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Moderators of NBRC | 25547 comments

                   As It Flows Challenge

Duration: One Month

• Read whatever books you want.
• After you read each book, add one sentence including the book title to the story.
• Every book you read during the month must be used.
• Only one sentence may be used per book title.
• Write the story as the month progresses to see where it takes you.

• Beginner - Open beginning and ending. 2 Helps.
• Intermediate - Specific beginning, open ending. 1 Help.
• Advanced - Specific beginning, specific ending. No Helps.
• Endless - Specific beginning, specific ending. No Helps. 25+ books
For Endless, continue after one month until reaching 25+ books.

Helps: (cost one Help each)
• Swap two books and re-write the sentences after the first of the two books
• Re-write your story
• Remove a book you have read
• Add a filler sentence with no book title.

Specific Beginnings: (choose one for Intermediate and Advanced levels)
Note: Pronouns may be changed to the correct gender.
• It was a dark and stormy night, pitch black except for a glow that came from a small white kitten.
• Sometimes the best things in life really are free.
• His night started out alright, but it quickly deteriorated after finding anchovies on his pizza.
• Antelopes were one of the most favorite foods of lions, that is, before they decided to fight back.
• Sword in hand, Gregoff rushed into battle.

Specific Endings: (choose one for Advanced level)
Note: Pronouns may be changed to the correct gender.
• It all seemed to work out, and that as they say, is that.
• Missions like this never seem to work out well and this one was certainly evidence of that.
• As he ran out into the woods, he saw a faint glimmering light in front of him and followed it.
• She ached for something more or at least for some aspirin.
• Following the tragic events of the day, all he wanted to do was go home and fall asleep.

Example: 5 Books Read - Beginner Level
1) The Hunger Games
2) A Modern Witch
3) Yes Please
4) The Silver Sea
5) And Then There Were None

It was the 50th year of The Hunger Games. I, A Modern Witch of the times, and my friend Heidi were enjoying the festivities.

A caramel apple seller calls out and we yell back "Yes Please!" and collect our apples. Strolling along we come up and sit along The Silver Sea and watch the boats pass.

Suddenly, there was a giant tidal wave that swept the boats away And Then There Were None.

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Moderators of NBRC | 25547 comments Emerald Coin Reading Challenges ~ Emerald Coin Emerald Coin

Earn your Emerald Coins with Reading Challenges joined on or after April 1, 2016.

To Earn an Emerald Coin:
Emerald Coin One Coin upon reaching highest book level (Endless)

Learn about Gem coins here

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Moderators of NBRC | 25547 comments .

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Moderators of NBRC | 25547 comments .

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LaLine | 411 comments ~~~EDIT: FINISHED August 8, 2016~~~

Oh, this sounds like fun! I'm in. I want a coin so I'll go with the Endless level.

Start date: July 8, 2016
Level: Endless (25+ books)
Specific Opening: Her night started out alright, but it quickly deteriorated after finding anchovies on her pizza.
Specific Ending: Following the tragic events of the day, all she wanted to do was go home and fall asleep.


Her night started out alright, but it quickly deteriorated after finding anchovies on her pizza. Eating hot pizza during a Heat Wave was hard enough, but anchovies?! It was almost enough for her to commit A Murder in Time for the 11 o'clock news. She could almost hear the newscaster's intro to the story: Heat and salty fish lead to The Iron Trial.

Speaking of murders, her friend, Kafka, was one of the city's medical examiners and he said The Cereal Murders had filled his morgue to capacity. With how hot it was, she could almost envy the stiffs across town at The Jennifer Morgue. They at least had An Ice Cold Grave awaiting them while she was stuck sweltering away during this overly hot summer. But then again, there's nothing like Home Sweet Home.

Ellie glanced at the muted TV to see the end credits of Stonefather scrolling into the ether. Idly she wondered out loud about her friend: "was Kafka on the Shore tonight?" "No, he's probably on The Night Watch," she murmured to herself. If he'd ended up with anchovies on his pizza she'd have had to change his name to "He Shall Thunder in the Sky", he'd have been so angry.

Out of the corner of her eye, movement indicated that "Taran Wanderer" - her nickname for the homeless guy who had taken up residence two streets down behind the furniture store - had started his nightly rummaging of the dumpster at the end of the alley. The dumpster was attached to The Iron Ring on the bollard blocking traffic from entering the alley, otherwise he'd probably have dragged it away with him. She'd only gotten close enough to him once to see his eyes and they were a deliciously cool Ice Blue. She knew he was a down-on-his-luck veteran who avoided people, but those eyes made her wish he was The One and Only Ivan in her life.

With a sigh, she turned her daydreams to something a little cooler than her current position sitting on the fire escape outside her hot city apartment: her Little House in the Big Woods. She so wished her make-believe cottage was real and that she could live there, or maybe in her make-believe Palace of Stone - really, any place would be cooler than here right now!

