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July 18, 2018

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Also my blog on my website www.pjroscoe.co.uk - is about handfasting
Summer blessings
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July 13, 2018

Above is a link to my website page where you will find my books so far available as audio books. A third faerie book is due any moment.
What do you think of audio? Prefer them to reading? or do you like to touch the book, feel the paper and immerse completely in the story that is unfolding?
I have a confession to make. I have never listened to an audio book. When in my car driving, I listen to music. When reading, I prefer to read a paperback book. I didn't like people reading to me as a child. For me, reading and immersing myself completely into a book was a private affair.
I have spoken with many people who agree with me, but also met a lot of people who have found a growing joy from listening to books, whether it is in the car, bus, train, or sitting in the garden, home or park. The growing number of people preferring audio astounded me and so I am excited for the audio drama's to come out to the world next year.
Yes, that's right. Sorry folks. The audio drama's have been delayed a whole year which is frustrating as from what I've heard so far, they are brilliant, exactly like a film, but they must be perfect and so, a slight delay is preferable than throwing out any old nonsense - right?
So, audio or paperback/e-book - what's your preference? Does it matter as long as the story invokes emotion and interest?
Enjoy whatever you do. Love life
Paula :)

Adventures of Faerie folk Volume two

Freya's Child
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June 8, 2018

Do you ever feel as if you're standing on a precipice and at any moment, you can jump off and fly?
I feel like this and have done for a while. I am waiting for so many wonderful things to occur, my feet are getting restless! :)
Diary of Margery Blake is coming to America with me in October for my Savannah book tour with Doce Blant publishing. (More info soon)
Diary of Margery Blake is due out as an audio drama later this summer. Delays have meant I haven't seen the script yet, but have been assured any time now.
Third faerie book due out any moment via www.crimsoncloakpublishing
Narrating another authors book later in the year, details to follow.
Working on my non-fiction book, Thirteen Hauntings - getting responses from haunted locations around Wales. Moving out into England now. If you have a haunted location, pub, home, workplace - contact me, perhaps I can help.
Working on my own books for audio which is slow going, but slowly slowly catchy monkey - whatever the hell that means!!!
Life does not stop. It moves at a pace which defines how I feel at any given time. Right now it is frustration and restlessness, but trust is also strong, that all will fit into place when it is meant to.
May your lives be moving at a loving pace. Enjoy. Embrace. Love


Diary of Margery Blake
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May 1, 2018

10 minutes till I begin my live mediumship reading. Join me - it might be for you...?
I do this every Tuesday around 6.30/45pm Uk time on my facebook page - P.J Roscoe storylady
Five minutes...
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Published on May 01, 2018 10:41 • 57 views • Tags: clairsentience, clairvoyance, mediumship, spirit, spiritreading, spiritual

April 9, 2018

Yes, I am travelling across the sea to meet my American readers. I have been asked to attend the Tybee Pirate festival and visit book stores around Savannah, Georgia, the haunted capital of USA - apparently!
So my book tour of Echoes with www.doceblantpublishing.com will be between 3-9th October 2018.
I will be selling and signing books along with offering spirit readings at half price to a few lucky readers who buy my book within a limited time at the pirate festival.
(More info on this nearer the time so keep watching my blogs)
Along with signing and chatting about books, I am visiting cemeteries and haunted locations to meet any spirits who would like to chat. A pirate house, brothel (Old one!!) and two particular cemeteries if time.
If you have any suggestions for a haunted location in the Savannah area - perhaps you live in Savannah and have a haunting you need help with, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Only visiting for a week, so time is limited, but if I can help, I'll try my best.
On that note, I now offer spirit readings via skype/Fb for only £25 for at least a half hour, usually more as spirits do like to chat!
I never know how it'll be, but they tend to show me pictures, give me messages, show me memories - anything goes really so loved ones who have passed can let you know they are around for you.
Contact me via paulajroscoe@gmail.com to make an appointment.
If in Savannah - come down and lets meet in person for a spirit reading, or chat - I want to meet you.
Have a great day
Hi Paula,
Thanks so much for this reading. My Mom & Sisters are amazed at the Gram contact (testimony)
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January 23, 2018

