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Salman Rushdie
“From the beginning men used God to justify the unjustifiable.”
Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses

Margaret Atwood
“There were a lot of gods. Gods always come in handy, they justify almost anything.”
Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

Primo Levi
“I am constantly amazed by man's inhumanity to man.”
Primo Levi, If This Is a Man / The Truce

Ambrose Bierce
“Inhumanity, n. One of the signal and characteristic qualities of humanity.”
Ambrose Bierce, The Unabridged Devil's Dictionary

Michael Bassey Johnson
“There's a big difference on being wise and being crafty. The former is the attribute of God, and the latter is that of Satan.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

Alan Paton
“There is only one way in which one can endure man's inhumanity to man and that is to try, in one's own life, to exemplify man's humanity to man.”
Alan Paton

Saul Bellow
“Brother raises a hand against brother and son against father (how terrible!) and the father also against son. And moreover it is a continuity-matter, for if the father did not strike the son, they would not be alike. It is done to perpetuate similarity. Oh, Henderson, man cannot keep still under the blows.... A hit B? B hit C?--we have not enough alphabet to cover the condition. A brave man will try to make the evil stop with him. He shall keep the blow. No man shall get it from him, and that is a sublime ambition.”
Saul Bellow, Henderson the Rain King

Munia Khan
“Wild animals are less wild and more human than many humans of this world”
Munia Khan

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“The universe runs on the principle that one who can exert the most evil on other creatures runs the show.”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

L.R. Knost
“Here's to the bridge-builders, the hand-holders, the light-bringers, those extraordinary souls wrapped in ordinary lives who quietly weave threads of humanity into an inhumane world. They are the unsung heroes in a world at war with itself. They are the whisperers of hope that peace is possible. Look for them in this present darkness. Light your candle with their flame. And then go. Build bridges. Hold hands. Bring light to a dark and desperate world. Be the hero you are looking for. Peace is possible. It begins with us.”
L.R. Knost

L.R. Knost
“Do not be hardened by the pain
and cruelty of this world.
Be strong enough to be gentle,
to be soft and supple like running water,
gracefully bending around sudden turns,
lithely waving in strong winds,
freely flowing over sharp rocks,
all the while quietly sculpting
this hard world into ever deeper beauty,
gently eroding rigid rock into silken sand,
tenderly transforming human cruelty
into humankindness.
Remember, true strength is not found in the stone,
but in the water that shapes the stone.”
L.R. Knost

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“If we believe that god is the creator of evil, maybe there is evil also in heaven, if that is the case, we are not out of the woods yet”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

L.R. Knost
“Leave a trail of light behind you
Everywhere you go.
Whose darkness you'll illuminate
You may never know.”
L.R. Knost

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“Stop blaming evil on the Devil, blame it on the Creator of everything, if you don't understand, ask Him or at least hope that someday He will reveal it to you”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

H.M. Forester
“Their methods were especially crude and most of these former friends were now born again model citizens; lobotomized; or burnt out shells.”
H.M. Forester, The Dissidents

H.M. Forester
“All you had to do was crack up and beg to see the Governor; grovel at his feet and admit to being a dissident; heartily repent your sins, and volunteer for elective brain surgery.”
H.M. Forester, The Dissidents

L.R. Knost
“I know the concern over the events in our nation doesn't end at our borders. Because there are no borders, really, if you think about it. Everything we do on this planet has repercussions that reverberate around the world. Because we're connected. We belong to each other. And we need each other. We will get through this. Together. And we'll learn and grow and overcome. Together. I believe the good things in this world outnumber the sad. And I believe the good people outnumber the bad. We are the lights sparkling in the darkness, and our hope and love are going to set the world on fire. I believe in us.”
L.R. Knost

John   Kramer
“Humanity is not that difficult to understand; it is inhumanity that I cannot decipher.”
John Kramer, Blythe

L.R. Knost
“Pain patterns are vicious cycles, unconsciously passed from generation to generation in deeply entrenched behavioral and relational paradigms. They cannot be changed from the outside, only from within. Fear gives way to comfort, pain to healing, anger to peace, despair to hope, only when the heart of a person or the soul of a people feel safe enough to emerge from the hardened shell of self-preservation and become open to new possibilities. A hurting humanity cannot be healed by force, by arguing, shaming, threatening, manipulating. Those merely feed the pain patterns and harden their protective shells. Love, acceptance, empathy, compassion, those are the gentle rain that blossoms hurt into healing, transforming pain patterns into the peaceful flowering of a healthy, heart-whole humanity.”
L.R. Knost