Suddenly, she heard a tramping sound and craned her head to see Figures In Silk marching - yes, marching! - around the corner and down the street directly towards her. It was A Monstrous Regiment of Women, their steps in perfect cadence with one another.

The group was heading in the direction of the theater, affectionately called Northanger Abbey due to the fake stone crenelations and Gothic-looking cross the owner had installed a few years ago during a failed Halloween advertising campaign. Currently, the Abbey was playing an indie show called The Assassin and the Desert, a story about revolution in Egypt.

Ellie thought it sheer Folly that anyone would want to get even remotely close to the Abbey this time of year. Everyone knows that once Summer Begins, strange things happen at the theater. Well, maybe not in the theater itself, but in what Lies Beneath the building - the catacombs of the old and now defunct city sewer system. It was said that even Artemis Fowl himself refused to go down there. He was very courageous, but whatever it was that Hunted down there, it had him terrified. Even the Sorcerer to the Crown had shuddered this morning when he announced the Princess had disappeared and it was feared that she had wandered into the catacombs when no one was watching. Since no one had survived the catacombs before, The Princess and the Goblin - the ugly but magical creature that acted as her bodyguard and never left her side - were considered deceased.

The announcement had included the information that The Last Suppers for the Princess and her bodyguard would be held tomorrow, after the ceremony of burning. Following the tragic events of the day, all she wanted to do was go home and fall asleep.


1. Heat Wave (Jul 8)
2. A Murder in Time (Jul 9)
3. The Iron Trial (Jul 9)
4. The Cereal Murders (Jul 10)
5. The Jennifer Morgue (Jul 11)
6. An Ice Cold Grave (Jul 11)
7. Home Sweet Home (Jul 12)
8. Stonefather (Jul 12)
9. Kafka on the Shore (Jul 16)
10. The Night Watch (Jul 17)
11. He Shall Thunder in the Sky (Jul 17)
12. Taran Wanderer (Jul 18)
13. The Iron Ring (Jul 18)
14. Ice Blue (Jul 18)
15. The One and Only Ivan (Jul 19)
16. Little House in the Big Woods (Jul 19)
17. Palace of Stone (Jul 19)
18. Figures In Silk (Jul 20)
19. A Monstrous Regiment of Women (Jul 21)
20. Northanger Abbey (Jul 21)
21. The Assassin and the Desert (Jul 21)
22. Folly (Jul 23)
23. Summer Begins (Jul 24)
24. Lies Beneath (Jul 27)
25. Artemis Fowl (Jul 31)
26. Hunted (Aug 6)
27. Sorcerer to the Crown (Aug 6)
28. The Princess and the Goblin (Aug 7)
29. The Last Suppers (Aug 7)

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Kelly (LadyKatala) | 5010 comments Welcome to the challenge LaLine :)

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Taylor | 69 comments I love this idea!!

As It Flows Challenge
7 Jul 16 - present

Endless (25+ books)
Completed: 14

Sword in hand, Gregoff rushed into battle. Inspired by The Silmarillion, the lore of the magnificent elf-made jewels of legend, the Silmarils, which gleamed with the light of the realm of the gods, Gregoff had placed a fiery red gem in the hilt of his sword when he had wrought the weapon, and that fire glowed and burned within him, too, as he lunged at his enemy. It was just as well: the creature he fought was an otherworldly shadow from the The Tombs of Atuan, and in the face of such darkness, the gem's illumination kept fear, on which the thing preyed, at bay. It was a battle the likes of which had not been seen since the Age of Myth, when great heroes had arisen to rid the world of the loathsome ancestors of that shadow creature.

When the Sorcerer to the Crown had announced the monsters' return, Gregoff was one of many second sons who had picked up their fathers' swords and headed out into the wastelands to face the shadow fiends. The sorcerer, known as The Great Gatsby, had magically broadcasted the announcement across the kingdom so that his voice rang in the ears of all the king's subjects. "The portal to The Land of Smaerd has opened once again," he had declared, "and as before, nightmares walk among us." The sorcerer had gone on to describe the various monstrosities a brave warrior might face if he chose to march out into the wastelands and engage these shadow fiends in battle, and one had stood out to Gregoff among the rest, one that sent chills down his spine: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

" I See Kitty gave ye her love," growled grizzled Ventor nearby, interrupting Gregoff's thoughts as his sword sliced through another wraith. He knew that Ventor was referring to the ribbon Katherine, the woman Gregoff had been sweet on since childhood, had given him to bear on his sword as her favor when they said their goodbyes in The Secret Garden, their quiet, special place on her family's estate.

Gregoff resisted turning his thoughts to Katherine, and instead nodded with a laugh to Ventor's infamously ugly and battered old battle helm, hollering, " The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, I see!"

"Aye, lad," Ventor replied, tapping his helmet with the flat of his sword, "and ye shan't find a fitter bucket though ye search from here to The Farthest Shore!

