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“2 to 1

2 hearts 1 beat
2 lips will meet
2 birds 1 stone
2 never b alone
2 wills 1 goal
2 haves 1 whole
2 be in love
2 be as One


©Clarissa O. Clemens
The Poetic Diary of Love and Change - Volume 1”
Clarissa Clemens

N.R. Hart
“Legend has it there is always a reason why souls meet. Maybe they found each other for reasons that weren't so different after all.
They were two souls searching and found a home lost in each other. When souls find comfort in one another separation is not possible. The reasons they are brought together are no accident.
Maybe she needed someone to show her how to live and he needed someone to show him how to love.”
N.R. Hart, Poetry and Pearls

Eeva Lancaster
“...cause it was hard... so much harder... when I couldn't live with me.”
Eeva Lancaster, In Loving You - A Journey of Love and Self Discovery

“Brahma and Airavata

Long ago in lands of golden sand
Brahma turned to Saraswati
and gently kissed her inked hand....”
Muse, Enigmatic Evolution

N.R. Hart
“Maybe she needed someone to show her
how to live and he needed someone
to show him how to love.”
N.R. Hart, Poetry and Pearls

Christopher Hitchens
“Offered a job as book critic for Time magazine as a young man, Bellow had been interviewed by Chambers and asked to give his opinion about William Wordsworth. Replying perhaps too quickly that Wordsworth had been a Romantic poet, he had been brusquely informed by Chambers that there was no place for him at the magazine. Bellow had often wondered, he told us, what he ought to have said. I suggested that he might have got the job if he'd replied that Wordsworth was a once-revolutionary poet who later became a conservative and was denounced by Browning and others as a turncoat. This seemed to Bellow to be probably right. More interesting was the related question: What if he'd kept that job?”
Christopher Hitchens, Hitch 22: A Memoir

Charles Baudelaire
“What bizarre things does not one find in a great city when one knows how to walk about and how to look! Life swarms with innocent monsters. Oh Lord my God, Thou Creator, Thou Master, Thou who hast made law and liberty, Thou the Sovereign who dost allow, Thou the Judge who dost pardon, Thou who art full of Motives and of Causes, Thou who hast (it may be) placed within my soul the love of horror in order to turn my hear to Thee, like the cure which follows the knife; Oh Lord, have pity, have pity upon the mad men and women that we are! Oh Creator, is it possible that monsters should exist in the eyes of Him alone who knoweth why they exist, how they have made themselves, and how they would have made themselves, and could not?”
Charles Baudelaire, Aleister Crowley

John Mark Green
“Just like a rose, our love
unfolds itself with time.
From its beginning bud,
a blooming most sublime.
And with each passing year,
such sweeter scent it yields.
Come laughter or come tears,
more petals are revealed.”
John Mark Green

Rabindranath Tagore
“Love's Question "
And is this all true,
My ever-loving friend?
That the lightning-flash of the light in my eyes
Makes the clouds in your heart explode and blaze,
Is this true?
That my sweet lips are red as a blushing new bride,
My ever-loving friend,
Is this true?

That a tree of paradise flowers withing me,
That my foosteps ring like vinas beneath me,
Is this true?
That the night sheds drops of dew at the sight of me,
That the dawn surrounds me with light from delight in me,
Is this true?
That the touch of my hot cheek intoxicates the breeze,
My ever-loving friend,
Is this true?

That daylight hides in the dark of my hair,
That my arms hold life and death in their power,
Is this true?
That the earth can be wrapped in the end of my sari,
That my voice makes the world fall silent to hear me,
Is this true?
That the univrse is nothing but me and what loves me,
My ever-loving friend,
Is this true?

That for me alone your love has been waiting
Through worlds and ages awake and wandering,
Is this true?
That my voice, eyes, lips have brought you relief,
In a trice, from the cycle of life after life,
Is this true?
That you read on my soft forehead inginite Truth,
My ever-loving friend,
Is this true?”
Rabindranath Tagore

Tatjana Ostojic
“My heart cannot conceal
its love for you.
It is still able to miss
the memories it no longer
for love needs neither
reason nor foundation
to exist.”
Tatjana Ostojic, Baghdad Nights

“Trick Candle

Torches feeding on the dark between the stars
a river of ice and fire converge in her chest
a kiss like a hot spring, a tongue of embers
breath of ash with sparking lips
words that crash like the tide and a judge’s hammer
a touch like a bed of poppies and spiderwebs
hips like the curve of an hourglass and sex
pure sex manifested in the flesh
a body to take a bullet for
I am drunk and drugged, dashed upon
the shore of her soul
a soul to set the angels and demons to war
I am stranded in no man’s land
in between her ribs
like a madman guardian
searching for her womb
seeking death or rebirth
those bittersweet twins
one a flicker
the other a trick candle
I crawl towards the light”
Connor Judson Garrett, Become The Fool

Tatjana Ostojic
“Our prize was solitude,
question after question,
I have no answers to…
I ponder why’s your love,
just like the ocean wind,
so easily changed its direction?”
Tatjana Ostojic, Cacophony of My Soul: When Love Becomes Poetry

Tatjana Ostojic
“You knew rainy days were to follow,
that our spring had come to an ending.
You started, mercifully,
surrendering to my love with deception,
that elevated me in a dearer way
than the true love of a wrong man ever could.”
Tatjana Ostojic, Cacophony of My Soul: When Love Becomes Poetry

Tatjana Ostojic
“I will pack
and turn my back on you,
taking my chances with mediocre poetry
to immortalise faded colours
of our tattered love.

I will pack,
coating my heart with a thick layer of ice.
I will pack my tears and all I have lost,
my lost innocence, my warmth,
hard earned patience and the dreams of our children in our hands.

Stay well, my only one.
No words are left to tell...”
Tatjana Ostojic

Nithin Purple
“My Fancy rolls gently unfurl like the feathers of the song bird,yet on the secret vales of night,I sit,my song softly moves, concealed from next ears to hear,for the world to know it by the dawn’s light!”
Nithin Purple, Venus and Crepuscule: Beauty and Violence on Me Thrown

Amaranthine Poetry
“There’s love for every kind of beauty.”
Amaranthine Poetry, notes from the heart

G. P. Moci
“Her eyes can ease the pain of the pains
for them and that's how I Love
without an end.”

G. P. Moci
“The alphabet of the eyes”

Moses Yuriyvich Mikheyev
“Moonlight washing up against our fragile bodies
Stars collapsing from eager expectation
as I touch
between passionate
mouthfuls of your truth.

A thousand misplaced kisses
and yet
only one of you.”
Moses Yuriyvich Mikheyev, Strange Deaths of the Last Romantic