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“I like the mountains because they make me feel small,' Jeff says. 'They help me sort out what's important in life.”
Mark Obmascik, Halfway to Heaven: My White-knuckled--and Knuckleheaded--Quest for the Rocky Mountain High

“... there's a silent voice in the wilderness that we hear only when no one else is around. When you go far, far beyond, out across the netherlands of the Known, the din of human static slowly fades away, over and out.”
Rob Schultheis, Fool's Gold: Lives, Loves, and Misadventures in the Four Corners Country

Ami Blackwelder
“Her caramel skin and curly beach sand hair spreads in wavy chops like the choppy storm waves on the ocean. Her fluffy rose colored lips glisten with eyes emerald green and almond shaped set deep into her face and yet when she looks at you with those same deep set eyes, it feels like they jump out, speaking to you.”
Ami Blackwelder

Sherry Marie Gallagher
“A nation forgetting its own laughter is in a sad state of affairs”
Sherry Marie Gallagher, Boulder Blues: A Tale of the Colorado Counterculture

Peter Heller
“Still, some nights I grieved. I grieved as much at what I knew must be the fleeting nature of my present happiness as any loss, any past. We lived on some edge, if we ever lived on a rolling plain. Who knew what attack, what illness. That doubleness again. Like flying: the stillness and speed, serenity and danger.”
Peter Heller, The Dog Stars

Edward M. Wolfe
“Is the music broke, Mommy?”
Edward M. Wolfe, Hell on Ice

“It's a tough lesson: There is no summit that comes before you expect it.”
Mark Obmascik, Halfway to Heaven: My White-knuckled--and Knuckleheaded--Quest for the Rocky Mountain High

Neil M. Hanson
“A crystal clear Colorado sky opens above us, a blue so deep it makes you dizzy. The occasional bright white wispy cloud dances across the firmament, punctuating the deep blue vault of heaven stretching over this paradise.”
Neil Hanson, Pilgrim Wheels: Reflections of a Cyclist Crossing America

“I just love all this,' Walt says. 'The sights, the smells, making the effort and pushing yourself and getting something that's really hard to get. I'll fly on a plane and people will look out the window at thirty thousand feet and say, 'Isn't this view good enough for you?' And I say no, it's not good enough. I didn't earn it. In the mountains, I earn it.”
Mark Obmascik, Halfway to Heaven: My White-knuckled--and Knuckleheaded--Quest for the Rocky Mountain High

Erin Hunter
“—Bah, nunca lo entenderás —suspiró Zarpa Gris—. Tú no naciste en libertad. Eso marca la diferencia. Hay que nacer con sangre guerrera en las venas, o con la sensación del viento en los bigotes. Los mininos nacidos en hogares de Dos Patas nunca podrán sentir lo mismo.”
Erin Hunter, Into the Wild

“Earth processes that seem trivially slow in human time can accomplish stunning work in geologic time. Let the Colorado River erode its bed by 1/100th of an inch each year (about the thickness of one of your fingernails.) Multiply it by six million years, and you’ve carved the Grand Canyon. Take the creeping pace of which the continents move (about two inches per year on average, or roughly as fast as your fingernails grow). Stretch that over thirty million years, and a continent will travel nearly 1,000 miles. Stretch that over a few billions years, and continents will have time to wander from the tropics to the poles and back, crunching together to assemble super-continents, break apart into new configurations- and do all of that again several times over. Deep time, it could be said, is Nature’s way of giving the Earth room for its history. The recognition of deep time might be geology’s paramount contribution to human knowledge.”
Keith Meldahl, Rough-Hewn Land: A Geologic Journey from California to the Rocky Mountains

Carla Laureano
“You are not the sum of your accomplishment or failures.”
Carla Laureano, The Saturday Night Supper Club

“I don't care what the newspapers say about me, as long as they say something.”
Margaret "Molly" Brown

James A. Michener
“The Rockies are therefore very young and should never be thought of as ancient. They are still in the process of building and eroding, and no one today can calculate what they will look like ten million years from now. They have the extravagant beauty of youth, the allure of adolescence, and they are mountains to be loved.”
James A. Michener, Centennial

