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Daniel S. Fletcher
“Cannabis, the sensation that had reignited in America and helped bring hemp’s recreational usage back to prominence in a quiet, steady British counter-culture, had helped dispel much of the prejudice, entitlement and arrogance that had eluded the careful eye of Simon’s mother, undermining her care during the once-restlessly energetic yet gentle soul’s dedicated mothering of the studious boy. It took root in his thoughts and expectations. Bravado and projection replaced genuine yet understated confidence; much of that which had been endearing in him ceased to be seen, to his mother’s despondency. A bachelor of the arts, the blissfully apathetic raconteur left university, having renounced his faith and openly claiming to feel no connection, either socially or intellectually with the student life and further study. Personal failures and parental despair combined to sober the-21yr old frustrated essayist and tentative poet. Cannabis, ironically sought following the conclusion of his stimulant-fuelled student years, had finally levelled him out, and provided the introspection needed to dispel the lesser demons of his nature. Reefer Madness, such insanity – freely distributed for the mass-consumer audience of the west! Curiosity pushed the wealthy young man’s interest in the plant to an isolated purchase, and thence to regular use. Wracked by introspection, the young man struggled through several months of instability and self-doubt before readjusting his focus to chase goals. Once humorous, Reefer Madness no longer amused him, and he dedicated an entire afternoon to writing an ultimately unpublished critique of the film, that descended into an impassioned defence of the plant. He began to watch with keen interest, as the critically-panned debacle of sheer slapstick silliness successfully struck terror into the hearts of a large section of non-marijuana smoking people in the west. The dichotomy of his own understanding and perception only increased the profound sense of gratitude Simon felt for the directional change in which his life was heading. It helped him escape from earlier attachments to the advantage of his upbringing, and destroyed the arrogance that, he realised with shock, had served to cloud years of his judgement. Thus, positive energy led to forward momentum; the mental readjustment silenced doubts, which in turn brought peace, and hope.”
Daniel S. Fletcher, Jackboot Britain

A.K. Kuykendall
“A great writer is a blitzed illusionist of portable magic. You're welcome.”
A.K. Kuykendall

A.K. Kuykendall
“Marijuana is fuel for a creative mind. Fuck this prohibition.”
A.K. Kuykendall

“How does blind ferret out in the dark
How is matchless able to ignite a fire\
How is clueless able to conspire
How does ice spark off fervor
Effortlessly he stirs up the deepest depths of my soul
Like a weed in my heart he implants himself, sprouts and spreads anew
He's here to stay...”
Evy Michaels

“I was high and my people were pulling me down.”
Sachin Choudhary

“Weed is a remedy.
A more creative world welcomes you
Smoke and feel the little things.”
seerat ahuja

“Alcohol makes you greedy
weed gives you peace.”
seerat ahuja

“Everything becomes so pure
when you smoke the herb.
conversation becomes interesting
love becomes true love
Sex becomes just a heaven.”
seerat ahuja

“Marijuana will give you inspiration to live your life once again”
seerat ahuja

“all people were educated in this 21st century
though i'm unique then them,
because they were only educated and i'm..

p.s though haven't tried it yet. lol.”
Weed Man, Bad Apple

Matshona Dhliwayo
“In beautiful gardens you still find ugly weeds.”
Matshona Dhliwayo