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Douglas Adams
“The major problem—one of the major problems, for there are several—one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them.
To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who must want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it.
To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”
Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Patrick Henry
“Show me that age and country where the rights and liberties of the people were placed on the sole chance of their rulers being good men, without a consequent loss of liberty?”
Patrick Henry

C.B. Cook
“Antarctica. You know, that giant continent at the bottom of the earth that’s ruled by penguins and seals.”
C.B. Cook, Twinepathy

Kimberly Derting
“ In the privacy of my dreams, I'm a warrior.”
Kimberly Derting, The Essence

Larken Rose
“The truth is, one who seeks to achieve freedom by petitioning those in power to give it to him has already failed, regardless of the response.
To beg for the blessing of “authority” is to accept that the choice is the master’s alone to make, which means that the person is already, by definition, a slave.”
Larken Rose

“Some legislators only wish to vengeance against a particular enemy. Others only look out for themselves. They devote very little time on the consideration of any public issue. They think that no harm will come from their neglect. They act as if it is always the business of somebody else to look after this or that. When this selfish notion is entertained by all, the commonwealth slowly begins to decay. ”

Louis L'Amour
“Because a man plays a king superbly well does not mean that he would make a good king.”
Louis L'Amour, Comstock Lode

Brigid Kemmerer
“Unfortunately, the desires of rulers are not always the desires of the people.”
Brigid Kemmerer, A Heart So Fierce and Broken

Geert Hofstede
“...which animal the ruler should impersonate depends strongly on what animals the followers are.”
Geert Hofstede, Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind

Charles de Coster
“You sanctimonious philistines, who scoff at me!
What has your politics fed on
since you've been ruling the world?
On butchery and murder!”
Charles de Coster, The Legend of the Glorious Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel in the Land of Flanders & Elsewhere

G.K. Chesterton
“{We} have not to crown the exceptional man who knows he can rule; rather we must crown the much more exceptional man who knows he can’t.”
G. K. Chesterton

Maya Motayne
“People like me, we’re ants, and rulers are just a big foot looming over us ready to squish us into the dirt. Doesn’t matter whose body the foot is attached to, the purpose is still the same.”
Maya Motayne, Nocturna

K. Weikel
“We will no longer be outcasts - we will be rulers.”
K. Weikel, The One-Hundred: Damian's Deeds

George R.R. Martin
“When the gods are silent, lords and kings will make themselves heard.”
George R.R. Martin, Fire & Blood

Stephen Poplin
“Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth; my interpretation is that the gentle, mature or old souls would inherit, or assume, the power, and create through wise judgments the good and just society that we all have been craving since the earliest dreams of great societies. When a social/political system is crafted that automatically allows or encourages the less aggressive and more circumspect older souls to assume positions of authority, then we will be seeing a better world.”
Stephen Poplin, Inner Journeys, Cosmic Sojourns: Life transforming stories, adventures and messages from a spiritual hypnotherapist's casebook

أنيس منصور
“صحيح أن الحرية يكرهها أكثر الحكام ورجال الدين .. ولكن لابد من قدر كبير منها ليكون هناك حكم ودين”
أنيس منصور, في السياسة الجزء الثاني

Awdhesh Singh
“When time changes, the law also changes to suit the new rulers. Often the same people who were being accused of heinous crimes like treason according to the then laws, become the martyrs and messiahs when the laws are changed.”
Awdhesh Singh, 31 Ways to Happiness

Octavia E. Butler
“What must we do to protect ourselves and our children? What can we do to regain our stolen nation?"

Nasty. Very nasty. Jarret was the junior senator from Texas when he preached the sermon that contained those lnes. He never answered the questions he asked. He left that to his listeners. And yet he says he's against the witch burnings.

His speeches during the campaign have been somewhat less inflammatory than his sermons. He's had to distance himself from the worst of his followers. But he still knows how to rouse his rabble, how to reach out to poor people, and sic them on other poor people. How much of this nonsense does he believe, I wonder, and how much does he say just because he knows the value of dividing in order to conquer and to rule?

Well, now he's conquered. In January of next year, he'll be sworn in, and he'll rule. Then, I suppose we'll see just how much of his own propaganda he believes.”
Octavia E. Butler, Parable of the Talents

Cristina Peri Rossi
“our days are no different from the past, except in the number of tyrants, their systematic methods and the cold logic with which they lead the world to madness”
Cristina Peri Rossi, The Ship of Fools
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“Rulers define the proper, and the world of duality eventually sieves out the improper.”
Misba, Wisdom Revolution

جلجامش نبيل, Gilgamesh Nabeel
“في العادة تتبع الفئات المستفيدة هوى الحاكم، وتعارض الفئات المضطهدة سياساته بوسائل شتى.”
جلجامش نبيل, Gilgamesh Nabeel, صراع الأقنعة

Lailah Gifty Akita
“We must submit to God's righteous rule.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Enock Maregesi
“Shetani anajua kwamba sisi ni warithi wa wokovu na kwamba dunia hii ni kitu kilichoahidiwa kwa Ibrahimu na watoto wake. Sisi wote ni watoto wa Ibrahimu. Anajua kabisa kwamba baadaye sisi ndiyo tutakaokuwa watawala halisi wa dunia hii. Hivyo, anajitahidi kwa kadiri ya uwezo wake wote ili hilo lisitokee. Shetani na malaika wake ni wengi sana, na wanatumia kila silaha waliyokuwa nayo kutawala dunia.”
Enock Maregesi

Mehmet Murat ildan
“If you want to rule everything, rule the rulers!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“And should there exist someone endowed with the beauty of a statue and the lyrical eloquence of a nightingale in song, gifted, moreover, with ready wit, then the wearer of the crown can neither sleep nor rest, but his sleep is interrupted, his voluptuousness suppressed, his appetite for pleasure lost, and he is filled with grave apprehensions; with wicked tongue he curses the creator nature for fashioning others suitable to rule and for not making him the first and last and the fairest of men.”
Niketas Choniates, O City of Byzantium: Annals of Niketas Choniates

Aldous Huxley
“_They_ believe that the Ballot will rob them of their Power and Privileges, whereas _I_ am sure that, by the exercise of even such little Prudence and Cunning as parsimonious Nature has endowed them with, they can with ease maintain themselves in their present pre-eminence. This being so, let the Rabble amuse itself by voting. An Election is no more than a gratuitous Punch and Judy Show, offered by the Rulers in order to distract the attention of the Ruled.”
Aldous Huxley, After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

Michael Bassey Johnson
“When the sun goes down, the moon becomes the king of the sky.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

“If you study history, in almost any time, there has always been conquests and subjugation of people or plans thereof. Simply because it remains the most trusted way of securing ones own continued existance in freedom while retaining or gaining a higher standard of living. Thus, if you cannot find a trace of such activity either from your own, or from another, there is peace. Or is there? Question everything.”

“But if the thing is criminal, if, for instance, it is a license to commit adultery, the person who authorises the act shares the guilt of the person who commits it.”
Lord Acton, Lectures on Modern history

Mercedes Lackey
“When a ruler gives up on empathy and sentiment, it is a sign of desperation. It means they’re paring away emotion in favor of efficiency and numbers and a twisted fantasy of a better life without the joys and burdens of caring about something outside of themselves. Contempt for kindness and generosity is the surest sign there is that someone has nothing else left to them but a horrible emptiness much worse than weakness. It’s an—anti-strength. And the dying monster plods along, unaware it’s rotting.”
Mercedes Lackey, Beyond

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