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Dannika Dark
“I won’t touch you,” I assured him, knowing I could throw a burst of energy that would undoubtedly drop the curtain on the moment. “I have it under control.”

He traced the line of my clavicle with this finger and kissed the corners of my mouth. “Not even if I ask? I want your fingerprints all over me like a crime scene.”
Dannika Dark, Twist

John Mark Green
“After what she's been through, there really should be crime scene tape around her heart.”
John Mark Green

Joe Nickell
“All objects in the universe are unique. No two things that happen by chance ever happen in exactly the same way. No two things are ever constructed or manufactured in exactly the same way. No two things wear in exactly the same way. No two things ever break in exactly the same way.”
Joe Nickell

Krystal Sutherland
“Bedrooms are like crime scenes. So many clues to be uncovered.”
Krystal Sutherland, Our Chemical Hearts

Cornell Woolrich
“The massive bronze gates were wide open now, too late. Inside, the cemetery had been turned into a grotesque place gleaming with high-powered searchlights, blue flashlight flares, winking pocket torches. Uniformed men were already swarming about. Red cigarette-embers showed oddly amidst the headstones here and there.

("The Street Of Jungle Death")”
Cornell Woolrich, Vampire's Honeymoon

Mokokoma Mokhonoana
“Newspapers always tell us the same things. The only things they change are the dates and the photographs and the names of the scenes, the victims, and the perpetrators.”
Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Ana Claudia Antunes
“Dialogues must appear as natural as if coming from effortless writing. It must not sweat. Your beloved readers must not sweat. But here am I, literally sweating, because my characters are literally talking dirty in a steamy sweaty and bloody scene.”
Ana Claudia Antunes, How to Make a Book

“(We had one guy who killed a woman and made meatloaf out of her.)
And they interviewed the guy, George, and he was like, ‘Yeah, she was a pain in the ass and I beat her and, you know, I finally cracked her over the head and she died. I didn’t know what the hell to do with her.
Well, Christ, George, I mean… Couldn’t ya—give her a Viking burial or something? You didn’t have to cook the poor woman down like Martha Stewart, for God’s sake. For meatloaf.
I love meatloaf. I do. But I was off it for a long time after that.”
Connie Fletcher, Crime Scene: Inside the World of the Real CSIs

Ross Macdonald
“The brown numbered doors [in the flophouse hallway] stood like upended coffins on each side, bathed in the static red flames of the fire-exit bulbs that dotted the ceiling at intervals.”
Ross Macdonald

“We spend hours talking about things we hope will tell us more about who we are, like the latest self-help books we've read or those personality type quizzes that our friends post links to. We have opinions on politics and faith because we need to, since they are such a hug part of our daily lives. Me, I want to talk about rime. I want to talk about crime statistics with skepticism and unease. Because it there's one thing I've learned from seeing the inside of a dead man's skill on a bright Sunday morning, it's that at some point in our lives we could end up being something or the other: perpetrator, victim, passerby, or witness.”
Michellan Alagao

“Ben turned to Grim, who stood regarding the shrouded body, and whose untied hair, modest attire of t-shirt and shorts, and absurd expression of mild inconvenience invested him with the quotidian air of a homeowner who came down one morning to discover the mess his dog had made.”
A.M. Kherbash, Shaula