"An' o' course I wouldn't dare take on such foes as these without The Magic Bunny!" As he hollered at Gregoff over the din of battle around them, Ventor held up The Velveteen Rabbit's foot that he wore on his belt for luck.

Laughing and shaking his head, Gregoff remarked, "You're lucky no amount of Pride and Prejudice on my part could make me question our friendship, Ventor -- your sanity, on the other hand, is another matter!"

(Ending: As he ran out into the woods, he saw a faint glimmering light in front of him and followed it.)

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Megs (meganlikesbooks) | 265 comments I will give it a try. I'm going to go for Endless.

Start date: July 9, 2016
Level: Endless (25+ books)
Specific Opening: It was a dark and stormy night, pitch black except for a glow that came from a small white kitten.
Specific Ending: It all seemed to work out, and that as they say, is that.

Books completed: 27

It was a dark and stormy night, pitch black except for a glow that came from a small white kitten. It was a Pariah, pushed out of the litter by it's mother. I scooped it up and started on my way home because I'd Rather Wear Pajamas than stand around in the rain. I caught The Number 7 train home, hiding the kitten in my purse. On the train home, I named the kitten Lady and referred to her glowing white fur as Her Ladyship's Curse. Once we got home, I introducted Lady to my other cats, Oryx and Crake. Now that there were four of us, I felt like we could form The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, if only I could convince the cats to wear pants in the first place. My imagination was running wild, the way it does When Everything Feels Like the Movies.

Oryx was watching me with a Changeless expression. I imagined she was deep in thought, day dreaming of frolicing in a meadow of Green Grass, Running Water in a nearby stream. Perhaps a sign stating "Here, There Be Dragons" and a friendly dragon to curl up next to. Crake, Alias Hook because of the way he carried his tail, curled up on my lap and began to wash his face.

That night I dreamed that a ethereal woman came to me and told me that Lady was the Heir of Fire. I felt like I must be Darkly Dreaming Dexter. Or maybe I had woken up in InterWorld or something. The woman also told me to remember that Each Step is the Journey. I was starting to think she was part of The Religious Body of some kind of cult. The ethereal woman was muttering something about The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks when I finally managed to pull myself awake.

There was banging on my front door and when I opened it, my neighbour, Artemis Fowl, was standing outside. I thought about closing it again; I was not Blood Bound to let my neighbour in this early in the morning. All I really wanted was to eat some Food: A Love Story playing on my tv in the background. I groaned as The Glass Arrow on my clock ticked to the 8 position and it began to chime. My tv screen flashed Ready Player One as Artemis made herself at hope on my couch with an Xbox controller. At 8 am on Saturday morning, I took a care package to my elderly neighbour, Madame Bovary. Artemis didn't accompany me, as Madame Bovary thought there was A Demon Bound to her. After The Arctic Incident, I couldn't blame her for thinking so. Artemis had Perfected the art of annoying Madame Bovary.

When I returned to my kitchen, Artemis was trying to break The Eternity Code on my laptop.

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Kelly (LadyKatala) | 5010 comments Welcome Taylor and Megs :)

message 10: by Lusie (last edited Aug 03, 2016 05:54AM) (new)

Lusie (illusie) This sounds like fun. I'll give it a go.

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Lusie (illusie) ~~~EDIT: FINISHED ~~~

Group nothing but reading challenges - As It Flows Challenge
Rules | My story |
Duration: 01 august, 2016 - 17 september, 2016

Specific opening: Sword in hand, Gregoff rushed into battle.
Specific ending: As he ran out into the woods, he saw a faint glimmering light in front of him and followed it.
Level: Endless (25 books)
Books read: 29


Sword in hand, Gregoff rushed into battle. The battle took place Beyond the Ice Limit. Temperatures were so low you can't even imagine, not even Harry Potter and the Cursed Child knew a spell that could work against the cold so everyone was left feeling like popsicles. Even the weapons were affected by the cold, steel swords could not withstand the freezing temperatures for long and would break frequently and had to be Recreated with a magic spell.

As often these days, Gregoff's mind wondered off to Doon, a magic country he dreamed about, Forever Doon was not far his mind although he didn't know if it was just a dream or if it was real. Gregoff felt so Uprooted because of the war, his heart was aching for the peaceful visions he saw in his dream and he didn't know if he could resist the pull of this magic kingdom any longer - if it really excisted or not he had to go look for it.

It Happened One Autumn that Gregoff couldn't take it any longer and just started walking. Leaving the Devil in Winter behind - that is how he though of it because the ice limit really was a place of the devil. Gregoff just kept walking and walking, and didn't notice the change of season until he heard people whisper about a Scandal in Spring. Apparently, the local theatre club refused to go for a traditional play and went for "Killing Floor" instead. It was a big scandal, and Eleanor & Park were to blame. Gregoff thought about watching the show, but he had no money and thought sneaking in without paying would be like Playing with Fire.

