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Patricia Cornwell
“rain slowly slides down the glass as if the night is crying.”
Patricia Cornwell, Trace

Laurie Stevens
“You have the Answer. Just get quiet enough to hear it. ~Pat Obuchowski”
Laurie Stevens, The Dark Before Dawn

Joe Nickell
“All objects in the universe are unique. No two things that happen by chance ever happen in exactly the same way. No two things are ever constructed or manufactured in exactly the same way. No two things wear in exactly the same way. No two things ever break in exactly the same way.”
Joe Nickell

“We can all see, but can you observe?”
A.D. Garrett, Everyone Lies

Shannon L. Alder
“And when they dusted my mind for your fingerprints they found yours.”
Shannon L. Alder

Judy Melinek
“Mine is a gruesome job, but for a scientist with a love for the mechanics of the human body, a great one.”
Judy Melinek, Working Stiff: Two Years, 262 Bodies, and the Making of a Medical Examiner

Patricia Cornwell
“He was pushing fifty, with a face life had chewed on, and long wisps of graying hair parted low on one side and combed over his balding pate.”
Patricia Cornwell, Postmortem

Scott  Hawkins
“We’re still waiting on the lab work.”
“It was a shotgun what did it, though. The same one?”
Dorn popped an eyebrow. “Good eye. You in forensics?”
“Not really.” He had killed a lot of people with shotguns.”
Scott Hawkins, The Library at Mount Char

“Attribution is an enduring problem when it comes to forensic investigations. Computer attacks can be launched from anywhere in the world and routed through multiple hijacked machines or proxy servers to hide evidence of their source. Unless a hacker is sloppy about hiding his tracks, it's often not possible to unmask the perpetrator through digital evidence alone.”
Kim Zetter

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Science gave us forensics. Law gave us crime.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana, N for Nigger: Aphorisms for Grown Children and Childish Grown-ups

Alane Ferguson
“'s a sad world we live in when a human being leaves so little of a mark that no one even realizes it when he's gone.”
Alane Ferguson, The Christopher Killer

“Context is everything.”
A.D. Garrett, Everyone Lies

True Crime Detectives Guild
“What really happened to JonBenet Ramsey? Was her death intentional or an accident, covered up to look like a botched kidnapping? What are the facts about the case DNA? What does it really tell us? Is it relevant to the crime or is it contamination? Can it be tied to an intruder, or was Mary Lacy’s attempt at exoneration of the Ramseys based on faulty interpretation of the actual lab results?

“Listen Carefully: Truth and Evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey Case” contains 16 pages of explosive DNA reports from Bode Cellmark Forensics that had been hidden until recently, as well details of the 2013 shocking revelation John and Patsy Ramsey were indicted by a Grand Jury in 1999, but the district attorney declined to prosecute.

Exposing the many myths and misrepresentations of facts in the Ramsey case, the book uses documented evidence and detailed research, as well as extensive interviews with many who were involved in the case, to present the truth surrounding JonBenet’s death and the 20-year investigation.

With a thorough linguistic analysis of the ransom note, as well as handwriting comparisons, crime-scene photos, footnotes, a bibliography for further reading and five appendices (including timelines, Ramsey house plans, and a guide to understanding DNA), the book is essential for anyone interested not only what happened to JonBenet, but why.”
True Crime Detectives Guild

“Context is everything. - Prof Nick Fennimore”
A.D. Garrett, Everyone Lies

Deyth Banger
“I understand Medicine, Forensics... I can learn it in the frame of 1-2 years... No Problem in that.”
Deyth Banger, Deep Legend

Elizabeth Heiter
“She saw a lone figure running across the dark parking lot toward her, a weapon in his hands. ...*Not again.* And this time she was all alone. No Cole Walker, heroic police detective and star in too many of her fantasies, to save her.”
Elizabeth Heiter, Police Protector

“No doubt every crime scene is a disaster for someone, it’s only a question of scope.”
John Houde, Crime Lab: A Guide for Nonscientists

“…forensic science was facing a sudden reckoning. The advent of DNA analysis in the late 1980s had not only transformed the future of criminal investigations; it also illuminated the past, holding old convictions, and the forensic work that helped win them, up to scrutiny. Rather than affirming the soundness of forensic science, DNA testing exposed its weaknesses. Of the 250 DNA exonerations that occurred by 2010 throughout the United States, shoddy forensic work — which ranged from making basic lab errors to advancing claims unsupported by science — had contributed to half of them, according to a review by the Innocence Project. The sheer number of people who were imprisoned using faulty science called into question the premise of forensics itself.”
Pamela Colloff, Blood Will Tell

Steven Magee
“One of my specialties is altitude forensics.”
Steven Magee

Colby Marshall
“Isaac was a sociopath, and all sociopaths, be they Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, or Jenna's own mother, shared certain traits. One of those traits: they always played by their own rules, rules that set double standards—one standard for only them, and another standard for everyone else.”
Colby Marshall, Color Blind