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Tracy Chevalier
“It's a rare book that wins the battle against drooping eyelids.”
Tracy Chevalier

Alysha Speer
“Sleep did not honor me with it’s presence.”
Alysha Speer, Sharden

Brent Weeks
“Hope is the great deceiver. Hope is the piper who leads us sleepy to our slaughter.”
Brent Weeks, The Broken Eye

Kamand Kojouri
“I don’t know why we fight.
It takes much too effort to stay mad at you.
To dodge your skin in the hallway
and leave the kitchen without bringing you a treat.
It takes much too effort to stare at the sink
so my eyes don’t smile at you in the mirror.
It takes much too effort to look away as we undress
and lie apart in the now bigger bed.
It takes much too effort to stiffen my body
because sleepy limbs forget fights
and pride is always lost in dreams.
It takes much too effort to awaken every hour to make sure we are islands with a gulf of white sheets separating us.
I dread the light peeking through the parted curtains
and empathise with your groans —
I didn’t get any sleep either.
I really don’t know why we fight.
It takes much too effort to stay mad at one another
when it’s so easy for us to love.”
Kamand Kojouri

Anthony Liccione
“No! I'm not ready, this is still my first cup of coffee!”
Anthony Liccione

Benedict of Nursia
“The sleepy like to make excuses.”
St. Benedict of Nursia, The Rule of Saint Benedict

Meg Cabot
“If you’re gonna have your head split open, it might as well be while you’re riding a wave, dude.”
Meg Cabot

Rosemary Sutcliff
“I simply--don't know," Flavius said, and then suddenly explosive: "I don't know and I don't care! Go to bed.”
Rosemary Sutcliff, The Silver Branch

Harper Lee
“I willed myself to stay awake, but the rain was so soft and the room was so warm and his voice was so deep and his knee was so snug that I slept.”
Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Through drowsiness, your body is telling you that you need to rest. By drinking a caffeinated drink, you are telling it to go to hell.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Elizabeth Jane Howard
“Sir Humphrey looked like a sleepy old hippo -- and when he yawned in that big, big, hippopotamus way Charity couldn't help doing likewise.”
Elizabeth Jane Howard, Mr. Wrong

Ursula K. Le Guin

I feel so dreamy
dreamy lazy, crazy sleepy
like I want to be there
in the doorway, the doorway
or the porch corner
be sitting, be empty
notdoing not going
an old bucket left there
in the porch corner is like I am
an old empty bucket somebody left there.”
Ursula K. Le Guin, Always Coming Home

Louis Sachar
“Tired,” said Jason. “S-L-E-E-P-Y. Tired.”
Louis Sachar, Wayside School Is Falling Down

Steven Magee
“The human body when kept in an indoor environment of low lux light will not realize that it is daytime, as it cannot sense the increasing levels of daylight that the genetics are accustomed to. As such, by late morning your body may start sending a signal for you to sleep!”
Steven Magee, Electrical Forensics

Suman Pokhrel
“Together; we would create some ecstatic memories, but you are either busy or sleepy.”
Suman Pokhrel

Erin Bow
“She was dry. She was lying on something soft. She was wrapped in quilts. There was a star of light drifting above her, and a smell like a herb garden. Taggle was a long warmth stretched out at one side, his chin in her hand, his tail curled over her neck. She thought they might be in heaven.
Taggle farted.
Plain Kate coughed and sneezed. And then she really was awake.”
Erin Bow

Cath Crowley
“Dad and I leave town in the early dark. It's the second Sunday of the holidays, and we pack up the old blue car with enough clothes for summer and hit the road. It's so early he's wiping hills of sand piled in the corners of his eyes. I wipe a few tears from mine. Tears don't pile, though. They grip and cling and slide in salty trails that I taste until the edge of the city.”
Cath Crowley, A Little Wanting Song

Jason Medina
“For a while she cried silently until she tired herself out and the overwhelming feeling of sleepiness overcame her. The room around her was fairly silent, although she wasn’t the only one crying herself to sleep. It was quite common at places like this to hear cries in the dark. There were so many saddened and lonesome souls around her. It was usually at night when they were reminded of just how sad and lonely they actually were.”
Jason Medina, No Hope for the Hopeless at Kings Park

Kamand Kojouri
“Wake up.
If your eyes are sleeping
then wipe them gently.
You need to be awake for this.
It is a matter of life and death.

Wake up!
If your mind is sleeping
then shake it quickly.
You need to be awake for this.
It is a matter of life and death.

Wake up, I said!
If your heart is sleeping
then beat your chest!
You need to be awake for life!
You need to be awake for love!
It is a matter of living and being alive.”
Kamand Kojouri

Stewart Stafford
“You know what really wears you out? People telling you that you look tired all the time!”
Stewart Stafford

Suman Pokhrel
“Keep yourself busy until you feel sleepy.”
Suman Pokhrel

Suman Pokhrel
“Together, we would create some ecstatic memories , but you are either busy or sleepy.”
Suman Pokhrel

Nitya Prakash
“I am past that stage where one feels sleepy at work after lunch. Now I feel unconscious.”
Nitya Prakash

Steven Magee
“Chronic Fatigue crushes the soul.”
Steven Magee

Aspen Matis
“Living with Justin in his childhood home, my love and I had formed an island—a nation-state of two, sleepy and safe. We had only planned to stay with his family for a few weeks after the wedding—three months had passed. Days in our private culture were peaceful, smooth as a frozen lake, our souls stilled. This life with my in-laws was a comfortable hibernation, easy.”
Aspen Matis, Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir

“Do not make me wake before even the sun is out of bed!”
Susan Verde, The Water Princess
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Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Caffeine’ is a euphemism for ‘Anxiety wrapped in increased alertness’.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, P for Pessimism: A Collection of Funny yet Profound Aphorisms

Tricia Levenseller
“Now someone's nuzzling my neck. "You stole my blanket, Alosa.”
Tricia Levenseller, Daughter of the Pirate King