Gregoff really needed some money, and found a job in the circus where he had to cary Water for Elephants. Gregoff wasn't Saint Anything, but he couldn't stand by and watch how cruel the circus animals were treated. He just wanted to leave the circus but there was the problem of money, but the he heard about a cargo ship looking for workers to work for The Passage. Gregoff decided to go for it, since his visions about the land of Doon stopped he had no direction anyway so he didn't mind ending up in the land of The Buried Giant, which was where the ship was going.

The journey by ship started well, but then Gregoff heard the enchanting song of The Siren, he could not resist the pull of the song and without thinking he jumped overboard. Gregoff never found a siren and just kept swimming until he reached land, the landscape reminded him of the Gardens of the Moon. While Gregoff was waiting for the sun to dry his clothes, his stomach reminding him he should eat something and he wished he was now having Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Sadly Gregoff could not pop in at Tiffany's anytime soon, but when he scanned the horizon he saw a building in the distance and when he got close to it he saw the letters "The Looking Glass House" painted on the front of the building. It looked like a diner and when he was about to enter it, he saw a girl who reminded him of The Girl on the Train, who he saw when he left home. She was reading a book called Short Stories from Hogwarts of Heroism, Hardship and Dangerous Hobbies, which Gregoff thought sounded boring. He talked with her for a bit, but then they were interrupted by A Man Called Ove.

Ove must have had Clouded Vision, because he acted like he knew Gregoff and that was just not possible. The man even knew Gregoff's name and when he asked how Ove knew it Ove said he used to live in the same street as Gregoff, Gregoff Never Saw it Coming.

Ove invited Gregoff for lunch, and The Promise Kitchen gave of a good meal was something Gregoff would not say no to besides being hungry he was interested in what Ove would say. During lunch they talked about the town where Gregoff grew up, which made him feel homesick and since The Invention of Wings made going home a lot easier Gregoff found himself home without a few days.

Being home was Bittersweet, it was nice to be home but he felt restless and longed for adventure. He told everyone he loved being home, but a voice inside him said "Trust Me, I'm Lying". Who was he kidding, he didn't want to stay home any longer and even though he knew leaving without a plan was bad he started running anyway while he kept thinking "Trust Me, I'm Trouble". As he ran out into the woods, he saw a faint glimmering light in front of him and followed it.

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Kelly (LadyKatala) | 5010 comments Welcome Lusie!

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Emily | 877 comments I'm in 8.3-9.3

Wyatt the Heartbreaker's reputation was legendary, he could have anyone he wanted but none had captured his heart. He was one of the elete Ballers: His Game[27836143 was football making the woman flock even more to him. Wyatt, knew when he saw her the was Tempting the Lawshe looked to young, too innocent to go after. Wyatt approached her, but she had already labeled him a Player and told him she wasn't interested.
"One day soon you will Bare Your Soul to me." Wyatt said to the woman who had ignited something within, he made no bones about Staking His Claim.
"I don't know who you think you are but there is no way I will submit to you." Katrina wasn't the type of woman who you could say 'She Let Herself Goo' when it came to giving into her attraction for any man.
Katrina had enough of men, growing up around Too Many Rock Stars stars had given her a quick lesson in men, she knew a player when she saw it. In A Case of young girl believing in happily ever after, it was shot down quickly and she vowed never to be vulnerable where a man was concerned.
Katrina has seen it all, groupies, Serial Love- those were always killer, one night stands, each woman left with dashed dreams that they would land the man of their broken dreams. There was no way she was risking it all over some pumped up alpha male.

