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A.K. Kuykendall
“Time is tick, tick, ticking away. How many souls will I capture today? Will they be a challenge or will they be given? Only time will tell as the clock keeps tick, tick, ticking. Your god has arrived with enough hatred for y’all, with enough evil for the big and small, so come one, come all. I will shred your souls and place them in my satchel, call you a settler and make you my peddler. Come one, come all, come stand behind your god. I will lead you into the darkness of Earth's end. Come one, come all, my wilted flowers, come claim your title, speak out and cheer it. Come one, come all, let’s have a ball, my wilted flowers . . . Sweet, Unconquerable Spirits.”
A.K. Kuykendall, The Possession

Stephen King
“Cats are the gangsters of the animal world, living outside the law and often dying there”
Stephen King, Pet Sematary

P.D. Alleva
“Books and movies are like a blueprint…a survival manual disguised as fiction. As folklore. Because the truth hides in plain sight and those that see have to hide and those that can’t see…well, they’re just a part of the plan.'
~ Excerpt from a NYPD Investigation, November, 1951”
P.D. Alleva, Golem

R.L. Stine
“But I could hear Mitzi nearby. She was still upstairs. If she saw me reading the comic book, she’d run downstairs and tell Dad for sure. Mitzi’s hobby is being a snitch.”
R.L. Stine, Attack of the Mutant

Kristi DeMeester
“The sound of nails against wood as Birdie looked up, watched as her mother crawled on all fours across the ceiling, her mouth drawn into a smile, her eyes missing.”
Kristi DeMeester, Everything That's Underneath

Mona Awad
“The truth is, if you go to Warren, no matter what is going on in your personal life—hair trouble, existential malaise, ax murder—you do the reading.”
Mona Awad, Bunny

Sam J. Miller
“They made this town theirs. And their magic is powerful. Their wards have held for almost two centuries.”
Sam J. Miller, The Blade Between

J.E.S. Campbell
“There was a subtle shift in the mood in the room. Not exactly hostile, Tempy felt, more of one of accusation. It was impolite in this company to demonstrate how much the world had moved on since one had died. It was said that Hell was seeing the world pass before you while you could do nothing about it. Not only had she reminded George of his passing, and his inability to become integrated into polite society due to the language barrier, but also that he had lived a sad life.”
JES Campbell, Blue Summer: A Pair of Normal Girls Mystery

B. Pellizzer
“A superstição não é um pecado; por isso, nunca a carreguei comigo.”
B. Pellizzer, Se eu fosse um anjo, cairia por voc�

C. Rae D'Arc
“Instead of a dial tone, smooth jazz greeted my ear.
What the Horror?”
C. Rae D'Arc, Don't Date the Haunted

Bronwyn Todd
“The secret to a happy life is to tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Albert Einstein”
Bronwyn Todd

Birgitte Märgen
It has a way of hiding things.
Everything seems pure, covered in a layer of white.
Until you dig underneath and find the gray, ugly truth.”
Birgitte Märgen, The Puritan

Gemma Amor
“The Island had taken a soft, privileged woman and chewed her up, remoulded her into something else, something raw, and desperate.”
Gemma Amor, White Pines

Polly Hall
“Even in my dreams I would steal the wings from birds and try to fly, or
grow the lithe legs of a hare so I could race across a moonlit field. Mostly
my dreams consisted of sinking into the wet-black below my feet, right up
to my neck, and I’d wake just before my head was covered in darkness.”
Polly Hall, The Taxidermist's Lover

Kirill Khrestinin
“Every time I read these pages, I catch myself thinking how peculiar a psychopath’s mind works. How smart, with almost impenetrable logic he justifies his crimes and choices. How brutally he normalizes rapes and tortures.”
Kirill Khrestinin, Psychopath’s Diary Vol. I: Inner world of a serial killer through his own bloodthirsty entity

Kirill Khrestinin
“The house of the dead was built by silence.”
Kirill Khrestinin, Psychopath's Diary Vol.II

Stephen King
“Del who had asked us to take care of Mr. Jingles, to make sure the bad 'un wouldn't hurt him anymore. Except the bad 'un hurts us all in the end, doesn't he?”
Stephen King, The Green Mile

Clark Ashton Smith
“For thin is the veil betwixt man and the godless deep. The skies are haunted by that which it were madness to know; and strange abominations pass evermore between earth and moon and athwart the galaxies. Unnameable things have come to us in alien horror and will come again. And the evil of the stars is not as the evil of earth.”
Clark Ashton Smith, The Beast Of Averoigne

Tananarive Due
“I'm in the film business remember , and if this were a movie , this is the part where the audience would be screaming for the woman to get out of the house . So that's exactly what I'm doing .”
Tananarive Due, The Good House

