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Christopher Hitchens
“Those who are determined to be ‘offended’ will discover a provocation somewhere. We cannot possibly adjust enough to please the fanatics, and it is degrading to make the attempt.”
Christopher Hitchens

Dan Chaon
“It doesn't matter what you do. In the end, you are going to be judged, and all the times that you're not at your most dignified are the ones that will be recalled in all their vivid, heartbreaking detail. And then of course these things will be distorted and exaggerated and replayed over and over, until eventually they turn into the essence of you: your cartoon.”
Dan Chaon, Among the Missing

Philip K. Dick
“but as he plodded along a vague and almost hallucinatory pall hazed over his mind; he found himself at one point, with no notion of how it could be, a step from an almost certain fatal cliffside fall—falling humiliatingly and helplessly, he thought; on and on, with no one even to witness it. Here there existed no one to record his or anyone else's degradation, and any courage or pride which might manifest itself here at the end would go unmarked: the dead stones, the dust-stricken weeds dry and dying, perceived nothing, recollected nothing, about him or themselves.”
Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Frederick Douglass
“The soul that is within me no man can degrade.”
Frederick Douglass

Milan Kundera
“As she uttered the words of the prayer, she glanced up at him as if he were God Himself. He watched her with growing pleasure. In front of him was kneeling the directress, being humiliated by a subordinate; in front of him a naked revolutionary was being humiliated by prayer; in front of him a praying lady was being humiliated by her nakedness.

This threefold image of degradation intoxicated him and something unexpected suddenly happened: his body revoked its passive resistance. Edward was excited!

As the directress said, 'And lead us not into temptation,' he quickly threw off all his clothes. When she said, 'Amen,' he violently lifted her off the floor and dragged her onto the couch.”
Milan Kundera, Laughable Loves

Harriet Ann Jacobs
“I can testify, from my own experience and observation, that slavery is a curse to the whites as well as to the blacks. It makes white fathers cruel and sensual; the sons violent and licentious; it contaminates the daughters, and makes the wives wretched. And as for the colored race, it needs an abler pen than mine to describe the extremity of their sufferings, the depth of their degradation.”
Harriet Ann Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Michael Connelly
“The gravel road widened into a large turnaround where three similar looking and designed brothels sat waiting for customers. They were called Sheila's Front Porch, Tawny's High Five Ranch and Miss Delilah's House of Holies.

"Nice," Rachel said as we surveyed the scene. "why are these places always named after women -- as if women actually own them?"

"You got me. I guess Mister Dave's House of Holies wouldn't go over so well with the guys."

Rachel smiled.

"You're right. I guess it's a shrewd move. Name a place of female degradation and slavery after a female and it doesn't sound so bad, does it? It's packaging.”
Michael Connelly, The Narrows

“Whatever we do to shame or degrade others, we do to ourselves.”
Marty Rubin

Wilhelm Reich
“A third emotional source of the defense forces is the sadistic conception of sexuality that the children of all patriarchal cultural circles acquire in early childhood. Since every inhibition of genital gratification intensifies the sadistic impulse, the entire sexual structure becomes sadistic. Since, moreover, genital claims are replaced by anal claims, the reactionary sexual slogan that a woman is degraded by sexual intercourse strikes a chord in the adolescent structure. In short, it is owing to the already existing perversity in the adolescent structure that the slogan can be effective. It is from his own personal experience that the adolescent has developed a sadistic conception of sexual intercourse. Thus, here too we find a confirmation of the fact that man's compulsive moralistic defense forces constitute the basis of political reaction's power.”
Wilhelm Reich, The Mass Psychology of Fascism

“If a person refuses to develop his potential, it can lead to nervous or mental disorders, somatic diseases and personal degradation”
Sunday Adelaja

“Focus on rewarding and praising yourself instead of degrading and punishing yourself. You'll get far better results!”
Akiroq Brost

Emily Brontë
“Yes you had the reason of going to bed with a proud heart and an empty stomach,' said I. 'Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves”
Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

Israel Regardie
“It is a well-worn saying but one nonetheless true and nonetheless worthy of repetition, inasmuch as it expresses peculiarly the situation now widely prevalent, that "where there is no vision the people perish. " Mankind as a whole, or more particularly the Western element, has lost in some incomprehensible way its spiritual vision. An heretical barrier has been erected separating itself from that current of life and vitality which even now, despite willful impediment and obstacle, pulses and vibrates passionately in the blood, pervading the whole of universal form and structure. The anomalies presented today are due to this rank absurdity. Mankind is slowly accomplishing its own suicide. A self-strangulation is being effected through a suppression of all individuality, in the spiritual sense, and all that made it human. It continues to withhold the spiritual atmosphere from its lungs, so to speak. And having severed itself from the eternal and never-ceasing sources of light and life and inspiration, it has deliberately blinded itself to the fact— than which no other could compare in importance—that there is a dynamic principle both within and without from which it has accomplished a divorce. The result is inner lethargy, chaos, and the disintegration of all that formerly was held to be ideal and sacred.”
Israel Regardie, The Tree of Life: An Illustrated Study in Magic