Seeing the man in front of her was an ugly reminder of men with egos who thought everyone should bough down to them.
Wyatt was stunned by the woman's reaction, she acted like a Gator had bit her the way she snarled her distaste. The minute he saw her he couldn't deny the Undeniable Attraction. What she didn't know was her attitude was making a prime target for A Bride For The Bear, his nickname was bear and he was looking to settle down. He knew seeing her It Had to Be Fate.
She was Fair Game, Wyatt decided he was going to have her she just didn't know it yet. All the men in Wyatt's family knew when they met the one they would spend the rest of their lives with, they called it Baker's Law, until it happened to you you thought it was a curse.
Wyatt decided to challenge Katrina, it could backfire there was always a The Danger in Daring a Lady but if it worked in his favor he would have his prize. He needed to figure out the specific Rule's Obsession was quickly becoming more pronounced every time he looked at her. As Wyatt saw another man approach he decided to run Interference.
Wyatt made a Grievous mistake when he glared at Katrina, it wasn't meant for her but he didn’t want the man who was trying to get her attention, get it. That was Bear's Bride and no one was going to steal her from him.
Katrina glared at Wyatt, she had seen Eric walk over and she had thwarted his efforts before, he seemed intent on Seducing The Boss He was a perfect speciman of Exquisite Trouble though.
Wyatt Stone: At Your Service he subtly pushed Eric out of the way. Katrina snickered as Wyatt moved closer, she would rather be home reading I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie on her kindle than being tempted by Wyatt. She glided past Wyatt, like a Swan, trying to get away from him. His hand brushed against her waist, like a Torch it ignited her.
When you are Born at Midnight little things like a shock stand out to you. She felt like Wyatt was a cowboy Wrangler, luring her into his hands.
Wyatt knew that Katrina was Right Where She Belongs, safely by his side. He was in a Furious Rush to get her alone. From the slight tremble he felt when he put his hand on her back, she was equally Ravenous for him.
Katrina had read about this type of attraction in her romance books, she was a Bookish type of gal. Wyatt leaned in to kiss her, it was like Fire & Brimstone igniting between them.
Katrina leaned into the commanding kiss Wyatt was giving her, her body responded to him like no other making it believe it was preparting for Baby Fever. Wyatt was going for Broke he wanted this woman and he wasn't going to giver her a chance to regret her decision to be with him.
Wyatt had plans for the future, but his most immediate plan was Earning Her Love, call it insta-love, call it insta-lust, Wyatt knew Katrina was his.
Wyatt planned a full Throttle's Seduction: Insurgents Motorcycle Club, the first thing on his list was getting Katrina to leave with him. He moved them through The Crush: A Stepbrother Romance of people heading through the exit.
In the car, Wyatt talked with Katrina on going to his place but she wanted the comfort of hers, he walked in seeing Pretending With the Greek Billionaire book on the coffee table.
Wyatt turned to Katrina and saw she was second guessing herself "Babe, we can do this The Hard Wayor you can just admit you are attracted to me as much as I am to you and keep me forever."

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Lusie (illusie) ~~~EDIT: FINISHED ~~~

Group nothing but reading challenges - As It Flows Challenge
Duration: july

Because it is fun I used my july books to make a story. I did not look at the next book while writing the story. I have used all the books I read in july. It is a weird story lol

Specific opening: His night started out alright, but it quickly deteriorated after finding anchovies on his pizza.
Specific ending: It all seemed to work out, and that as they say, is that.
Level: Endless (25 books)
Books used: 26 books.


His night started out alright, but it quickly deteriorated after finding anchovies on his pizza. And on top of that, his Wyrd Sisters dropped by for a surprise visit. When Ben complained to them about the anchovies, his eldest sister told him Remember to Forget there is anchovies on your pizza and it will taste perfect. Before Ben could say anything his younger sister grapped a big slice of pizza and said something with her mouth full, he could only make out the words "Me Before You". Before he could reach the pizza, she told him Again the Magic of this tastefull pizza makes me want more. He rolled his eyes and said I'll eat something else After You are done. His younger sister smiled, a good pizza is all about Keeping the Moon shape, she told him.

His oldest sister changed topic and started to tell all about her experience with Ugly Love. Both sisters started to talk about random topics and he no longer could follow it, his sisters Iris and Ruby had always been weird like this. Iris was claiming she should tell him about the Secrets of a Summer Night. But Ruby, who obviously knew what it was about, claimed it was not a summer night but that it took place on November 9. Iris had always been a hot-head and at this interruption I could see she was ready to Raze the building to the ground. How fast Iris could go from happy to the most extreme anger always seemed not quite Real to him. Iris' anger was building and building, and he was ready to Fear the Worst. Ruby noticed this as well and said to her brother, prepare yourself for The Wrath & the Dawn.

Ben decided he would try a rescue and told about The Old Man and the Sea. He told him the old man's sons looked like Bronze Gods. This seemed to interest his sister, who where now quite and now looked like The Rose & the Dagger - Ruby looked as pretty as a rose and Iris was still shooting daggers with her eyes. Both his sisters always were like The Moth & the Flame when it was about handsome man, so he knew this was the perfect story to help Iris forget her anger.

Sometimes when he was a kid he whished he could loose both his sisters in The Mirror & the Maze, a huge maze nearby their childhood home where you could loose yourself for hours. When he was older, but still living at home, he could escape to the pub The Crown & the Arrow when his sisters where acting on his nerves. His sister's weren't actually that bad, and the real reason he went to the pub was that Mariana worked there.

A Night Like This always made him think of her. But if he was honest, Everything, Everything made him think of her. If only she lived closer and not In the Land of Tea and Ravens. The Sum of All Kisses was what made him long for her. But The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy kept her busy for a while, until she realised she didn't want Sir Richard and married Ben instead. It all seemed to work out, and that as they say, is that.

message 15: by Lusie (last edited Aug 04, 2016 05:19AM) (new)

Lusie (illusie) Kelly wrote: "Welcome Lusie!"

Thank you for the welcome!

I decided to make a story with the books i read in july. I don't know if it will count for the challenge, but it was fun anyway :D

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Moderators of NBRC | 25547 comments Welcome Emily!

message 17: by Marla (new)

 Marla | 1620 comments Wow, I would love to play, but you are all much too talented for poor me. You are obviously writers and I'm a reader.

message 18: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Marla wrote: "Wow, I would love to play, but you are all much too talented for poor me. You are obviously writers and I'm a reader."