“But rules are rules, and I'm not inclined to lose my job just because you didn't escape captivity with a little spare change in your pockets (iii)”
Jack Townsend

“Joke's on you, I thought. People already think I'm crazy (142)”
Jack Townsend

Paul Lubaczewski
“I’ve often said that when he made humans, the all-knowing god must
have been admitting a mistake with his first crew of companions and
servants, so he dumbed down your design a bit. Thus, you having such
difficulty pronouncing what I consider a perfectly commonplace name. Still,
it comes in handy, as it keeps me from getting summoned by every Anton,
Aleister, and Harry who bumbles his way to the chapter on summoning in
whatever book on the dark arts is in his possession.”
Paul Lubaczewski, What is a Paddywack?: and other important questions

Pedro Lucas Martins
“Em qualquer sociedade verdadeiramente humana, existem crimes sem esperança de redenção. Condenados pela justiça de Deus. Imperdoáveis pela do Homem.”
Pedro Lucas Martins, As Sombras de Lázaro

Pedro Lucas Martins
“Muitos são os que servem o Diabo sem acreditar que ele existe. Poucos são os que entendem as consequências dessa contradição.”
Pedro Lucas Martins, As Sombras de Lázaro

Pedro Lucas Martins
“O medo é o oroboro, a serpente que come a própria cauda. Cada acção ou pensamento tocado por este mecanismo autotrófico o alimenta e enraíza dentro de nós. Incapacitante, destrutivo, progenitor de almas consumidas e privadas de desígnio ou direcção, propensas a um dia darem um passeio nocturno até ao fim de um qualquer cais de madeira, onde a água é fria e funda.”
Pedro Lucas Martins, As Sombras de Lázaro

Pedro Lucas Martins
“Na península de Ner-Olom, abaixo dos escarpados penhascos de Alet, ficava a Praia dos Ossos, a enseada vigiada pelo velho farol, coberta em areia tão escura como as rochas que a rodeavam. Talvez a praia nem sempre se tivesse chamado assim, mas qualquer outro nome, se é que existiu, perdera-se no tempo e nas más lembranças.”
Pedro Lucas Martins, A Promessa do Faroleiro

Pedro Lucas Martins
“O cheiro é inconfundível, quase metálico, entranha-se como vapores pelas narinas, pela boca e pelos poros. Já não sei se o cheiro é em tal concentração que qualquer pessoa o poderia notar ou se, imperceptível, sou eu que me habituei a tê-lo presente, capaz de o reconhecer mesmo em proporções insignificantes. De qualquer forma, é real, sente-se, está aqui. Esta casa cheira a sangue. Nada de novo.”
Pedro Lucas Martins, Contos de terror do Homem-Peixe

William Hope Hodgson
“كنتُ أشعر بالارتياح القلبي لأنني على مقربة من بيتي. في تلك اللحظة، كنتُ أعلم أن الملايين من الناس تراقبني، وكنتُ سعيدًا بأن كبير الوحوش المونسترواكان كان يراقبني من خلال ذلك المِنظار الكبير من أعلى برج الحراسة بالهرم الأكبر. استغللتُ تلك المراقبة من بعيد، وابتعدتُ عن طعامي قليلًا، ثم فتحتُ ورقة كانت بحوزتي، وابتعلتُ منها ثلاثة أقراص ومضغتُها. كانت تلك الأقراص علاجًا وطعامًا لي أيضًا، ثم تناولتُ قارورتي فشربتُ منها الماء.
كان معي حقيبة صغيرة يوجد بداخلها بعض الأشياء. من ضمنها بوصلة، أعطانيها كبير الوحوش المونسترواكان حتى تكون لي عون أثناء مغامرتي على أرض الظلام. وقد قال لي: إنك قد تضل الطريق وسط ذلك الظلام الدامس من غير تلك البوصلة.”
William Hope Hodgson, أرض الظلام

Anthony Boucher
“Optical fatigue-“ Tallant Began.
“Sure. I know every man to his own legend. There isn’t a tribe of Indians hasn’t some accounting for it. You’ve heard of the Watchers? And the twentieth century white-man comes along and it is optical fatigue. Only in the nineteeth century things weren’t quite the same and there were the Carkers.”
“You got a special localized legend?”
“Call it that. You glimpse things out of the corner of your mind, like you glimpse lean, dry things out of the corner of your eye. You encase them in solid circumstance and thy’re not so bad. That is the growth of the legend. The Folk Mind in Action. You take Carkers and the things you don’t see and you put them together. And they bite.”
Anthony Boucher

“O Lord, to know that one is not allowed to be afraid; it is the most frightening thing of all.”
A.J. West, The Spirit Engineer

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