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Josh Sundquist
“I kiss [her] even though I know that if you kiss a girl before you are married to her you might get AIDS.”
Josh Sundquist, Just Don't Fall: How I Grew Up, Conquered Illness, and Made It Down the Mountain

Jessica Verdi
“That’s the point. This healthy-feeling time now just feels like a tease. Like I’m in this holding pattern, flying in smooth circles within sight of the airport, in super-comfortable first class. But I can’t enjoy the in-flight movie or free chocolate chip cookies because I know that before the airport is able to make room for us, the plane is going to run out of fuel, and we’re going to crash-land into a fiery, agonizing death.”
Jessica Verdi, My Life After Now

Tracy Hickman
“[P]eople only make decisions based on what they know. You can have everyone in the country vote freely and democratically and still come up with the wrong answer - if the information they base that decision on is wrong.

People don't want the truth [when] it is complicated. They don't want to spend years debating an issue. They want it homogenized, sanitized, and above all, simplified into terms they can understand...Governments are often criticized for moving slowly, but that deliberateness, it turns out, is their strength. They take time to think through complex problems before they act. People, however, are different. People react first from the gut and then from the head...give that knee-jerk reflex real power to make its overwhelming will known as a national mandate instantly and you can cause a political riot.

Combine these sins - simplification of information and instant, visceral democratic mandates - and you lose the ability to cool down. There is no longer deliberation time between events that may or may not be true and our reaction to them. Policy becomes instinct rather than thought.”
Tracy Hickman, The Immortals

Tracy Hickman
“[A] couple I had known - who were old friends - asked me what I was going to work on next. I told them I wanted to write a near future book about AIDS concentration camps. They were vehement in their response: they thought it was a terrible idea. Their words both shocked and saddened me. "Do you really want to write a book about homosexuals?" they asked me. "Won't people who read your work be influenced toward sin?"

I notice that I don't hear from them much lately.”
Tracy Hickman, The Immortals

“To engage in activism that envisions alternatives ways of organizing society and alternative ways of being is to risk membership in society, a sense of belonging, however partial it may be. Activism can make us vulnerable because it is so obviously about wanting something beyond what is, and to have a political desire often is construed as wanting too much.”
Deborah B. Gould, Moving Politics: Emotion and ACT UP's Fight against AIDS

Bret Easton Ellis
“What you need is a chick from Camden,' Van Patten says, after recovering from McDermott's statement.

Oh great,' I say. 'Some chick who thinks it's okay to fuck her brother.'

Yeah, but they think AIDS is a new band from England,' Price points out.

Where's dinner?' Van Patten asks, absently studying the question scrawled on his napkin. 'Where the fuck are we going?'

It's really funny that girls think guys are concerned with that, with diseases and stuff,' Van Patten says, shaking his head.

I'm not gonna wear a fucking condom,' McDermott announces.

I have read this article I've Xeroxed,' Van Patten says, 'and it says our chances of catching that are like zero zero zero zero point half a decimal percentage or something, and this no matter what kind of scumbag, slutbucket, horndog chick we end up boffing.'

Guys just cannot get it.'

Well, not white guys.”
Bret Easton Ellis
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Timothy Conigrave
“You are a hole in my life, a black hole. Anything I place there cannot be returned. I miss you terribly. Ci vedremo lassu, angelo.”
Timothy Conigrave, Holding the Man

Nicholas D. Kristof
“Conservatives, who have presumed that the key to preventing AIDS is abstinence-only education, and liberals, who have focused on distribution of condoms, should both note that the intervention that has tested most cost-effective in Africa is neither... Secular bleeding hearts and religious bleeding hearts will have to forge a common cause.”
Nicholas D. Kristof

David Foster Wallace
“Trite though it (used to) sound, real sexuality is about our struggles to connect with one another, to erect bridges across the chasms that separate selves. Sexuality is, finally, about imagination. Thanks to brave people's recognition of AIDS as a fact of life, we are beginning to realize that highly charged sex can take place in all sorts of ways we'd forgotten or neglected—in a conversational nuance; in a body's posture, a certain pressure in a held hand. Sex can be everywhere we are, all the time.”
David Foster Wallace, Both Flesh and Not: Essays