Marla, I'm no writer either! It is only for fun, so it would be great if you'd join too.

message 19: by Marla (new)

 Marla | 1620 comments Thanks Lusie, I really want to play too, but just don't expect too much from me.

message 20: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Marla, you should join! It is fun! Like I said, it is all about the fun :D

message 21: by Kelly, Quest Master (new)

Kelly (LadyKatala) | 5010 comments Marla wrote: "Thanks Lusie, I really want to play too, but just don't expect too much from me."

Don't worry! The fun is that you fit what book you have into a sentence and do your best to make it somewhat logical. There's only so much writing ability can help you with for this challenge :)

message 22: by Kelly, Quest Master (new)

Kelly (LadyKatala) | 5010 comments Though run on sentences are a big help ;)

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Kay Kay | 1790 comments Ok, I will give this one a try! Start date 8/8/16

Sword in hand, Gregoff rushed into battle. He soon approached the battlefield and was shocked to see scholars on both sides Handing One Another Along: Literature and Social Reflection being discussed up and down the line of the front. On each side of the discussion line, the "troops" had The Death House where they sent ideas that held no hope for compromise. Gregoff's sword slumped to his side, and his jaw opened in amazement as he realized the type of battle he and his part time squire, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, had been sent to. This was no ordinary battle, of brawn and might; but a battle of debate and persuasion with the famous Judy Moody, who was known for winning battles through her emotional appeals, debating for Gregoff's army.
Debating for the opposing army was the Black Butler, Vol. 3 and his troops. Once Gregoff recovered from his shock, he realized this might be the battle wherein Judy Moody Gets Famous! The current topic up for debate was whether or not The Elevator Family were citizens of Judy's realm or the Butler's. This was an important fact because the Elevator Family knew 50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know About Math and other vital information that could lead either realm to total domination over the other. For example, the Elevator Family knew exactly where Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime spells were kept. Unleashing this sorceress and her spells among the people would cause them to Love That Dog rather than their king and queen. Once that dog, Holly: The Doorstep Puppy, was released into that kingdom the entire citizenry would lose allegiance to the king and queen and become totally distracted by the dastardly puppy!
Judy and the Butler both remembered The Barking Treasure Mystery the plagued the Butler's realm last year when the Elevator Family was living clearly within the boundaries of Judy's kingdom. Now, with the border in dispute there was potential for Holly to descend into either realm, and the only one who could stop the spell was the Swamp Monster In The Third Grade, who was very often absent due to chronic sinus infections.
As Gregoff and the Watchmaker approached the battle field, Judy looked up and asked them to go to the The Kitchen House to bring some provisions to the front for the debating scholars. Gregoff turned and noted that The Hike to the kitchen house led him right through the disputed no man's land that the Elevator Family inhabited. Not only would he have to pass near the Elevator Family's tower, but he would come close to the residence of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. If the sorceress Junie was feared in all the land, she seemed tame compared to the fear that Harry Potter, his cursed child, and their pet The Abominable Snowman brought to the land.
To make the trip to the kitchen house Gregoff decided to send the The Swimmer, a trained seal that the army kept at the battle site for entertainment and secret missions. He was hoping that by the time the seal returned with dinner the outcome of the battle would be that Judy Moody Saves The World!
But alas, the butler had a trick up his sleeve, just as his scholars appeared to be getting worn down by Judy's arguments, he sent out Jake Drake, Bully Buster! It was a brutal blow to Judy's scholars; they were getting blasted by the fresh troops, and becoming more emotional in their responses because they were hangry; it was obvious the only way out was if Miss Pickerell Goes Undersea to help the seal return with supplies.
As Miss Pickerell and the seal were swimming across no man's land they encountered the dangerous dojo of Karate Kids Want To Win! Karate Kids, Book 1, but thankfully they were not interested in the debate because they wanted to fight and win the Karate Book 1, so they left our heroes alone.
With the help of a The BFG, they were able to return quickly with the needed supplies shoring up the defenses of Judy's scholars.
The battle took a turn when the butler realized that tomorrow was Humphrey's Really Wheely Racing Day, an annual hamster race that involved both kingdoms. The butler and Judy agreed to let the fate of the Elevator family be determined by the outcome of the race; a supremely foolish move on the part of the butler because everyone knows Judy Moody Predicts the Future! Following the tragic events of the day, all Gregoff wanted to do was go home and fall asleep!

Done 25 books! (although some of them were wimpy! I do have some big books going right now that I will finish soon!)

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 Marla | 1620 comments Okay, you talked me into it!

