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Michael Bassey Johnson
“There's a big difference on being wise and being crafty. The former is the attribute of God, and the latter is that of Satan.”
Michael Bassey Johnson

George Sand
“La vie ressemble plus souvent à un roman qu'un roman ne ressemble à la vie."

("Life resembles a novel more often than novels resemble life.")
George Sand, Metella

Gabriel García Márquez
“ he was combing his hair in front of the mirror...only then did he understand that a man knows when he is growing older because he begins to look like his father.”
Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, Love in the Time of Cholera

Wilkie Collins
“If ever sorrow and suffering set their profaning marks on the youth and beauty of Miss Fairlie’s face, then, and then only, Anne Catherick and she would be the twin-sisters of chance resemblance, the living reflections of one another.”
Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White

Shannon L. Alder
“Is not the true respect and worship of God the exercising of our power in such a way that we are also respected?”
Shannon L. Alder

Jodi Picoult
“She is not the child that mirrors me, and yet when you put us side by side, there are definite similarities. It's not in the shape of the mouth but the set of it, the sheer determination that silvers our eyes.”
Jodi Picoult, My Sister's Keeper

“Byl nesmírně vnímavý, a to pro něho znamenalo problémy. Chápal svět úplně jinak. Nedokázal v něm normálně fungovat. Všechny ty zákonitosti, nařízení, pravidla. Možná proto si mě získal. Jako bych se viděl v zrcadle, tak mi byl ve své podstatě podobný. Můj bože, ten byl ale nešťastný!”

“It was terrible the way resemblances ran wild through the things of the world, the way one place or time mimicked another, making you feel that you were going in circles, going nowhere at all. I looked forward to becoming my own ghost, which I had been told would resemble nothing and would look uniquely like itself.”
Alexandra Kleeman, You Too Can Have a Body Like Mine

Lisa Kleypas
“How was your journey?" he asked.
"You don't have to make small talk with me," she said. "I don't like it, and I'm not very good at it."
They paused at the shade of portico, beside a sweet-scented bower of roses. Casually Lord St. Vincent leaned a shoulder against a cream-painted column. A lazy smile curved his lips as he looked down at her. "Didn't Lady Berwick teach you?"
"She tried. But I hate trying to make conversation about weather. Who cares what the temperature is? I want to talk about things like... like..."
"Yes?" he prompted as she hesitated.
"Darwin. Women's suffrage. Workhouses, war, why we're alive, if you believe in séances or spirits, if music has ever made you cry, or what vegetable you hate most..." Pandora shrugged and glanced up at him, expecting the familiar frozen expression of a man who was about to run for his life. Instead she found herself caught by his arrested stare, while the silence seemed to wrap around them.
After a moment, Lord St. Vincent said softly, "Carrots."
Bemused, Pandora tried to gather her wits. "That's the vegetable you hate most? Do you mean cooked ones?"
"Any kind of carrots."
"Out of all vegetables?" At his nod, she persisted, "What about carrot cake?"
But it's cake."
A smile flickered across his lips. "Still carrots."
Pandora wanted to argue the superiority of carrots over some truly atrocious vegetable, such as Brussels sprouts, but heir conversation was interrupted by a silky masculine voice.
"Ah, there you are. I've been sent out to fetch you."
Pandora shrank back as she saw a tall msn approach in a graceful stride. She knew instantly that he must be Lord Sy. Vincent's father- the resemblance was striking. His complexion was tanned and lightly time-weathered, with laugh-lines at the outer corners of his blue eyes. He had a full head of tawny-golden hair, handsomely silvered at the sides and temples. Having heard of his reputation as a former libertine, Pandora had expected an aging roué with coarse features and a leer... not this rather gorgeous specimen who wore his formidable presence like an elegant suit of clothes.
"My son, what can you be thinking, keeping this enchanting creature out in the heat of midday?”
Lisa Kleypas, Devil in Spring