Deanna Lynn Sletten
“Darla shook her head, a small smirk on her lips. “You’re such a mom,” she told Katherine.
Katherine stared at her, puzzled. “You’re a mom, too,” she said softly.
“No, I gave birth. That doesn’t make me a mom. Not like you.”
A look passed between the two women like none they had ever shared before. For a split second, Katherine felt a slight connection. “Well, you rest. I’ll check on you later.” She turned and left the room, a funny, unexplainable feeling inside her.”
Deanna Lynn Sletten, Widow, Virgin, Whore

Enock Maregesi
“Kuamini (mbali na imani, ambayo ni nia ya kujua kisichoweza kujulikana) ni kwa ajili ya vitu usivyoweza kuvielezea. Unaamini kwamba siku moja dawa ya UKIMWI au saratani itapatikana mahali fulani, ilhali huwezi kufanya majaribio ya kisayansi kulithibitisha hilo. Unaweza kusubiri hata miaka mia, lakini kama bado dawa haijapatikana, unaweza kusubiri hata miaka mingine mia. Kuamini ni kujifanya kujua (na mara nyingi kujifanya kujua ni uongo) na kuamini hakuhitaji maarifa. Kujua kunahitaji maarifa na ni kuamini unakoweza kukuthibitisha. Ukiniuliza kama simu yangu ipo mfukoni nitakwambia ndiyo ipo, kwa sababu nitaingiza mkono mfukoni na kuitoa na kuiona. Siamini kama ipo mfukoni, najua.”
Enock Maregesi

Essex Hemphill
“American Wedding

In america,
I place my ring
on your cock
where it belongs.
No horsemen
bearing terror,
no soldiers of doom
will swoop in
and sweep us apart.
They’re too busy
looting the land
to watch us.
They don’t know
we need each other
They expect us to call in sick,
watch television all night,
die by our own hands.
They don’t know
we are becoming powerful.
Every time we kiss
we confirm the new world coming.

What the rose whispers
before blooming
I vow to you.
I give you my heart,
a safe house.
I give you promises other than
milk, honey, liberty.
I assume you will always
be a free man with a dream.
In america,
place your ring
on my cock
where it belongs.
Long may we live
to free this dream.”
Essex Hemphill, Ceremonies: Prose and Poetry
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Essex Hemphill
“Now We Think

Now we think
as we fuck
this nut
might kill us.
There might be
a pin-sized hole
in the condom.
A lethal leak.
We stop kissing
tall dark strangers,
sucking mustaches,
putting lips
We return to pictures.
Toys. Recent lovers.
Private lives.
Now we think
as we fuck
this nut might kill.
this kiss could turn
to stone.”
Essex Hemphill
tags: aids

Siddhartha Mukherjee
“When a disease insinuates itself so potently into the imagination of an era, it is often because it impinges on an anxiety latent within that imagination. AIDS loomed so large on the 1980s in part because this was a generation inherently haunted by its sexuality and freedom; SARS set off a panic about global spread and contagion at a time when globalism and social contagion were issues simmering nervously in the West. Every era casts illness in its own image. Society, like the ultimate psychosomatic patient, matches its medical afflictions to its psychological crises; when a disease touches such a visceral chord, it is often because that chord is already resonating.”
Siddhartha Mukherjee, The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer

Rush Limbaugh
“The worst of all of this is the lie that condoms really protect against AIDS. The condom failure rate can be as high as 20 percent. Would you get on a plane — or put your children on a plane — if one of five passengers would be killed on the flight? Well, the statistic holds for condoms, folks.”
Rush Limbaugh, The Way Things Ought to Be

Christina Engela
“Is the drive to refuse gay blood a fear of contracting HIV/AIDS, or is it an embodiment of the irrational fear that receiving blood from gay people will somehow make them gay?”
Christina Engela, Inanna Rising: Women Forged in Fire

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Some men would not still be HIV negative or alive, if they had managed to sleep with some of the women with whom they want or wanted to have sex.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Tom  Glenn
“Post-Traumatic Stress Injury isn't a disease. It's a wound to the soul that never heals.”
Tom Glenn

