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Shannon L. Alder
“Life is as simple as these three questions: What do I want? Why do I want it? And, how will I achieve it?”
Shannon L. Alder

Leo Tolstoy
“It can't be that life is so senseless and horrible. But if it really has been so horrible and senseless, why must I die and die in agony? There is something wrong!”
Leo Tolstoy, The Death of Ivan Ilych

E.A. Bucchianeri
“To be, or not to be: what a question!”
E.A. Bucchianeri, Faust: My Soul Be Damned for the World: Volume I

Hank Green
“I follow and cultivate my own curiosity. I think curiosity is one of the top two or three human characteristics. It's something that I really like about myself. [...] I want to understand stuff! I want to understand people! Following my curiosity so frequently leads me to better life decisions and better business decisions but also - just feeling better! You're never going to feel bad about your whole life if you loved people and you were curious. I mean, that's kind of all I want!”
Hank Green

Khadija Rupa
“Do you ever wonder, do you, why I loved you for such a long time, and still didn’t really know you?”
Khadija Rupa, Unexpressed Feelings

Neeraj Agnihotri
“How come some stories have an ending when they never had a starting?”
Neeraj Agnihotri, In The Name Of Blasphemy

Barbara Brown Taylor
“Religions are treasure chests of stories, songs, rituals, and ways of life that have been handed down for millennia - not covered in dust but evolving all the way- so that each new generation has something to choose from when it is time to ask the big questions in life. Where did we come from? Why do bad things happen to good people? Who is my neighbor? Where do we go from here? No one should have to start from scratch with questions like these. Overhearing the answers of the world's great religions can help anyone improve his or her own answers. Without a religion, these questions often do not get asked.”
barbara brown taylor, Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others

Mallika Nawal
“The questions came...hurling at the balls from a baseball pitching machine...just one after the other without a care or concern of where they went - but he couldn't hit them, he didn't have a baseball bat - he only had a toothpick!”
Mallika Nawal, I'm a Woman & I'm on SALE

“Thousand people, thousand hearts, thousand opinions;
One truth.”
Sandesh Hukpachongbang

“Life is full of unanswerable questions including how to live and what to live for. It takes extreme courage to live honestly by a person’s beliefs and never rest until a person achieves the type of life that he or she envisions.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Talismanist Giebra
“Could you exist just for the art of existence?”
Talismanist Giebra, Talismanist: Fragments of the Ancient Fire. Philosophy of Fragmentism Series.

“What is happening in your world right now is your message, your sign, your omen...
Everything you want to "know" is found in the way you love, the way you live, and how you respond to life.”
debbie lynn - 360 degrees full circle

“The question is the answer.”
Thomas Vato, Questology

Carson McCullers
“What did he understand? Nothing. Where was he headed? Nowhere. What did he want? To know. What? A meaning. Why? A riddle.”
Carson McCullers, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

“Many life-affirming questions lead to an endless spool of disconcerting propositions and contradictory conclusions, and even more troubling, some queries prove unanswerable.”
Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls

Lailah Gifty Akita
“If today is all you have to live, what will you do?”
Lailah Gifty Akita

Adhish Mazumder
“Does it scare you to break inside or are you hiding the remnants of a broken you?”
Adhish Mazumder

Mehmet Murat ildan
“What do you really want in life? This is a dangerous question because you may lose a great many years to find an answer! Don’t ask! Don’t waste your time! Life will give the answers of the questions you have not even asked!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

“Böylesine güzel bir gökyüzünün altında, bu kadar kötü insan nasıl yaşayabiliyordu...”
Dostoevskij F.

Manoj Arora
“Doubts are good. Confusion is excellent. Questions are awesome.
All these are attempts to expand the wisdom of mind.”
Manoj Arora, Dream On

Paullina Simons
“Ask yourself three questions [...] and you will know who you are. Ask: what do you believe in? What do you hope for? But most important - ask: what do you love?”
Paullina Simons, The Bronze Horseman

Sarah Hall
“Why is a useless question, an unknowable object. But to suspend thought is impossible. The mind is made perfectly of possibilities.”
Sarah Hall, Mrs. Fox

“Why I Cannot Relate

"What do you think of this piece?" Someone will ask
About some work or form of expression in time
What does it mean? They want
To tell them my thoughts
But sometimes
My thoughts run so deep I cannot tell them
So instead I want to say
i DoNt KnOw
Because that is the only thing that makes sense to them
I cannot relate sometimes
Frustration of society
So I seclude myself
But I actually would like to find that one person
Who would like to know those thoughts I cannot express
That person will take the time
To relate
Truly understand
So that way when I say
i DoNt KnOw
They will actually realize
That I know much more.”
Kylee Carrier

“Imagine standing in a room in a large museum. As you look around the dimly lit gallery, you begin to recognize shapes: a basket, an arrow, a beautifully decorated carving, a shield. Some of the objects are unrecognizable to you. What if these objects could speak? What would they tell you about themselves? How have they been used? Where did they come from? How did they get to this museum? Whom do they belong to?”
Ari Berk & Carolyn Dunn

Padgett Powell
“ If you could trade out and be, say, Godzilla, wouldn't you jump on it, dear? Couldn't you then forgo your bad haircuts and dour wardrobe and moping ways and begin to have some fun, as Godzilla? What might we have to give you to induce you to become Godzilla and leave us alone? Shall we await your answer?”
Padgett Powell, The Interrogative Mood

“​The ​currency to purchase the token of truth begins with ​proper phrasing of the query.

It is the ill-considered question that too often
​​creates the false illusion of a binary objective reality wherein two sides can claim equal validity.”
Brian Goedken

Aimee Herman
“And then I remember Aunt Wenda saying, “Well, isn’t this just like life. Feels like it’s all together, but there is always, always something missing. Something amiss.”
Aimee Herman, Everything Grows

Richie Norton
“Questions open a space in your mind that allow better answers to breathe.”
Richie Norton

“What is Strange and disconcerting about Jesus is the fact that he rarely makes demands. The style of teaching he engages in is not rote on memorization or indoctrination but Socratic, propositional and inductive. The listener is invited to explore and come to a conclusion. It is the desire of Christ for his audience to reach a conclusion and not be told what to think.
Stories, sayings, reversals, parables and other forms of teaching used by Jesus are not good teaching tools for people who seek simplistic answers. Jesus teaches but requires more of a listener. We are invited to join the journey, wrestle with our assumptions, confront our spiritual bigotry and struggle with the humbling mystery and profound profundity of God.
This is HARD faith, especially for the modern reader. We want the speaker to tell us what to think. We want our stories tidy, without complication, and we do not want questions designed to coerce us beyond easy answers. This is the LIFE and MINISTRY of Jesus. He was a walking mobile university, a theological gadfly, a spiritual teacher and Savior who cannot be contained by tradition, conformity or assimilation. Jesus is loose in the world quietly upending all assumptions, ideas and concepts we hold true.”
Otis Moss II

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