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James Patterson
“You have terminated me,” one of them said in a strange, flat voice. “But I
am one of many.”
“Robots!” Iggy breathed, taking Total from Angel.
“One of many, one of many, one of many,” the robot Eraser was saying. Now
Nudge saw the red light in its eyes, saw how they were fading and winking out.
“Good!” spat the Gasman, kicking it hard. “Because we like to blow stuff up,
blow stuff up, blow stuff up!”
James Patterson

Walter Moers
“Rumo!" said Rumo.
"That's right!" Smyke exclaimed. "You Rumo, me Smyke."
"You Rumo, me Smyke." Rumo repeated eagerly.
"No, no." Smyke chuckled.”
Walter Moers, Rumo & His Miraculous Adventures

Dennis Sharpe
“This was too much for him to handle. It was like watching memories of his life play out from a different camera angle, sometimes with new scenes added. He was living DVD extras.”
Dennis Sharpe, Destroyer of Worlds

“During certain periods of our lives, we may listen to a particular song that touches our hearts so much that we end up repeating the song for the umpteenth time. My question is, how would you know the next song will also touch your heart if you don't allow the playlist to flow? This happens to us in real life; sometimes we get too comfortable with one thing such that we don't allow for other experiences and opportunities.”
Oscar Bimpong

Lewis Carroll
“A few more Rules may fitly be given here, for correspondence that has unfortunately become controversial.

One is, don’t repeat yourself. When once you have said your say, fully and clearly, on a certain point, and have failed to convince your friend, drop that subject: to repeat your arguments, all over again, will simply lead to his doing the same; and so you will go on, like a Circulating Decimal. Did you ever know a Circulating Decimal come to an end?
Lewis Carroll, Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter-Writing

Israelmore Ayivor
“When I prepare, then I become pregnant... and then I produce. When I produce, then I praise the Lord... and then I become prosperous and then the cycle repeats!”
Israelmore Ayivor, The Great Hand Book of Quotes

صبري موسى
“إن التكرار يؤدي إلى التشبع و السأم وسرعان ما يضمحل الإحساس بإنجاز شئ ما”
صبري موسى, السيد من حقل السبانخ

Emma Richler
“I know so little, she tells herself again, searching her mother's face. In the end, we know so little.
Emma Richler, Be My Wolff

Richelle E. Goodrich
“Repetition is an important part of learning. It is a vital factor in life lessons because each recurrence tends to challenge our earlier notions, resulting in continued contemplation and greater depths of understanding.”
Richelle E. Goodrich, Being Bold: Quotes, Poetry, & Motivations for Every Day of the Year

“God desires that Christians would avoid repeating the disobedient mistakes of the Israelites.”
Sunday Adelaja

“Përsëritja asht nana e dijes.”
Rexhai Surroi, Besniku

Mike Dooley
“If something wonderful happens, chances are astronomically high that it will happen again.”
Mike Dooley

Steven Magee
“President Trump appears to be repeating the mistakes of Adolf Hitler.”
Steven Magee

C.A.A. Savastano
“At some point in youth an old person will tell you a harsh truth you will not believe, in middle age you will realize its true. In old age you will tell a young person the same harsh truth but they will not believe it. Because history repeats itself.”
C.A.A. Savastano

Humble the Poet
“Anything worth saying is worth repeating. It's rare that we come across something worthwhile in life, and a single encounter is enough for it to stay with us.”
Humble the Poet

Emil M. Cioran
“Strictly speaking, history does not repeat itself, but since the illusions man is capable of are limited in number, they always return in another disguise, thereby giving some ultradecrepit filth a look of novelty and a tragic glaze.”
Emil M. Cioran, The Trouble with Being Born