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Bessel van der Kolk
“As long as you keep secrets and suppress information, you are fundamentally at war with yourself…The critical issue is allowing yourself to know what you know. That takes an enormous amount of courage.”
Bessel A. van der Kolk, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Sigmund Freud
“Properly speaking, the unconscious is the real psychic; its inner nature is just as unknown to us as the reality of the external world, and it is just as imperfectly reported to us through the data of consciousness as is the external world through the indications of our sensory organs.”
Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams

Sigmund Freud
“The interpretation of Dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind”
Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams

Toba Beta
“You don't look fake when you unconsciously pretend.”
Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Eoin Colfer
“Are you saying that you people knew about these amorophobots all the time?"
"Of course we did. They attacked us in Iceland. Remember?"
"No. I was unconscious.”
Eoin Colfer, The Atlantis Complex

Daniel C. Dennett
“If I know better than you know what I am up to, it is only because I spend more time with myself than you do.”
Daniel C. Dennett, Freedom Evolves

Stefan Molyneux
“If the sound of happy children is grating on your ears, I don't think it's the children who need to be adjusted.”
Stefan Molyneux

“Ignorance is killing poison. When people do not communicate, they are doomed to remain ignorant. If people do not get together and share views and exchange ideas, they remain unconscious and unaware. A world without dialogue is a universe of darkness. (“Because the world had corona”)”
Erik Pevernagie

Daniel J. Siegel
“Our dreams and stories may contain implicit aspects of our lives even without our awareness. In fact, storytelling may be a primary way in which we can linguistically communicate to others—as well as to ourselves—the sometimes hidden contents of our implicitly remembering minds. Stories make available perspectives on the emotional themes of our implicit memory that may otherwise be consciously unavailable to us. This may be one reason why journal writing and intimate communication with others, which are so often narrative processes, have such powerful organizing effects on the mind: They allow us to modulate our emotions and make sense of the world.”
Daniel J. Siegel, The Developing Mind: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who We Are

Criss Jami
“Seemingly minor yet persistent things penetrate the mind over time making it difficult to ever realize the impact; hence, though quite unfortunate, the most dangerous forms of corruption are those that are subtle and below the radar.”
Criss Jami, Salomé: In Every Inch In Every Mile

Emily Dickinson
“One need not be a chamber to be haunted,
One need not be a house;
The brain has corridors surpassing
Material place.

Far safer, of a midnight meeting
External ghost,
Than an interior confronting
That whiter host.

Far safer through an Abbey gallop,
The stones achase,
Than, moonless, one's own self encounter
In lonesome place.

Ourself, behind ourself concealed,
Should startle most;
Assassin, hid in our apartment,
Be horror's least.

The prudent carries a revolver,
He bolts the door,
O'erlooking a superior spectre
More near.”
Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

George Orwell
“Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”
George Orwell, 1984

Viktor E. Frankl
“In his creative work the artist is dependent on sources and resources deriving from the spiritual unconscious.”
Viktor E. Frankl, Man's Search for Ultimate Meaning

Alain de Botton
“Intuition is unconscious accumulated experience informing judgement in real time.”
Alain de Botton

Stefan Molyneux
“Baseless victimhood is usually the last stage before outright aggression.”
Stefan Molyneux

Gisèle Prassinos
“The river in front of her was black. She thought it contained many things.”
Gisele Prassinos

Anthon St. Maarten
“A misleading perception or false belief is increasingly being perpetuated that the unconscious or the intuitive is all that really matters in any spiritual endeavor, and that the conscious, rational, logical, analytical mind is the mortal enemy of spiritual awareness and soul growth.”
Anthon St. Maarten, Divine Living: The Essential Guide To Your True Destiny

Milton H. Erickson
“I am very confident. I look confident. I act confident. I speak in a confident way...”
Milton Erickson

Fredric Jameson
“Žižek seems to have got Hitchcock out of his system, if not out of his unconscious—one never does that.”
Fredric Jameson

Dianna Hardy
“It took Pueblo a few seconds to take in his surroundings. The first thing he realised was that he felt bruised all over; the second was that his clothes were waterlogged, even more than before, from the quicksand; and the third, was that he had landed on his front and was lying on a large, uncomfortable stone.

No, wait… In his disoriented state, he shifted his weight. The stone didn't move. He was lying on his own fucking erection.”
Dianna Hardy, The Sands Of Time

“Plot as such is not a major ingredient in my novels... it's often better to sail on the unconscious sea.”
Richard Adams

Toba Beta
“The gamecock proudly stepped into the slaughterhouse.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Sigmund Freud
“Here libido and ego-interest share the same fate and have once more become indistinguishable from each other. The familiar egoism of the sick person covers them both. We find it so natural because we are certain that in the same situation we should behave in just the same way. The way in which the readiness to love, however great, is banished by bodily ailments, and suddenly replaced by complete indifference, is a theme which has been sufficiently exploited by comic writers.”
Sigmund Freud, General Psychological Theory

“In fact, unconscious scanning goes on all the time. It seems more than ever that what we know as the visionary or poetic mode is our response via the unconscious senses to what is really there in the environment. We are not trying to 'explain it away': it is rather that we symbolize this kind of awareness.”
Peter Redgrove, The Black Goddess and the Unseen Real: Our Uncommon Senses and Their Common Sense

Toba Beta
“Bukan doa orang lain yang membuat anda sukses atau gagal,
tapi karena anda telah mengaminkannya, sadar atau tak sadar.”
Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Walter de la Mare
“Thinking is like a fountain. Once it gets going at a certain pressure, well, it almost impossible to turn it off. And, my hat! what odd things come up with the water!

("Out Of The Deep")”
Walter de la Mare, Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural

“The task is not to unify with a pre-existing consciousness – a “God”. It is to become God, to create God consciousness from the universal unconscious. There is no conscious super-being (a Master, A Creator, an Other) standing separate from us. God is coming to consciousness through us. Each of us is an indispensable cell of the becoming God.”
Thomas Stark, The Sheldrake Shift: A Critical Evaluation of Morphic Resonance

“Even if you never produce anything of social value, your relationship with the collective unconscious will justify your reason for being on the face of this earth.”
Robert A Johnson

“We are a totality – a whole comprising our unconscious and conscious. If our unconscious takes a decision, are we to disown it? Our unconscious is as much “us” as our conscious is – in fact, arguably more so. Our unconscious can be seen as our true, immortal Self, and our conscious as a contingent, mortal persona – a mask we wear during this lifetime.”
Mike Hockney, The Sam Harris Delusion

“In a world of general relativity, special relativity, string and super-string theory among other scientific oddities, Mattie Bennings would not have been all too surprised to know that as Alex Wayne, her close friend, had been locked in a battle of minds with another person, his body lay unconscious until the end.

The fact that it had happened during the whole time from school to hospital, still somehow, though, escaped her notice until they were in the very room Alex was wheeled into upon arrival. In the journey to the hospital and through the gurney being transported to a room Alex only conveyed muscle spasms and pain, but when they got to his newly acquired room all hell had broken loose.”
L.B. Ó Ceallaigh, Souls' Inverse

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