Bangambiki Habyarimana
“Good at the wrong place and time becomes evil; evil in the right place and time becomes good.”
Bangambiki Habyarimana, Pearls Of Eternity

“In The Inhuman... Lyotard, like Weber, reminds us of the distinction between technological development and 'human' progress. He argues, in particular, that the development of technology, or 'techno-science', is driven by the quest for maximum efficiency and performance, and as such leads to the emergence of new 'inhuman' (technological) forms of control rather than to the emancipation of 'humanity'. Lyotard reasserts the instrumental nature of the modern system, arguing that 'All technology ... is an artefact allowing its users to stock more information, to improve their competence and optimize their performances'. In this view, techno-science may be seen to stand against all instances of the unknown, including the aporia of the future anterior, and thus to have little respect for forms which are different or other to itself. This is compounded by the fact that technological development is intimately connected to the drive for profit. Lyotard proposes that this directs the production of knowledge and conditions the nature of knowledge itself, for information, itself a commodity, is increasingly produced in differentiated, digestible forms ('bits') for ease of mass exchange, transmission and consumption, and with the aim of enabling the optimal performance of the global system.”
Nicholas Gane, Max Weber and Postmodern Theory: Rationalization Versus Re-enchantment

Laurence Overmire
“Glorious creation, so easy to destroy, yet the palette of possibility somehow prevails.”
Laurence Overmire, New York Minute: An Actor's Memoir

L.R. Knost
“This world is teetering
on a knife's edge.
Light and darkness.
Good and evil.
Battling for supremacy.
Every light bravely flickering
in the deep darkness
of inhumanity
shifts the balance
of the universe
toward good.
That light is you.”
L.R. Knost

L.R. Knost
“Humanity is so confusing. We cover anguish with a smile, isolate ourselves when we feel lonely, and struggle in silence while insisting we're fine. What would the world be like, I wonder, if we all felt safe enough to share our hurts and fears and battles with others so we didn't feel so alone? The human experience is not so very different at its roots, after all, no matter where we live on this hope-filled, hurting planet. We all suffer. We all love. We're all afraid. We all hope and dream and try and fail and try again...and again. And we all need to be heard and understood and appreciated. What if we tried being honest for a change? What if we shared our deepest pain and hardest battles and darkest fears with each other? What if we shared our dearest hopes and wildest dreams and proudest successes and most crushing defeats? What would life be like if we humans finally accepted our own perfectly imperfect humanity and admitted that we need each other in this wild, wonderful world?”
L.R. Knost

Sarah Perry
“What had once been grand houses were divided meanly into many small apartments, let at prices out of all proportion to what wages it was possible to earn. Rooms were sub-let, and sub-let again, so that what constituted a family had long been forgotten.”
Sarah Perry, The Essex Serpent

L.R. Knost
“Our humanity is indelibly linked to our treatment of one another. Humane treatment grows humanity. Inhumane treatment destroys humanity. At its roots, humanity is an elegantly simple equation - input equals output.”
L.R. Knost

“On Christmas Eve," Joe said, "when you were reading 'The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids' to Matty, Corrie and I were sitting on the stairs listening."

Jo looked at Lilli, his face stern.

"The bit I always remember best in that story is the bit when the wolf goes to the miller and tells him to throw flour over his paws to disguise them." He began to quote from the story: "'The miller thought to himself, "The wolf is going to harm someone," and refused to do as he was told. Then the wolf said, "If you do not do as I tell you, I will kill you." The miller was afraid, and did as he was told, and threw the flour over the wolf's paws until they were white. This is what mankind is like.'"

He repeated the final sentence.

"'This is what mankind is like.”
Peter Rushforth, Kindergarten

L.R. Knost
“Healing a hurting humanity starts with a sacred pause, to listen, to learn, to understand, to accept, to forgive, to respect. That sacred pause transcends the fear-driven brutality of the primitive human survival intinct and makes way for a thoughtful, intentional, peaceful, humane response. Peaceful coexistence on this lovely planet is not impossible. It is imperative. Our future, our humanity, our very survival depends on it.”
L.R. Knost

Ilona Andrews
“Being human in our world is synonymous with being included into the framework of society. Humanity entitles one to certain rights and privileges, but also implies voluntary acceptance of laws and rules of conduct. It transcends mere biology. It's a choice and therefore belongs solely to the individual. In essence, if a person feels they are human, then they are.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Bleeds

Charles Frazier
“Inhuman, V says. But that's an easy word. We've been doing that sort of thing to each other all through history, back past the Pyramids. Humans are inhuman, whether it's by direct action or by acceptance of a horrible action as normal.”
Charles Frazier, Varina

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