As It Flows Challenge

As the day dawned, the outline of the Temple came into focus. Brian's Hunt for the elusive temple was successful after two decades of looking. More than Brian's perseverance, it seemed Fated that the discovery belonged to his team. Brian looked each team member in the eye and asked them, "Can You Keep a Secret?" Wizard Defiantly looked at Brian and said that he didn't sign a non-disclosure agreement. The Grave Sight of Brian and Wizard disagreeing, made the rest of the team anxious.

Protecting and working a new find was like a war and the scientists, anthropologists and students worried about seeing their War Brides back home. Some of their colleagues were still working on Howl's Moving Castle, their last major find, 10 years ago. With patience and hard work, the team will successfully excavate their new find and claim the glory.


Temple by Matthew Reilly (8/11/16)
Brian's Hunt by Gary Paulsen (8/16/16)
Fated by Rebecca Zanetti (8/17/16)
Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella (8/19/16)
Wizard Defiant by Rodney Hartman (8/20/16)
Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris (8/22/16)
War Brides by Helen Bryan (8/30/16)
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (8/30/16)

message 25: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Yay Marla! i hope you'll enjoy this challenge as much as I do.

I just added 2 more books to my story. At least this one still makes some sense, while my story for july was just weird lol

message 26: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Laline, I love your story!

message 27: by Katherine (last edited Sep 23, 2016 02:55PM) (new)

Katherine | 229 comments ★✩★✩★ As It Flows Challenge. 1st - 30th September. ★✩★✩★ Level: Endless.
Specific beginning: It was a dark and stormy night, pitch black except for a glow that came from a small white kitten.
Specific ending: It all seemed to work out, and that as they say, is that.

★✩★✩★✩★ My story in September: ★✩★✩★✩★

It was a dark and stormy night, pitch black except for a glow that came from a small white kitten. Her name was Smile and she loved to go on adventures, especially at midnight. She decided to walk into the Darkness of the evening, alone without her owner. Smile had been walking for 15 minutes when she past the gift shop, Big Day Out. Their was a poster in the shop advertising Twin Tales a new film that had been released. Smile didn't care much for it as she was too busy worrying about The Marvel Zombies 2, the new gang of ruffian's that hunted the streets. Their special weapon is named Zom-B Family which is a magic staff of power.
On The Borderlands street path, came a terrifying sound. And from the shadows came an iZombie, a monstrous zombie hybrid that everyone thought had long died out in the purge. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen had made sure of that... or so the kitten had thought. She did not know, like all the other survivors, that The Witch With The Glitch had glitch at a crucial point in defeating the izombies... and well they exist still.
Benzen, of course had seen the spell fail that day and had gone into hiding, and had not been seen since.
Mrs. Dalloway is Smiles favorite person to see when she ventures out of her home and loves to be stroke by the curious women. The Barbarian's Touch was a nightclub down the lane and past that; a short walk away was Mrs. Dalloway's house upon the hill. Smile decided to venture that way to escape the izombie's, quickly dashing down Summer Heat lane - she had just narrowly escaped the monsters clutches. As I ran I happen to notice Small Gods, an old advisement from the past before the fall of most of mankind. Movie Storybook was an absurd street name if you asked me but no one ever asked - after all I'm just a cat.
The Desolation of Smaug, The Dragon Furious, which was her full title, was the only monster slayer we had. Out of the Past she came with her two double headed swords in hand to defeat our threat. Twisted Straight into the battle field, she did not hesitate to slay the beasts. Calm in the face of this dangerous threat, she calmly decapitated the monstrous crow hybrid. After quickly cleaning her weapons of blood, she turned and with Kick-Ass precision: slayed the next beast.
But enough of past musings, as I got closer to the house Adam, Dalloway's nephew, was waiting for me. The Wendigo shifter was more on edge than usual; of course, being transformed by that Glitch Witch to protect this side of the world was a bit of an extreme to be honest.
nekomaki1, which is the name the Glitch Witch goes by, had these past few years had been relaxing in her old little cottage. Her orange Orangutan always slept near her feet, how did I know this? Well her home was just beside my friend's home, and I've seen her using the Yoga For Beginners, with that book sitting next to and interesting book title. The book was named Harry The Happy Mouse, a children's book no less - I never thought she of all people would have such a thing in her possession. Being near the end of the world she still teachers Yoga: The Yoga Beginner's Bible, her routine she swears by. As well as Yoga in Bed for All Ages but as she always says the youngsters can join in too. From all the years that had gone by, she has aged terribly, and that's why she wrote a book named Back Pain: How to Get Rid of It Forever.
Mrs. Dalloway got caught onto the faze as well, owning Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners task book for she had gained weight she didn't want. She also has in her procession The Complete Folk & Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm tome which she always reads to her nephew. She had also tried and failed to get Adam to join in on Pilates for Beginners and also the Yoga: for Beginners: Your Guide to Master Yoga classes but he always laughed it off.
It was Simply Irresistible to not fight the monsters that have now crowed the streets. My friends are Bound by Blood to make sure these menaces never walk the streets again. As they slayed them one by one, Fat Chance they would be alive for much longer. This is what The Prophet had prophecies many years ago, The Dragon Furious lead the charge into this battle like she did the other time. "All for You are called into this war to save the last pockets of humanity that's left to save!" said Adam with abundance of enthusiasm. Straight afterwords turn into his Wendigo form and took out his first iZombie creature and went for his next victim.
The army of The Orc's Tale rushed into battle slaughtering all as I watched on a high wall, away from any accident that may of befall me. The war continued on wards onto Poseidon's Peak, the monstrous hill behind Mrs. Dalloway and The Glitch Witches houses. The warriors were Immune to each of their enemies strengths, nearly all the creature where destroyed. And The Edge of Never portal, which was created by are very own Glitchy Witch as the battle waged on. Which are forces pushes the remaining army of darkness into the void and the left over Remains of the creatures where throwing into - just in case.
The iZombie as well as the rest of the monster, was destroyed forevermore, and finally the world was safe. Not being Lost at Sea anymore with not having the consent back and forth - a battle that went on for far too long.
Everything went back to being Oddly Normal, the way it was before the destruction of the earth. To celebrate this new freedom and safety, Adam wrote the book named Lumberjanes, Vol. 5: Band Together, to show how much teamwork and hope for a better tomorrow helped make the world as it is today. Bold New Horizons was on the edge of the humans grasp as they rebuilt their city, and continued refurbishing the earth until life went back to normal.. well as normal as life can be. It all seemed to work out, and that as they say, is that.