“Hey boys, come up here!" Lee's excited shout bounced from rock to rock down the gulch. "I've got all of California right here in this pan!”
Phyllis Flanders Dorset, The New Eldorado: The Story of Colorado's Gold and Silver Rushes

“In those days, Doc Susie used medications interchangeably between humans and animals. That was before pharmaceutical houses discovered a fundamental economic principle. Label a medication for human consumption, and a higher price could be charged.”
Virginia Cornell, Doc Susie: The True Story of a Country Physician in the Colorado Rockies

“Colorado and Wyoming are America’s highest states, averaging 6,800 feet and 6,700 feet above sea level. Utah comes in third at 6,100 feet, New Mexico, Nevada, and Idaho each break 5,000 feet, and the rest of the field is hardly worth mentioning. At 3,400 feet, Montana is only half as high as Colorado, and Alaska, despite having the highest peaks, is even further down the list at 1,900 feet. Colorado has more fourteeners than all the other U.S. states combined, and more than all of Canada too. Colorado’s lowest point (3,315 feet along the Kansas border) is higher than the highest point in twenty other states. Rivers begin here and flow away to all the points of the compass. Colorado receives no rivers from another state (unless you count the Green River’s’ brief in and out from Utah).Wyoming’s Wind River Range is the only mountain in North America that supplies water to all three master streams of the American West: Missouri, Colorado, and Columbia rivers.”
Keith Meldahl, Rough-Hewn Land: A Geologic Journey from California to the Rocky Mountains

Marilyn Bay Wentz
“Thomas slammed his fist on the table, sending eating utensils flying. “Shameful! It is downright shameful that so-called men of God would use religion to manipulate people.”
--from Prairie Grace when Thomas learns how the Indian agents and others are stealing from Native Americans”
Marilyn Bay Wentz

“Blind Thrust makes good use of Marquis' background as a professional geologist. It is the novel's characters, however, that really stand out. Charles Quantrill is far from a cardboard villain, and as for the heroes, Joe and John Higheagle have a particularly endearing rapport. For suspense fans who enjoy science mixed with their thrills, the novel offers page-turning pleasures.
--BlueInk Review”
BlueInk Review

Brian D'Ambrosio
“Manassa naught,
a padded white envelope
with no return address,
landlocked and antiseptic,
exploited like a gas station.
passes through in the briefest of cameos.”
Brian D'Ambrosio, Fresh Oil and Loose Gravel: Road Poetry by Brian D'Ambrosio 1998-2008

Linda Weaver Clarke
“When he would steal a kiss from her, it always took her breath away. No one kissed like Rick. No other man was able to make her lose all conception of time when he kissed her.

That was not all. Rick was fun to work with and made her laugh. As a partner, he had talents that she desperately needed in her business. He was a cunning and crafty man, and his talents helped in solving many cases.”
Linda Weaver Clarke, The Mysterious Doll

Maia Szalavitz
“But since President Obama allowed Colorado and Washington to legalize recreational use and sales of marijuana following initiatives in 2012, the United Stets itself is probably now violating international law. (Because we have traditional been the ones who interpret and enforce these laws, it’s hard to know exactly; of course, we say we are not.) And with even federal drug control officials slowly embracing harm reduction officially, we have remained silent on New Zealand’s law.”
Maia Szalavitz, Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction

Sarah-Kate Lynch
“In Santa Fe her whole yard had been crowded with different-sized terra-cotta pots, out of which she grew everything from rosemary and lavender to ornamental pear and plum trees and even peppers, although they were not particularly popular with the bees.
In Colorado she'd created a fertile oasis out of old gas cans and cut-off oil drums. Her neighbors had been skeptical to begin with but once her creepers grew up and her flowers draped down and her shrubs fluffed out, the junkyard ugly duckling was transformed into the proverbial backyard swan.”
Sarah-Kate Lynch, The Wedding Bees: A Novel of Honey, Love, and Manners

Debbie Mason
“I want you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”
Debbie Mason, Miracle at Christmas

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