Johann Georg Hamann
“From the orators were made talkers; from historians, polyhistors; from philosophers, sophists; from poets, wits.”
Johann Georg Hamann, Writings on Philosophy and Language

Sally Rooney
“It's not that I get off on being degraded as such, she says. I just like to know that I would degrade myself for someone if they wanted me too. Does that make sense? I don't know if it does, I've been thinking about it. It's about dynamic, more than what actually happens.”
Sally Rooney, Normal People

Toni Morrison
“Deacon began to speak of a woman who he had used; how he had turned up his nose at her because her loose and easy ways gave him the license to drop and despise her. That while the adultery preyed on him for a short while (very short), his long remorse was at having become what the Old Fathers cursed: the kind of man who set himself up to judge, rout and even destroy the needy, the defenseless, the different.”
Toni Morrison, Paradise

Steven Magee
“I made the mistake of working at the world's largest telescopes and now show classic health degradation that is associated with that biologically toxic environment.”
Steven Magee

Charlotte Brontë
“Reader, it is not pleasant to dwell on these details. Some say there is enjoyment in looking back to painful experience past; but at this day I can scarcely bear to review the times to which I allude: the moral degradation, blent with the physical suffering, form too distressing a recollection ever to be willingly dwelt on.”
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

Nikki Giovanni
“I do wonder sometimes, I do wonder what it is about the human mind that goes to pain and degradation. I do wonder what it is. We talk about original sin. We talk about ignorance. We talk about people not having had a chance. We talk about poverty--a bunch of things--but there is something not quite right about the human species, because, given half a chance, we'd be eating one another.”
Nikki Giovanni, Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy Like My Sister Kate: Looking At The Harlem Renaissance Through Poems

“All wars result in the ruthless destruction of human life. Warfare evidences our collective degradation. War eviscerates cities and towns. The mangled bodies of children, women, elderly citizens, and youthful soldiers contrast sharply with the pomp of warfare.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Emily Brontë
“That brute of a lad has warmed me nicely. Next time, Master Edgar, take the law into your own fists it will give you an appetite!”
Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights

“There is so much self awareness and self love can prevent.

Even if you are not yet married, you bask in joy and fulfillment.
Don't be degraded because you want to get married at all costs. That's not part of STOOPING TO CONQUER.”
Marilyn Oma Anona

Steven Magee
“You can call me ‘PEDO guy’. PEDO - Preventing Environmental Degradation Onslaught.”
Steven Magee

Romain Gary
“He had himself a certain sympathy for Morel; unfortunately, the man had not
understood that the world of today was no longer capable of concerning itself with elephants. People had other preoccupations. They were no longer interested in anything except their own skins.”
Romain Gary, The Roots of Heaven

Maurice Druon
“Merely by living, man becomes degraded and loses in purity what he gains in power. However clear a spring may be, when it becomes a river it cannot help being polluted by mud and slime.”
Maurice Druon, La flor de lis y el león

“The saddest thing about human beings is how they hold themselves so cheap. Selling their bodies and souls for attention, money and a few cheap thrills.”
Marty Rubin

“What is life without HONOR? Degradation is Worse than Death.”
General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson

Andrew Orange
“You think too highly of people, Richard.” Mr. Martian gave a mournful smile. “Probably, you judge by yourself. The rulers of the so-called ‘developed countries’ are cowardly scum and fools who educate their population accordingly. Their ancestors won freedom, and they’ve flushed it down the outhouse. They won’t fight. This is degradation, which is now commonly called ‘progress.”
Andrew Orange, The Secrets of Mars

Daša Drndić
“Subtle distinctions of pronunciation in our language are being lost and words are becoming slimy, spoken often with an idiotic smile as speakers fashionably soften nonexistent consonants. Degenerate. Like children, half-articulate, vacuous, infantile orators roll words around their mouths like hot potatoes, as though they were toothless, they shift them about, squash them, then open their mouths to eject a mash, a sticky pre-masticated porridge, which slides down their chins.”
Daša Drndić, EEG

“What's more degrading: being homeless or a wage slave?”
Marty Rubin

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