★✩★✩★✩★ Books listed that have been read: ★✩★✩★✩★ Read: 40/40
Books Read: (view spoiler)

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Moderators of NBRC | 25547 comments Welcome to the challenge :)

message 29: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Marla, I like your story so far! It's good.

message 30: by Marla (new)

 Marla | 1620 comments Thanks Lusie, so far it's been fun, I just have one more day to get through, but I finished 2 books yesterday and I should finish one more today. Yikes...

message 31: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) I'm going for 25+ books, so I'll continue my story this month.

message 32: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 229 comments I've already read 6 book so far this mouth and it took me a while to figure out how to put them in my story but I finally found away. Yay! I'm a bit worried I'm going to read a lot this mouth, and that I'll struggle with fitting them into this challenge. lolz

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 Marla | 1620 comments Thanks for encouraging me to join, I am not brave enough to keep going, but I am going to start a new story for September.

As It Flows Challenge - September
Duration: 9/1/16 - 9/30/16
# of Books: 14

When Anya gazed up at the dawning sky, she saw The Last Star glowing in the heavens. The lone star was the Last Man Standing in the breaking daylight. Soon Anya would have to leave for work to get to her job at The Kalahari Typing School for Men. She was looking forward to the 4th of July and a vacation. Anya planned to go the museum to see the exhibit showing Nefertiti's Heart. She also wanted to see the new horror movie Little Red Riding Hood: Werewolf Slayer. In keeping with The New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-Body Wellness, she was trying to incorporate some stress free activities. Anya knew that From Time to Time you need to let loose and have some fun. So go play in the Dirt and smell the roses. Anya took her friend with her on her adventures and was Saving Francesca from boredom. Francesca is the The 5th Horseman, the newest member to Anya's group of friends. Zach was booted out of their group after Zach's Lie about Rachel. The remaining group members have Eight Days To Live in their dorm before they leave on vacation. But right now, Anya needs to get ready for work and get to the typing school.


The Last Star by Rick Yancey (9/2/16)
Last Man Standing by David Baldacci (9/4/16)
The Kalahari Typing School for Men by Alexander McCall Smith (9/7/16)
4th of July by James Patterson (9/9/16)
Nefertiti's Heart by A.W. Exley (9/9/16)
Little Red Riding Hood: Werewolf Slayer by Carl Waters (9/11/16)
The New Health Rules: Simple Changes to Achieve Whole-Body Wellness by Dr. Frank Lipman (forgot this book 9/5/16)
From Time to Time by Jack Finney (9/18/16)
Dirt by Stuart Woods (9/18/16)
Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta (9/23/16)
The 5th Horseman by James Patterson (9/24/16)
Zach's Lie by Roland Smith (9/25/16)
Eight Days To Live by Iris Johansen (9/30/16)

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Kelly (LadyKatala) | 5010 comments Yay, so glad you guys are having fun :)

message 35: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Great story Karrie! It makes more sense than my story!

message 36: by Kay Kay (new)

Kay Kay | 1790 comments Lusie wrote: "Great story Karrie! It makes more sense than my story!"

Hey! You were my inspiration!! :)

message 37: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Really? Aw...Thank you :D

message 38: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Finished my second story. This was fun.

message 39: by Moderators of NBRC, Madam Hooch (new)

Moderators of NBRC | 25547 comments Lusie wrote: "Finished my second story. This was fun."


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Lusie (illusie) I hope more people will post their stories. It is fun to make them and also fun to read stories by others.

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