January 23rd - nearly finished! This cold, dark, dreary month has always been difficult living in North Wales.
It's freezing - causing numb fingers and almost constant goosebumps. A soft, warm, blanket is never far away to snuggle into, neither is my strong, warm man who holds me close to share bodily warmth.
It's dark - eyes that refuse to awaken and needing lashings of hot tea to urge them to focus on the coming dawn - which are beautiful breathtaking to see as the sun rises over the hill and birds begin their songs to welcome the day.
Nothing to look forward to - except my husbands birthday on the 18th which we celebrate with friends, filling the room with laughter and joy.
It is easy to see the dark side of things, but when we truly look, there is always light.

I am enjoying writing my next novel, 'Realms' and await the editing of my fifth novel, 'Where Rivers Meet' with www.DoceBlantpublishing.com which will be an exciting adventure to come.

I await the reviews to come in and names to be added to the growing list of possible winners who I will speak with and give a free spirit reading via skype. The deadline is 12th February 2018 - buy any book of mine - leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads and contact me.

For joining my newsletter at www.pjroscoe.co.uk you can enjoy two meditations I was drawn to put together and many more free gifts coming later this year. Spread the happiness and connection.

Wishing you all a blessed new year. Find the light and feel the warmth of love.
Paula xx
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Published on January 23, 2018 03:47 • 333 views • Tags: author, birthday, blessings, books, dark, dawn, depressing, husband, january, light, month, mother, p-j-roscoe, sunshine, wife

December 18, 2017

So, if you like what you read - consider buying it to curl up with during these cold months - a nice hot chocolate by your side, a cosy blanket wrapped around your shoulders, a warm fire burning in the fireplace - perfect.
Between Worlds is available from www.crimsoncloakpublishing.com

Check out my website www.pjroscoe.co.uk for other free gifts when you sign up for my newsletter
Many blessings of Yule to you all. May the goddess bring you all you need for happiness and joy
P.J Roscoe xx
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December 7, 2017

Hello all you lovely people,
December is upon us and it is bloody freezing here in North Wales! So, November crazy writing is over - how did you do? Did you get that novel finished? That novella begun? That short story started and sent off?
I finished my pirate story as planned AND I penned another short story for a writing competition. What I didn't get finished was the Diary of Margery Blake audio - because - I was approached by an audio book company who asked me to join their narrators. I had to submit up to ten different samples (I gave them six), so that was exciting and kept me busy for a week. I have also begun putting together meditation sessions and so that has been about learning Audacity a little more and learning how to sample music, my voice etc. These will be offered for free when you sign up for my monthly newsletter when you go to www.pjroscoe.co.uk and find the link in the contents. 'P.J's newsletter and free gifts.'

Buy a book and leave a review on Amazon to be in with the chance of having a free spiritual reading with me. I will choose a name at random every few months. Names taken between now and the middle of February will have a half hour session with me via skype. So buy a book, in any format, leave a review and contact me via my website www.pjroscoe.co.uk on the contact page and I shall add your name to the list. Those who buy my books directly from me and leave a review, when contacting me, just tell me where/when you bought it and you'll be added to the list of possible winners, plus you'll get a code to purchase your other free gifts.
You can already purchase free gifts from crimsoncloakpublishing.com. If you like wordsearches/colouring pictures- then pop over and receive your freebies of my books and others
http://main.crimsoncloakpublishing.co... Some fantastic colouring in pages for all ages to download.
Free gifts will become available regularly, meditations, free short stories, sub-plots of my books etc.

This is all about combining all that I am - author/healer/medium.