Harold Brodkey
“For the next two weeks, the world and all other issues would be omitted. We were two people alone in a hospital room. We allowed no visitors. We had two weeks of near-silence with each other and my increasing helplessness. I tended to tangle the IV and misplace the oxygen tube. As I started to say earlier, I could feel no sensible interest in the future. The moments became extraordinarily dimensionless - not without value but flat and a great deal emptier. When you learn you're fatally ill, time becomes very confusing, perhaps uninteresting, pedestrian. But my not caring if I lived or died hurt Ellen. And I was grateful that I could indulge my cowardice toward death in terms of living for her.”
Harold Brodkey, This Wild Darkness: The Story of My Death

Garth Ennis
“All right, funny man. Some of the shite I've seen in the last couple o' years makes AIDS monkeys sound downright sensible.”
Garth Ennis, The Boys, Volume 9: The Big Ride

James C. Dobson
“If we conform our behavior to God’s ancient moral prescription, we are entitled to the sweet benefits of life. But if we defy its imperatives, then death is the inevitable consequence. AIDS is only one avenue by which sickness and death befall those who play Russian roulette with God’s eternal moral law.”
James C. Dobson, Life on the Edge: The Next Generation's Guide to a Meaningful Future

Abraham Verghese
“Now the hurt, angry and scared little boy was easy to spot behind the mawkish facade. Carol and I made calls and got Raleigh admitted to a halfway house where he could stay temporarily. I called Fred Goodson and had him come see Raleigh and bring him into their newly formed support group. Though we had given Raleigh information about TAP and the support group, it had probably been too much to expect him to follow up on his own. In putting Raleigh under Fred’s care, I had as secure a feeling as if I had put him in professional therapy. Joyce, my secretary at the VA, explored a job-training possibility for Raleigh.

What had happened to Raleigh was a forceful reminder to me that there was a lot I could do, a lot I had to do, for our patients even if we had no therapy for HIV. I could no longer sit and be the consultant and pontificate over the progression (or lack thereof) of the disease; I was providing primary care, total care for this group of patients, whether I liked it or not.”
Abraham Verghese, My Own Country: A Doctor's Story

Banana Yoshimoto
“Ganz unabhängig davon, daß wir uns schon lange nicht mehr geküsst und auch keinen Sex mehr miteinander hatten... ich würde nie wieder inmitten der Dunkelheit so unbefangen, wie man einen Schluck Wasser trinkt, alles mit ihm teilen können...”
Banana Yoshimoto, Sly

Adam Haslett
“Kind of gay? I wanted to say. Do you have any notion how many homosexuals sweated their ass off on the dance floor to make this soaring bit of derivative trash possible? How many died of AIDS, OD'd, or went broke on the way to that girl from Texas cutting a deal...”
Adam Haslett, Imagine Me Gone

Derek Jarman
“The Gautama Buddha instructs me to walk away from illness. But he wasn't attached to a drip.”
Derek Jarman

Keith Haring
“There is one question George is asked about life and art and which is more important, and
George said art is more important because it is immortal. This struck a very deep note inside me. For I am quite aware of the chance that I have or will have AIDS.
The odds are very great and, in fact, the symptoms already exist. My friends are dropping like flies and I know in my heart that it is only divine intervention that has kept me alive this long. I don’t know if I have five months or five years, but I know my days are numbered.
This is why my activities and projects are so important now. To do as much as possible as quickly as possible. I’m sure that what will live on after I die is important enough to make sacrifices of my personal luxury and leisure time. Work is all I have and art is more important than life.”
Keith Haring, Keith Haring Journals

Rabih Alameddine
“...I wondered at times whether I would wake up and this would be just a bad dream, a nightmare that I could wish away, I had the same fantasy when you were sick, Doc, that I would one day wake up and you all would be healthy and alive.”
Rabih Alameddine, The Angel of History

Caio Fernando Abreu
“Você não grita nem acorda. Não há terror, mesmo sendo aterrorizante: é assim que é. E pior ainda, não se trata de um sonho. Começa a amanhecer. Ou a anoitecer. Ninguém sabe quando passa o trem. Nem para onde vai. E não se leva nada. Isso é tudo que sabemos.”
Caio Fernando Abreu, Pequenas Epifanias

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