than I am.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Is it okay?”
I nodded and continued chewing. “Y-you made me my first sub.”
He smiled. “You remembered.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“How do you know my name?” I asked as he lowered his weight beside me.
“We go to the same school. And why are you hiding your face? You never do that.”
Shaye Evans

“Are you sure? What about your grandmother?”
He shrugged as though it didn’t matter, and a beaming smile splayed across his mouth. “I’ll be out here with you when I come out.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Why did you come out when you knew how your family would react?” I murmured, wrapping my arms around his waist. I brushed my lips the length of Lock’s neck.
“Because I didn’t want to hide. I hated acting like I was someone I wasn’t.”
“I never did thank you for that sub.”
Lock laughed. “Adan, you’ve thanked me a hundred times over.”
“I don’t recall.”
“Every time we’re together, or when you kiss me, it’s a constant reminder of how we met, and I wouldn’t exchange that for anything.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“I-I can’t sleep and I was going for a walk when I noticed the truck moving… and then I found you two and, um, I mean—”
Lockland cut him off midsentence with a calm, serious tone. “Jay?”
Jay’s gaze shot up to Lockland’s.
“Spit it out!”
“I was wondering if I could… I-I don’t know… join you?”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“You’re scared of sharing me in case you lose me?” - Adan”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“It’d take a lot more than a quick fuck to lose me, Lockland.”
He smiled and nipped my lower lip.
“Plus,” I murmured, pulling back, “your cock is pretty nice. I think my ass would miss it.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Mmm, carry me.”
I laughed, reaching for my sweatpants. “I carry girls, boys, and women, not fully grown capable men.”
“Slacker.” He grinned, shoving me.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“You know, we can still put that suit to use, though.” I glanced toward the truck and Lock’s face lit up as I closed the distance between us.
“What happened to needing a shower?”
“Showers are overrated,” I whispered, holding his gaze through the visor. “Plus,” I turned my head to look down the hall, “Jay is down there now.”
“That’d be right. Let me just hang up my hat.” He was pulling away when I caught his wrist.
“Nuh-uh. Keep the helmet. I want to be with my firefighter.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Lie on your stomach,” I ordered between kisses.
He pulled away. “Why?”
“Just do it.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Fuck… that was…”
“Good?” I grinned, licking my lips, looking up at him.
“Shit yeah!” Jay wailed.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

“Come, Adan,” Lock ordered. “Come so hard you squeeze every fucking drop of cum from my cock.”
Shaye Evans, Seduction Squad

Scarlett Avery
“It draws you in and you feel involved as if you're watching. - Barbara Bailey”
Scarlett Avery, Delightful Temptation

Scarlett Avery
“Ms. Scarlett always delivers hot, sexy alphas and this isn't any different. Holy smokes, is this ever HOT! Love her writing and the way she spins a story but adds the HOT factor. Her alphas are phenomenal! - JC”
Scarlett Avery, Delightful Temptation

Jade West
“We want a companion, not a whore.”
Jade West, Sugar Daddies

Scarlett Avery
“I love all Scarlett Avery's books. This one included. - Kathleen”
Scarlett Avery, Delightful Temptation

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