Love and blessings
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November 6, 2017

November is upon us and by now thousands if not millions of writers, authors and those starting out on their writing journey are busy writing, typing and however else they can, to get their novels, novella's, short stories, screenplays and audio books either finished or at least make a dent in its creation through this month.
It's known as NANOWRIMO
Getting that novel done in 30 days - what a challenge.
Some attempt to write a minimum of a 1000 words a day - creating a 30,000 novella in a month. other's attempt a minimum of 50,000 words in a month to really push the boundaries. I heard from one author this month who is attempting to create an 80,000 word book and he works full time - now that is commitment.
However, having never read anything created during one such November frenzy, it is impossible to say whether these works are actually any good, or whether this is the first draft frenzied attack on a possible novel further along the writing chain.
I have never attempted it. Firstly, I don't wait till November to be creating - I write something every day. Secondly, I know that my life first and foremost evolves around my family. An adult daughter with special needs is time consuming, exhausting and is my first priority. To add another challenge to my day which in turn would cause stress - is not something that I'd relish. I know this is supposed to be a 'fun' thing to do, but many take it extremely seriously - which is not a bad thing, just something I cannot do all the time.
My writing is a serious business, don't get me wrong. I am Mum, author, in that order most of the time, however, during week days when Megan is in college, author is on! Yet there are so many distractions of life.
I gave a book-signing/talk recently and the question of writing every day came up.
I do write every day, but it may not be what I actually want to write. I am half way through my sixth novel, yet I have not been able to sit and continue writing it due to half term, various book signing commitments and networking, marketing, blogs, short stories, FB, twitter, Pinterest, emails, other commitments etc etc etc. Life can get in the way of what we truly want - but I never lose sight of it. it is always there and I try to work my way back to it.
Though, in truth, 'Realms' is not a huge priority as I have another novel, 'Where Rivers Meet' sitting in a queue with the publishers waiting to see if it will be accepted. if it is, then that is a year or so of editing etc and then a while to see if that sells enough to justify another novel - so 'Realms' may not see the light for a long time.
And so, this November, my priorities are:
Finish a pirate story for Doce Blant anthology
Finish audio book of 'Diary of Margery Blake'
Try and sort out audio book for 'Freya's Child' as that has become my nemesis to get that onto publishers website and Audible who keep knocking it back for weird reasons.

For those who ask me about writing I say this - WRITE! Don't think about it, don't question it - write about anything and everything - get your mindset into describing everything you see, hear and feel. Use words you're unfamiliar with. Read. And then find something to focus your talent - be it a writing competition, local writing group, find what makes your heart and soul sing and live it, love it.

Enjoy life and stay warm this busy November

Love and blessings
P.J Roscoe

P.J Roscoe

Between Worlds
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November 1, 2017

Well, it's November 1st and All Hallow's Eve, Halloween, Samhain is over for another year. Today is known as 'All Saint's Day' for christians, I call it, my ancestors day. The scary night has ended, when the veil between this world and the next is at its weakest and we do our various rituals to keep the ghosts and spirits at bay. We hide behind grotesque masks, we play tricks or gather treats, we light candles within various vegetables to ward off the dead, but now comes the calm before the next storm - Bonfire night.
I struggle with this one. We celebrate something horrendous. A man torn to pieces, tortured, maimed and finally murdered, purely because of religion - why?
Halloween I understand. It is a centuries ancient rite to the old gods of which our ancestors used to help them make sense of their world. But bonfire night? What is it we are trying to make sense of? How could our ancestors have allowed religion to discriminate between people so badly that they tortured and murdered those who did not follow what others deemed right? From what I can understand, it all boiled down to a bible. They agreed on a God, but apparently he was different depending on what book you read? Henry VIII has a lot to answer for - not only murdering his wives and anyone he didn't like, but creating a belief that separated human beings.
I hope Guy Fawkes and all the other men who helped with the gunpowder plot are laughing at such a farce.!!
So November is also Nanomono something or other!!! I can never remember what it actually is - and I'm an author! Writing so many words a day to finish a novel. One author told me it is a very stressful time - so why do it? Life should not be stressful, so why help it become so?
I am writing a short story on a pirate theme for my publisher's anthology and I hope to finish putting 'Diary of Margery Blake' onto audio so she's ready to go when my publishers want her. if they don't, I will. I have an account on Audible.
So, don't stress about November - the dark, empty month before the chaos of December! Find the joy in all that you do. be it staring at a large bonfire with a straw man burning to death within the flames - or getting treacle toffee stuck in your teeth!! Or, writing that novel, short story or walking among nature as the leaves turn red and golden. Live life and love.

Many blessings


Diary of Margery Blake

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