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Henri Cartier-Bresson
“For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson
“To photograph is to hold one's breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It's at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”
Henri Cartier-Bresson, The Mind's Eye: Writings on Photography and Photographers

Erica O'Rourke
“People spot a big black lens, and they worry about what they're doing, or how their hair looks. Nobody see the person holding the camera.”
Erica O'Rourke, Torn

Alice Sebold
“I had rescued the moment by using my camera and in that way had found how to stop time and hold it. No one could take that image away from me because I owned it.”
Alice Sebold, The Lovely Bones

Sarah Dessen
“[Adam picks up the camera] "I have to get a shot of this."
The reaction in the room was swift, and unanimous: every single person except me raised their hands at once to cover their faces. The accompanying utterances, though, were varied. I heard everything from "Please no" (Maggie), to "Jesus Christ" (Wallace), to "Stop it or die" (I'm assuming it's obvious).”
Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride

John Dunning
“The camera would miss it all. A magnificent picture is never worth a thousand perfect words. Ansel Adams can be a great artist, but he can never be Shakespeare. His tools are too literal.”
John Dunning, The Bookman's Wake

Rebecca McNutt
“Nobody has ever taken a photograph of something they want to forget. We can build a wall of happy Kodak moments around ourselves, a wall of our Christmases, birthdays, baby showers and weddings, but we can never forget that celluloid film is see-through, that behind it, all the misery of real life waits for our wall to collapse someday.”
Rebecca McNutt

Italo Calvino
“You only have to start saying of something : 'Ah, how beautiful ! We must photograph it !' and you are already close to the view of the person who thinks that everything that is not photographed is lost, as if it never existed, and therefore in order to really live you must photograph as much as you can, and to photograph as much as you can you must either live in the most photographable way possible, or else consider photographable every moment of your life.”
Italo Calvino, Difficult Loves

Craig Ferguson
“Sometimes my pathology just spills out into the camera doesn't it?”
Craig Ferguson

Béla Tarr
“Most of the movies are working like, 'Information, cut, information, cut, information, cut' and for them the information is just the story. For me, a lot of things [are] information - I try to involve, to the movie, the time, the space, and a lot of other things - which is a part of our life but not connecting directly to the story-telling. And I'm working on the same way - 'information, cut, information, cut,' but for me the information is not only the story.”
Béla Tarr

Himanshu Chhabra
“My lips are like camera for her, whenever I click her with my lips, she smiles.”
Himanshu Chhabra

Doug Peacock
“I have spent too much time with my eye glued to the viewfinder and ended up missing both the image of the mind and that on film.”
Doug Peacock, Grizzly Years: In Search of the American Wilderness

Amit Kalantri
“A selfie has more face and fewer feelings.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

“Photography saved my life by opening my eyes to the beauty that surrounds me each and everyday. Life look much richer from behind the lens.”
Donna Kasubeck

Sukant Ratnakar
“For a Photographer - Having an OBSERVANT MIND is more important than having an expensive camera.”
Sukant Ratnakar, Open The Windows: To the World around You

“It's easier to face the camera than life. As in the former the script is known.”
Haresh Sippy

Eudora Welty
“A conscious act grew out of this by the time I began writing stories: getting my distance, a prerequisite of my understanding of human events, is the way I begin work. Just as, of course, it was an initial step when, in my first journalism job, I stumbled into making pictures with a camera. Frame, proportion, perspective, the values of light and shade; all are determined by the distance of the observing eye.”
Eudora Welty, On Writing

Eudora Welty
“The camera was a hand-held auxiliary of wanting-to-know. It had more than information and accuracy to teach me. I learned in the doing how ready I had to be. Life doesn't hold still. A good snapshot stopped a moment from running away. Photography taught me that to be able to capture transience, by being ready to click the shutter at the crucial moment, was the greatest need I had. Making pictures of people in all sorts of situations, I learned that every feeling waits upon its gesture, and I had to be prepared to recognize this moment when I saw it. These were things a writer needed to know. And I felt the need to hold transient life in words - there's so much more of life that only words can convey - strongly enough to last me as long as I lived. The direction my mind took was a writer's direction from the start, not a photographer's or a recorder's.”
Eudora Welty, On Writing

“The images in our mind is more vivid than the camera could ever produce.”
Raigon Stanley

Eda J. Vor
“Like the feeling of a carbonated beverage slipping down the throat, the bubbles rushing and popping as they make their descent, the air around a departed spirit fizzles, dissipating from a thick electric presence to an ephemeral blink of light and color, like the aftereffect of too many flash cameras going off at once.”
Eda J. Vor, Lay Her Ghosts to Rest

Crestless Wave
“Who made the concept of smiling for camera a social norm?
It's not required for one to smile unless you really are smiling while photo us being clicked.”
Crestless Wave

E.B. White
“He carried a pencil that put a camera to shame.”
E.B. White, Letters of E.B. White

“A good photographer will take a wonderful photograph.
An excellent photographer will take a wonderful photograph and take your imagination there.
A master photographer will take a wonderful photograph and bring it to life so that you can almost touch, smell, taste and experience the life beyond the lens.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“It's when I look through the lens of a camera that I truly appreciate what's right there in front of me.”
Anthony T. Hincks

“If a photographer cares about the people before the lens and is compassionate, much is given. It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.”
Eve Arnold

“I tried but I can't admire or respect actors. How can a person be so much in love with just looking good? How much emptiness must an actor have to keep looking at himself/herself in the mirror and put on make-up to come in front of the camera?”
Avijeet Das

Chris Campanioni
“You can always feel the cool whisper of surveillance when the film hits your flesh, the eye of the camera or simply the camera eye . . . faces of passersby, clientele, unpaid extras change completely as soon as they’re no longer observed.”
Chris Campanioni, Drift

Eraldo Banovac
“An image captured on camera represents an individual record seen by the photographer's eye.”
Eraldo Banovac

Katherine Howe
“When I looked at life through the camera, I felt like I could finally see it.”
Katherine Howe, The Appearance of Annie Van Sinderen

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